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who liad been brought from his pantry to make fun in the drawing-room. His jokes were plenty, and his good-nature thoroughly genuine, but he did not seem to understand that a gentleman could wear an old coat, or that a lady could be respectable unless she had her carriage, or employed a French milliner.

“Charming place, ma'am," said he, bowing to the widow; “noble prospect_delightful to us Cockneys, who seldom see anything but Pall Mall.” The widow said, simply, she had never been in London but once in her life-before her son was born.

“Fine village, ma'am, fine village,” said Mr. Wagg, “and increasing every day. It'll be quite a large town soon. It's not a bad place to live in for those who can't get the country, and will repay a visit when you honour it.”

“My brother, Major Pendennis, has often mentioned your name to us,” the widow said, “and we have been-amused by some of your droll books, sir,” Helen continued, who never could be brought to like Mr. Wagg's books, and detested their tone most thoroughly.

“He is my very good friend,” Mr. Wagg said, with a low bow, "and one of the best known men about town, and where known, ma'am, appreciated—I assure you appreciated. He is with our friend Steyne, at Aix-la-Chapelle. Steyne has a touch of the gout, and so, between ourselves, has your brother. I am going to Stillbrook for the pheasant-shooting, and afterwards to Bareacres, where Pendennis and I shall probably meet;” and he poured out a flood of fashionable talk, introducing the names of a score of peers, and rattling on with breathless spirits, whilst the simple widow listened in silent wonder. What a man! she thought; are all the men of fashion in London like this? I am sure Pen will never be like him.

Mr. Pynsent was in the meanwhile engaged with Miss Laura. He named some of the houses in the neighbourhood whither he was going, and hoped very much that he should see Miss Bell at some of them. He hoped that her aunt would give her a season in London. He said, that in the next Parliament it was probable he should canvass the county,

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