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A Discourse concerning, 1. The true import of the Words Election and Reprobation. 2. The Extent of Christ's Re. demption. 3. The Grace of God, c. 4 The liberty of the Will in a State of Tryal and Probation. 5. 'The Perfeverance or Defectibility of the Saints, With some Reflections on the State of Heathens; the Providence and Prescience of God. By Daniel Whitby, D. D. and Chanter of the Cathedral of Sarum.

A Catechetical Course of Sermons for the whole Year; in 52 distinct Discourses on so many several Texts of Scripture. By Peter Newcome, M. A. Vicar of Hackney, near London. Olt:vo, two Vol.

Family Devotions for Sunday-Evenings, in Four Volumes?! Each containing thirteen Practical Discouses, with suitable Prayers, for the Four Quarters of the Year. - By. Theophilus Dorrington, Rector of Wittresham, in Kent.

Family Instruction for the Members of the Church of England; offered in several Practical Discourses, by the fame.

A Discourse of the Descent of the Man Christ Jesus froni Heaven, ec. By Edward, Lord Bishop of Gloucester.

--- His Discourse on the Great Disingenuity and Unreasonableness of Repining at Aficting Providences: With another Discourse of the Great Duty of Praise and Thanksgiving, and keeping our Minds in a grateful Temper on all Occasions.

Veritas Redux: Evangelical Truths Restored; Namely, Concerning God's Eternal Decrees; The Liberty of Man's Will, Grace and Conversion'; The Extent and Efficacy of Christ's Redemption and Perseverance in Grace: All briefly and plainly stated and determined according to the Holy Scriptures, the Ancient Fathers, and the Sense of the Church of England: With a full and satisfactory Answer to all the Arguguments, Objections and Cavils that have been made use of by any Writers against the said Doctrines. By John Edwards, D.D.

The Doctrine of Faith and Justification fee in a True Light. By the fame Author.

The The Preacher: Containing Rules and Directions for the right Discharging of the Sacred Office of Preaching in Three Volumes: By the same

Practical Discourses on several Divine Subjects ; being foure Select Homilies of the Church of England, put into a new Me. thod and Modern Stile, and fitted to common Use. By leter Nurse, D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to Her Majesty, In Two Volumes.

The Wisdom of God in the Redemption of Man, as deliver ed in Holy Scripture: Vindicated froni the chief Objections of our Modern Infidels: In Eight Sermons, preach'd at the Cathedral Church of St. Pauls, in the Year 1708, at the Lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle Efq; In which the true Nature and Necessity of Atonement and Satisfaction for Sins are at large explained and proved both from Scripture and Reason. By John Turner, D.D. Vicar of Greenwich.

The sincere and zealous Practice of Religion recommended; in Confideration of the Certainty of its Principles, the Reason ableness of its Duties, and the great Wisdoni of Mankind in ferving God, with respect both to the Advantages of this Life, and the Recompences of the next: To which is added, a brief Account how those who incline to Religion may best bring their good Desires to good Effect : By the fame,

A Vindication of the Rights and Privileges of the Christian Church: In which are defended the Divine Charter of its Incorporation: The Divine Institution of its Ministry: Its Authority in Ordination, Discipline and Cenfures, and the Confiftency of all these with the Supremacy of the Civil Magistrate, In Answer to a late Book Entituled, The Rights of the Christian Church: By the same,

A Vindication of Infant Baptism from the Four chief Objet: ions brought against it, viz. 1. From the Natural Incapacity of Infants. 2. From their not actually believing. 3. From the Want of an Express Command to Baptize them.

4. From the Want of Scripture Precedents for it.' The Second Edition ; By the fame.

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An Essay on Inspiration : In Two Parts. The First shewing what Proofs are necessary for a Prophets own Conviction, by which he may certainly know himself to be inspir’d. The Second fhewing, what Proofs are necessary for him to produce in order to satisfie and convince the World of the Reality of his Inspiration. By Benjamin Bayly, M. A. Rector of St. James's in Bristol. The Second Edition.

And Essay concerning the Nature and Guilt of Lying. By Charles Brent, M. A. Rector of Christ Church, in Bristol.

The History of the Apostle's Creed, with critical Observations on its several Articles. By Sir Peter King. The Second Edition.

A Practical Treatise of the Regulation of the Passions. By Francis Bragge, B. D. Vicar of Hitchin, Hertfordsire.

The First Principles of Modern Deism confuted; in a Demonstration of the Immateriality, Natural Eternity, and Immortality of Thinking Substances in general, and in particular of Humane Souls, even upon the Supposition that we are entirely Ignorant of the Essences of Things.

The Reasonableness of Afsenting to the Mysteries of Christianity asserted and vindicated: With some Remarks on a Book entitled, An Efsay concerning the Use of Reason in Propositions, the Evidence whereof depends upon Humane Testimony. Both by John Witty, Late of St. John's College Cambridge.

A Practical Exposition of the Catechism of the Church of England, in Thirty_short Lectures, pursuant to the Design of the late Reverend Dr. Busby. By Benj. Farrow, Rector of Conning sholme, Lincolnjhire.

A Practical Exposition of the Church Catechism. By John Ofe, Rector of Dunton in Bucks, Two Vol. Octavo.

Youths Grand Concern ; or Advice to Youth. By John Grail, M. A. Oetavo.

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