Mary Dyer of Rhode Island: The Quaker Martyr that was Hanged on Boston Common, June 1, 1660, Band 1

Preston and Rounds, 1896 - 115 Seiten

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Seite 99 - ... danger to undergo the like, we have thought fit to signify our pleasure in that behalf for the future ; and do hereby require, that if there be any of those people called Quakers amongst you, now already condemned to suffer death or other corporal punishment, or that are imprisoned, and obnoxious to the like condemnation, you are to forbear to proceed any further therein...
Seite 76 - And we, moreover, finde, that in those places where these people aforesaid, in this colony, are most of all suffered to declare themselves freely, and are only opposed by arguments in discourse, there they least of all desire to come...
Seite 90 - Once more to the general court assembled in Boston, speaks Mary Dyer, even as before. My life is not accepted, neither availeth me, in comparison of the lives and liberty of the Truth, and servants of the living • God, for which in the bowels of love and meekness I sought you : yet, nevertheless, with wicked hands have you put two of them to death, which makes me to feel, that the mercies of the wicked are cruelty.
Seite 44 - You shall be taken from the place where you are, and be carried to the place from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, and there be severally hanged by your necks until you be dead. And the Lord have mercy on your souls.
Seite 77 - ... civil authority, but with all patience and meekness are suffered to say over their pretended revelations and admonitions, nor are they like or able to gain many here to their way...
Seite 85 - I say, and am a living Witness for them and the Lord, that he hath Blessed them, and 84 sent them unto you: Therefore be not found Fighters against God, but let my Counsel and Request be accepted with you. To Repeal all such Laws, that the Truth and Servants of the Lord may have free Passage among you, and you be kept from shedding Innocent Blood, which I know there are many among you would not do, if they knew it so to be...
Seite 60 - I came to keep blood-guiltiness from you, desiring you to repeal the unrighteous and unjust law of banishment upon pain of death, made against the innocent servants of the Lord...
Seite 81 - And we also are so much the more encouraged to make our addresses unto the Lord Protector his highness and government aforesaid, for that we understand there are, or have been, many of the aforesaid people suffered to live in England, yea, even in the heart of the nation.
Seite 88 - I had not had your forty eight hours warning, for the preparation of the death of Mary Dyar. " And know this also, that if through the enmity you shall declare yourselves worse than Ahasuerus, and confirm your law, though it were but by taking away the life of one of us, that the Lord will overthrow both your law and you, by his righteous judgments and plagues poured justly upon you, who now whilst ye are warned thereof, and tenderly sought unto, may avoid the one, by removing the other.

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