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been long complained of, and yet no Remedy has been provided for it. Let us hear what my Lord Bacon said of it an Hundred Years ago.

* « Excommunication (says he) is the great- . Bacon's Reest Judgment upon Earth; Being that which mains, p.249. is ratified in Heaven ; and being a Precursory or prelusory Judgment, of the Great Judgment

of Christ, in the end of the World. And ( therefore for this to be used irreverently,

and to be made an Ordinary Process to Lackey up and down for Fees, how can it be without Derogation to God's Honour, and making the Power of the Keys contemptible? I know very well the Defence thereof, which has no great Force; That it issueth forth, not for the thing it self, but for Contumacy. I do not deny

but this Judgment is (as I said before) of the nature of God's Judgments, of which

it is a Model. For as the Judgment of God, « taketh hold upon the least Sin of the Impeni

tent; and taketh no hold of the greatest Sin c of the Convert or Penitent : So Excommunion, may, in case, issue upon the smallest Of fence; and, in case, not issue upon the greatest : But is this contumacy, such a

Contumacy, as Excommunication is now issued į for? For the Cont umacy must be such, as " the Party, (as far as the Eye and Wisdom

of the Church can discern) standeth in state

of Reprobation and Damnation : " that for that Time, seemeth given over to < Final Impenitency. Upon this observation,

ground two Considerations : The one, that < this Censure be restored to the true Dignity cand use thereof; which is that it proceed not, but in Causes of great Weight; and

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" that it be Decreed, not by any: Deputy or substitute of the Biskop? but by the Bishop in Person; and not by him alone, but by the Bishop assisted.

The other confideration is, that in lien thereof, there be given to the Ecclefiafticár

Court fome Ordinary Process, with such Force Cand Coercion as appertaineth; that so the

Dignity, of so high a Sentence being retained, ? and the Necessity of mean Process supplied, the Church may be indeed restored to the ancient Vigour and Splendour.

Now if what this Noble Lord has here proposed with relation to Excommunication and the Ecclefiaftical Courts could be brought: to pass: The Bishop might then without Of fence have his Lay-Chancellors to judge in Causes of Tithes, Wills, Administrations, @cwhich are not of pure Spiritual Cognizance, provided the Visitation and Judicature of the Clergy, Herefe, and other pure Spiritual Causes were reserved wholly to the Bishop, who should judge of them in Person, with the Alistance of his College of Presbyters, the Dean and Chapter : Allowing to the Archdeacons and Rural Deans such Inferiour Powers as may be thought requisite.

Wherefore having given, as I trust, a Faithful and impartial Account of the Government aud Governors of the Primitive Church and our own, having shewed how near our Church has been reformed to the Pattern of the Pris mitive, Apoftolick and Catholick Church in the Point of Government and Discipline, and also how it might yet be brought a little nearer to that most excellent Pattern, I heartily and hainbly submit the whole to the Judgment of


my much Honoured and entirely beloved. Mother the Church of England: And if I have unfortųhately let slip any thing that may feem to-derogate from the Honour of this most Exceltent Church, or to reflect on any of the Governours of it, further than a general Complaint of some Abuses with which I conceive i have charged no particular Person or Body

of Men; but only mentioned them as CorrupPtions crept in by Degrees, I heartily wish it * unsaid, and shall be ready to ask Pardon for it.

And I do again declare and folemnly Prosi teft that I have not written any thing out of

Affection to a Party or any particular Interest

whatsoever, but out of a true sincere Love to dit the Cause of the Church and of the Truth : Tab And if I am mistaken in my Notions, shall C readily thank any one that shall rightly inform lur me and convict me of my Errors. I should rest have been heartily glad if I could as well have the vindicated all the Practices of the Church as I Peri trust I have done its Constitution: And perPra haps I may be censured by some as speaking Tine Truth unseasonably. But for my own part I chi am enclined to think that there are some lite Truths which are always Seasonable:. I mean a Fi such Truths as are always of Consequence to erizé preserve the Honour and Welfare of the rch Church of Christ. Of which Nature I conChi ceive are these following, viz. That Episcohe i pacy is of Divine Right; That the College of utch Presbyters are the Bishops Council ; That to ne, a separate from our Orthodox Bishop is Schifna matical; That Schism is a damnable Sin ; ily s That if Occasional Conformity be Lawful, meni constant Confortnity is a Duty; That the



Church has a Divine Right to its Synods or Councils; That Lay-men ought to have no Right in mere Spiritual Judicature, or to Exercise pure Ecclesiastical Censures, and such like. And tho' such Things may not be agreeable to the Humour of the present Age, yet we are not therefore obliged to say nothing of them ; but should rather take the more pains to vindicate them, especially since so many Books have been lately published in Opposition to them. I have done my part towards vindicating some of them: How well I have performed it must be left to the Judgment of others. What Success it may please God to give to my weak Endeavours, he only knows. And He who knows the sincerity of my Heart, will, I trust, pardon the Defects in my Performance, for the sake of his Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, To whom with the Father and Holy Ghost be all Honour and Glory now and for ever more,


L Ately Published, fome Considerations on the

Times, wherein Marriage is said to be prohibited; In two Letters from one Clergy Man to another. By Tho. Brett, LL.D.



at the Rose in St. Paul's Church-

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Expository Notes, with Practical Observations on the whole

New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : Wherein the Sacred Text is at large Recited, the Sense Explained, and the Instructive Example of the Blessed Jesus to our Imitation Recommended. The whole designed to encourage the Reading of the Scriptures in Private Families, and to render the daily perufal of them Profitable and Delightful. By William Burkitt, M. A. Late Vicar of Dedham in Elex. The Fourth Edition, Folio.

The Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Ezekiel Hopkins, D. D. Late Lord Bishop of London-Derry: Containing the Vanity of the World: His Exposition on the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer: His Sermons and Difcourses on several Subjects. The Third Edition, Folio.

The Works of that Learned and Judicious Divine Mr. Rio chard Hooker, in Eight Books of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, compleated out of his own Manuscripts: To which are added, several other Treatises by the fame Author. Together with the Life of the Author, sometime written by Mr. Isaac Walton. Folio,

Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion and other various Occurrences in the Church of England during the first Twelve Years of Queen Elizabeth's happy Reign. Wherein Account is given of the Restoring of Religion from its Corruptions introduced under Queen Mary; of filling the Sees with Protestant Bishops; of the Famous Synod Assembled, in the Year 1562, of the Workings and Endeavours of the Papists, and of the first Appearances of Dissension from the Church Established: Compiled Faithfully out of Papers of State, Authentick Records, ec, By John Strype, M, A, Folio,

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