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VOL. I. FOR 1899.


A Journal of British and Foreign Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Physiology,
Chemistry, Pharmacology, Public Health, and News.

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F.R.C.S. ENG.,

[JULY 1, 1899. J




July 1, 1899.

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Readers in search of a given subject will find it useful to bear in mind that the references are in several cases
distributed under two or more separate but nearly synonymous headings—such, for instance, as Brain and Cerebral,
Heart and Cardiac, Liver and Hepatic, Bicycle and Cycle, Child and Infant, Enteric and Typhoid, Bron:hovele
Goitre, and Thyroid, Diabetes, Glycosuria, and Sugar, Eye, Ophthalmic, and Vision, &c., &c.


Abattoirs, public, 708; for London, 974
Abbot-Anderson, Dr. W. M., replacement of a
severed part, 689, 1156

Abbott, Mr. F. O., surgery in the Græco-
Turkish war, 80, 162

Abdomen, surface temperature of the, in
enteric fever, 1134

Abdomen (see Disembowelling)
Abdominal hysterectomy, 95, 306, 364, 449;
laceration with protrusion of intestine, 226,
869; operations, do women bear them better
than men? 246; section, cases of, 291, 302,
428, 587, 597, 733; tumour, vanishing, 584;
aneurysm, wire introduced into an, 901, 911;
surgery at the Clinical Society of London,
901, 911; surgery in Western Australia,
1141; coeliotomy, deaths after, 1160, 1279
Aberdare, diphtheria at, 483
Aberdeen: Hospital Sunday, 126; proposed
home for phthisical patients near, 409;
typhus fever, 479; public health, 551;
water-supply, 623; measles, 800; the slums,
868; sanitation, 868; vaccination, 868, 992;
Hospital Saturday, 1395; cemetery scandal,
1520, 1666
Aberdeen University: extension scheme, 126;
various items of news, 651, 992, 1125; lecture-
ship on tropical medicine, 551, 1385; election
of Lord Rector, 624; honorary degrees, 714,
729; Egyptian antiquities, 800; pass-list,
1064; Anatomical and Anthropological
Society, 1745
Aberdeen University Club (London), dinner,


Royal Infirmary, 409; Sick
Children's Hospital, 479; Lunatic Asylum,
483; Natural History Society, 623; Olty
Hospital, 623; District Nursing Association,
800, 1739

Aberdeenshire, infectious hospital for, 623
Aberystwith Infirmary, annual meeting, 483
Abortion, criminal, the punishment of, 104;
the death sentence and, 709
Abortion. quacks and, 182, 327, 631, 717, 855,
182, 327, 631, 717, 855,
908, 1739
Abortion, hæmorrhage from, saline enema in,
381; the treatment of, 454
Abortionist, another, 468


Abrahams, Dr. B., rheumatic tonsillitis, 302
Abram, Dr. J. H., endocarditis, 515; lympho-
sarcoma, 903

Abrolis, 35

Abscess, mastoid, 378, 1646; cerebellar, 446:
intracranial, suspected, exploration for, 595;
subphrenic, 840; amobic, of the liver, 1046;
cerebral, 1143
Abscesses, gaseous metastatic, due to tuber-
culous cavities in the lungs, 447
Abuse (see Hospital, Dispensaries, Maternity

Acanthosis nigricans, 903
Acclimatisation (see Climate)
Accommodation, visual, in the rabbit, 468
A.C.E. mixture, anesthesia by the, 30
Acetylone lamp, 597

Acland, Sir H., medical missions, 1239
Acne, tar, 234

Acoine, 1372

Acromegaly with serious mental symptoms,
1172, 1256

Actinomycosis (?) of the mesocolon (or
omentum), 453, 586
Action-at-law (or Actions) against medical men,
248, 340, 934; brought by medical men, 267,
869, 934, 1647; for the recovery of medical fees,
273; against a dentist, 627; by a medical
lady, 633; against a district council, 780; by
an hotel company, 782
Adam, Dr. J., treatment of the insane, 1324

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Advertisement, what is it? 560, 633, 741; an
improper, 561, 632
Advertisements, immoral, 555, 1127; improper,
1120, 1271
Advertisements, immoral (see also Quacks and

Advertiser, the medical man and the, 1239
Advertisers, fraudulent, 632
Advertising methods, 1270
Afghanistan, the Ameer of, 118
Africa, the East coast of, a plague-infected
ship repulsed from. 54, 105, 178, 469; West,
the operations in, 721; Central, the pigmies
of, 1202; East, famine in, 1381; West Coast
of, expedition to the, sent by the Liverpool
School of Tropical Diseases, 1731, 1744
Africa, South, riaderpest in, 357, 1119; plague
in. 395, 470
Africa (see also British Central Africa, South

Age (see Do we age, &c., Old age, Senium,

Agglutinability of the typhoid bacillus, 380
Agglutination (typhoid fever) produced by
Infant's blood, 341
Agriculture and micro-organisms, 678
Agricultural (see Royal Agricultural)
Aid (see First-aid)

Aikman, Dr. C. M., Milk (review), 1438
Aikman, Dr. J., procident uterus, 1716
Air, the purification of, 341, 552; and nitrous
oxide, the administration of, 444
Air (see also Open-air, Compressed air)
Airol, 240

Albumen (see Egg albumen)

Albumin in urine, the tests for, 1085, 1183, 1221,
1255, 1323, 1393, 1456, 1515

Albuminuria in a granular kidney, 498
Albuminuria and Bright's Disease (review),

Albuminuric retinitis, 770
Albumosuria, myelopathic, 766, 783
Alcohol, the external application of, in inflam-
matory processes, 222, 406; in lupus erythe-
matosus, 481; denaturalisation of, 1385
Alcohol, the scientific valuation of, in health,
554; as a frigorific, 740; and phthisis, 1260
Alcohol bath for burns, 335, 406
Alcoholism, hospital physicians and, 62; in
France, 529, 1382; in Switzerland, 1585
Aldershot, swimming bath at, 404; sewage
farm at, 1130, 1197, 1336, 1605, 1742
Alderson, Dr. F. H., presentation to, 736
Aldridge, Major A. R., ptomaine poisoning,
Alexander, Dr. W., bullet wound of the head,
95; brain of an epileptic, 519; pylorectomy,

Alien poor in New York, repatriation of, 343
Alimentary canal, foreign body in the, ulcerat-
ing its way out through the abdominal wall,

Alkaptonuria, 1293


Allan, Dr. F. J., diphtheria, 452
Allan, Dr. J., diphtheria, 98
Allan, Dr. J. W., trade diseases," 1580
Allbutt, Dr. T. C., A System of Medicine
(review), 1564

I., 1899.

Alleyne, Mr. E. F. M., personation, 1535
Allingham, Mr. H. W., cerebro-spinal menin-
gitis, 88; subclavian aneurysm, 1487, 1493
Allinson, Mr. T. R., the General Medical
Council and, 1108

Allkin Mr. W. J., obituary, 874
Aloes, the uses of, 30

Alps, the High, Life of a Man on the (review),

Althaus, Dr. Julius, old age and rejuven-
escence. 149, 173, 260

Althorp, Dr., lympho-sarcoma, 307
Altitudes, high, the danger of, 1628
Ambrosia and ambrosia pastilles, 843
Ambulance display in Dublin, 196; work in
London, 213; accident in Liverpool, 1509
Ambulance Lectures (review), 311
Ambulance (see also Volunteer ambulance,

America, a century of medicine in, 1549, 1725
America, United States of, the army and the
late war. 259; the tuberculosis problem, 607
America, United States of, and American (see
Spanish-American, Pan-American, South-
American army,
American army, "embalmed” beef in the, 605-
the contamination of uniforms in the, 920
American Fellow of the Royal College of
Surgeons of England, 1307
American Text-book of the Diseases of Child-
ren (review), 457; Ophthalmological Society,
Transactions of (review), 970; Text-book of
Gynecology (review), 971; Year-book of
Medicine and Surgery (review), 1036; Text-
book of Genito-urinary Diseases, Syphilis,
and Diseases of the Skin (review), 1721
Ammonia, poisoning by, 1330
Amoebic abscess of the liver, 1046
Amputation in utero, 903; without an anæɛ-
thetic, 1090

Amsterdam, gynæcological congress at, 182,

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LABORATORY.-Carbolacene; Abrolis ; Glyce-
role of malt; Saline solution; Cibil's fluid
beef extract; Cargona lozenges; Tuborg
Jager beer; Malt extract with petroleum;
Biwin meat extract; Highland whisky;
Spanish Burgundy and Chablis; Fromm's
soup tablets; Microvoid toilet soap; Vibrona
sherry; Liquorice preparations, 35-Meat and
malt wine, 206, 1723-Thiocol; Airol (Roche);
Leube Rosenthal's meat solution; Old Irish
whisky; Italian wines; Varnished coated
pills; Marsala wines, 241-Ivory dust;
Sylvester's" beef and malt biscuits; Diges-
tive tea; Royal coffee, 312-Carbolic acid
soloid; Johannis natural mineral water
(lithiated); New Vinolia preparations;
Hay's invalid frumentine; Vibròna malt;
Elixir phosphori (Horn); Mouilla liquid
soap (terebenated); Diabetic cake, 601-
Exonia malt extract; Ambrosia; Ambrosia
pastilles; Tuborg beer (brewed in Den-
mark); Erasmic soap; St. Leger mineral
water (Pougues); Thyroglandin; Florio's

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virgin Marsala; "Breakfast Health Bever-
age"; Vi'æ ore, 844 New tabloids;
Sherries, Pando and Celestino; Eucalyptus
citriodora oil; Lozone; Naftalan; L'eau
d'Orezza; Extract of beef and tomato
(Corazza); Hydrochloride of heroin; Oboco-
late-coated tablets; Blackberry gin, 1234
Dry sparkling wine, 1234, 1409-Tabloids
containing artificial effervescent mineral
water salts ; Vernisol: Anti-rheumatic
bread, 1372-Phenalgin, 1372, 1536-Esvach
water; Dahl's
Dahl's sterilised double cream;
Evian Grottes mineral water; Acoine;
Hyrgolum; Antitussin; Fluorrheumin ;
Epidermin. 1372-Urosine; Old Cognac
brandy; Effervescent Carlsbad water lenti-
forms; Toilet and medicated soaps; Chemical
food lozenges; Aseptic sponge; Antiseptic
vaginal capsules; Splencarob; Blackberry
brandy, 1723

[blocks in formation]

Apothecaries' Hall, Ireland, pass list, 627
Apothecaries, Society of (see Society, &c.)
Appeals, financial (see Subscriptions)
Appendicitis, increasing frequency of, 210;
and diffuse peritonitis, 231; discussion on,
380; the deceptive remissions of, 552; cases
of, 587, 770, 840; complicated cases of, 1209;
recurrent, 1220; treatment of, 1332; plum-
bism mistaken for, 1380
Appendix, the vermiform, hernia of, 1222,
1223, 1360, 1631
Appointments, 66, 134. 201, 274, 345, 415, 485,
657, 629, 737. 807, 875, 936, 999, 1065, 1131,
1199, 1267, 1337, 1405, 1465, 1633, 1607, 1679,


Appointments, various, some non-medical, 61,
65, 118, 182, 189, 253, 326, 395, 409, 470, 481,
535, 551, 609, 787, 872, 908, 917, 931
Appointments (see also Medical appoint-
ments, Services naval and military).
Arbitration, a case for, 1535
Arbroath, infectious hospital for, 195
Archæologist, a medical, 1045

Archeology of infectious sexual disorders, 489
Argil as a dressing for wounds, 553
Arkle, Dr. C. J., tuberculosis, 454; his death,
535; obituary, 616

Armstrong, Mr. H., infectious diseases, 1325
Armstrong, Dr. J. R., diphtheria, 574
Armstrong, Mr. W., nitrogen gas, 1169;
asthma, 1324

Army, physical drill in the, 737; medical
service in the, 875

Army in India, venereal disease and the, 334,
555, 617,876

Army recruits. 189, 793; recruiting, the annual
report on, 617, 721; commissions, candidates
for, the physique of. 794; recruiting, decen-
tralisation of, 794; nurses, the training of,

Army Medical School, close of the session, 259,
397; opening of the session, 987
Army Medical Service, 117, 118; officer, com-
plaint by an, 464; authorities and the War
Office, 470; establishment, increase in the,
535; report for 1897, 718, 856, 1116
Army, the American, death-rate in, during
the war, 129; and the la'e war, 259;
"embalmed meat in, 605; contamination
of uniforms in, 920


Army, the French, typhoid fever in, 108;
medical statistics of, for 1896, 932

Army (see also Services, Royal Army Medical
Corps, Military, Troops, Grenadier Guards,
Soldiers, Whitaker')

Arnold, Dr. F. A., sarcoma of the femur, 832
Arnold, Mr. James, the late, 1678
Arrhythmia, cardiac, 481
Arrows, poisoned, 1403

Arrowsmith, Mr. J. W.. presentation to, 345
Arsenic in malaria, 1134; in wool, 1314
Arsenic (see also Cacodylate of Sodium)
Arsenical poisoning, pauperism caused by, 627
Arterio-sclerosis, high altitudes in, 1628
Arthritis, gonorrhoeal, incision and irigation
in, 392, 1753; of cerebro-spinal meningitis,
633; rheumatoid, with enlargement of the
spleen, 591; rheumatic, 691; from food
poisoning, 848; rheumatoid, cold in, 955
Article Club Industrial Exhibition, 1735
Ascites, cure of, 1426, 1663

Aseptic Duties of a Surgical Nurse or Dresser
(review), 1640

Ashby, Dr. A., small-pox, 839

Ashmead, Dr. A. S., tuberculous disease, 321
Asklepios, Temples and Ritual of (review),

Asphyxia, deep, resuscitation in, 247; from
pressure under the influence of nitrous
oxide, 959

Assam epidemic malarial fever, 1633
Assistants, unqualified, the employment of,
1003; "qualified," personation by, 1455
Associations, annual meetings or reports of
(not including British Association and
British Medical Association): After-care of
the Insane, 253; Manchester and Salford
Sanitary. 549; Asylum Workers', 915
Asthma, 743, 817; a case of, home wanted for,
136; paraldehyde in, 363; nasal treatment in,
1324; in relation to diseases of the upper air
passages, 1391
Aston Manor, medical report for, 924
Astragalus, fractures and dislocations of the,

Asylum Workers' Association, annual meeting,
787, 916

Atelectasis, pulmonary, chronic one-sided, 111,

Athletics, training in relation to, 520
Atkinson, Dr. F. P., influenza, 722
Atkinson, Dr. J. M., Tung Wah Hospital,
Hong-Kong, 1384
Augenheilkunde, Beiträge zur (review), 1720
Auges, Verletzungen des (review), 1231
Aural syringe, 1235

health of Sydney, 1301, 669-Melbourne Hos-
pital, 130, 1400-Prince Alfred Hospital, Syd-
ney, 130-Obituary, 131, 271, 413, 872-Intro-
duction of bacilli of bubonic plague, 270-Mid-
wifery Nurses Bill (New South Wales), 270-
Poisons Act Amendment Bill (Victoria), 270
-Dentists Bill (Victoria), 270-Society of
Medical Officers of Health (Victoria), 270-
Milk-supply of Melbourne, 270-Tubercle in
meat in Victoria, 270-The medical pro-
fession and the friendly societies, 270, 1400-
Death of Sir Alfred Roberts, 271-Victoria

July 1, 1899.

branch of the British Medical Association,
413-Anthrax in sheep, 413-Insanity in
New South Wales, 413, 1060-Opposition to
the Children's Hospital at the Glebe,
Sydney, 413-Food standards in New South
Wales. 413-Federal quarantine, 871-Presi-
dential address, 87-Appointments, 872-
Sydney Hospital, 933-Alfred Hospital, Mel-
bourne, 934-Launceston Hospital, 934, 1061.
Colour-blindness in railway employés, 934-
Diet of Australians, 934-The "Tana
mystery," 1061-Sanatorium for phthisis at
Macedon, 1061-Balmain Cottage Hospital,
1061 - Amœbio
Amoebic pulmono-hepatic abscess,
1061-New South Wales Board of Health,
1400-Geelong water-supply, 1400-Ohil-
dren's Hospital, Melbourne, 1400-Delay in
erecting an infectious disease hospital,
Melbourne, 1400-Queen Victoria Hospital
for Women, 1400-Health of Melbourne, 1669
· Medical curriculum of Melbourne Univer-
sity, 1669-Sydney Medical School, 1670-
Dispute at an hospital for the insane, 1670-
Hospital intelligence, 1670-Death of Mr.
M. J. O'Connor, 1670-Presentation to Mr.
G. A. Syme, 1670

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Australia, hospital abuse in, 322; club prac-
tice in, 741; diabetes in, 934
Australia, Western, abdominal surgery in,

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Bader, Mr. C., the late, 470; obituary, 541
Bad-Nauheim (review), 1666


Bacilli, tubercle, in butter, 128

Bacillus enteritidis, an outbreak of diarrhoea
due to, 8; coli in the tissues after death,
365; pestis, flagella of, 688
Bacillus, the tubercle, chemistry of, 177; of
cerebro spinal meningitis, 304; from can-
crum oris, 378; the diphtheria, 454; of
enteric fever, the cultivation of, 730; of
influenza, 778, 1378

Bacon, Dr. G., Otology (review), 100
Bacteriological Technique, Manual of (review),

Bacteriology, municipal, 108, 392, 468, 609; ‹ƒ
rum, 110; the just position of, 328, 740; ‹f
typhus fever, 390; the modern doctrine of,
836; of enteric fever and diphtheria, 840; of
spreading traumatia g»ngrere 898
Bacteriology, An Atlas of (review), 309
Badcock, Mr., perforation of maxillary antrum,

Bailey's Iudex to the Times (review), 775
Baillie lectures, 1547, 1613
Bain, Dr. W., blood-pressure, 1552
Baines, Dr M., poisoning by bromoforin, 189
Bakehouses, hours of labour In, 736
Bakers on self-raising flour, 338
Bakers' ovens, dangerous fuel for, 341
Baldwin. Professor J. M., Mind (review), 774
Baldy, Dr. J. M., Gynecology (review), 970
Balfour, Dr. A., typhus fever, 390
Ball, Dr. J. B., sneezing, 167, 359
Ballance, Mr. O. A., aortic aneurysm, 92
Ballantyne, Dr. J. W., specimens exhibite",
166; pessaries, 451

Ballincollig barracks, the fatal case at, F52
Balneological Societies, German, congress of,

Bancroft, Sir Squire
Bancroft, Sir Squire readings by. 48, 101
Bangs, Dr. L. B., Genito-urinary Diseases, &;,
(review), 1721

Banks, Mr. W. M., tumours behind the tonái),
304; diseases of the jas, 902; knighthood
conferred on, 1571, 1583

Bannatyne, Dr. G. A., Thermal Waters of
Bath (review), 1666

Bantock, Dr. G., germ theory of disease, 836
Barbers (see Hairdressers)

Auricle, epithelioma of the, 519

Austin, Dr. J. A., Manual of First-aid (review), Barbour, Dr. A. II. F., Anatomy of Labour

(review), 699

Bardswell, Dr., suprarenal extract, 167
Barendt, Dr., leucoderma colli, 903

Barker, Mr. A. D., accessory thyroid body,
162; local infiltration analgesia, 282; pan-
creatic cyst, 768

Barker, Mr. W. J. T., Hunter versus Clare,

Barker anatomical prizes, 178
Barling, Mr. G., an appeal, 1743
Barlow, Dr. J., intussusception, 291
Barlow, Dr. T., myopathy, 448

Barnard, Mr. II. L., the pericardium, 900,
1080, 1391; separation of the epiphysis of
the femur, 1276; filariasis, 1362

July 1, 1899,

Barnes, Dr. R., sewer ventilation, 545
Baron, Dr. B., diseases of the throat, nose,
and ear, 454

Barr, Dr. J., meningitis, 521
Barritt, Mr. G. L., gunshot wound, 18
¡Barrow, Mr. B., removal of a cartilage from
the knee, 442

Bartley, Dr. D. H., Medical and Pharma-
ceutical Chemistry (review), 774; Olinical
Chemistry (review), 1438

Barton, Mr. E. A., primula obronica, 1717
Barton Regis (Bristol, not Exeter) vaccination
in, 637

Barwell, Mr. R., limb deficiency, 29
Barwise, Dr. S., medical report for Derby-
shire, 400; Purification of Sewage (review),

Bateman, Dr. A. G., Kite versus Gunn, 1255;
personation, 1455

Bath, alcohol, for burns, 336

Bath (see also Cold bath)

Bath, health of, 483; Thermal Waters of
(review), 1566

Bath Eye Infirmary, annual meeting, 415;
Royal United Hospital, annual meeting,

Baths and blood-pressure, 1552
Baths of Mondariz (review), 842
Batten, Dr. F. E., muscular atrophy, 164;
myopathy, 448

Batten, Mr. R. D., odema of the conjunctiva,

[blocks in formation]

Belfast: enlargement of the area of the city, 62;
public health, 62, 410, 729; Public Health
Committee, 127; water-supply, 196; poisoning
by coal-gas, 196, 551; Samaritan Hospital,
341; rainfall. 410: Queen's College, 430;
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, 551 Foster
Green Consumption Hospital, 551; Royal
Victoria Hospital. 729; Victoria Hospital for
Diseases of the Nervous System, 801; Poor-
Aaw guardians, 801; death-rate, 868; Nation il
Association for the Prevention of Consump-
tion, &c., 869; Ulster Eye, Ear, and Throat
Hospital, 932

Belfast dispensary districts, 62; Royal Hos-
pital, 267, 624; Maternity Hospital, 480;
Ophthalmic Institution, 932
Belfast and district lunatic asylum, 127, 480
Eelgian priest punished for quackery, 1341
Bell, Dr. J. H., hæmatoporphyrin, 97
Bell, Mr. T., disembowelling by a cow, 290
Benevolent Fund, the Royal Medical, 551
Benham, Dr. F. L., tubal gestation, 827, 927
Benjafield, Dr. H., a healthy city, 929
Bennett, Mr. W. B., madura foot, 838
Bennett, Mr. W. H., growths, 3; Varix
(review), 523; thrombus, 1052
Bennett, Mr. W. S., abortion, 454
Bensley, Dr. R. R., the gastric glands, 175
Benson, Dr. P., medical report for Bucking-
ham, 719
Benthall, Mr. A., Workmen's Compensation
Act, 405

Bentley, Mr. W. II., sleeping sickness, 938
Benzine poisoning, 1488
Bequests in 1898, 68
Berger, Dr. S. M., Ophthalmology of Petrus
Hispanus (review), 841
Beri-beri, rainfall and, 367; clinical features
of, 379; preventive treatment of, 1045; micro-
coccus of, 1662, 1743; etiology of, 1731
Berkeley Hospital, annual meeting, 369
'Berkshire (see Royal Berkshire, &c.)

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28 a

Statistics of the medical professiou and the
universities, 128-Calot's treatment of spinal
curvature, 128 Oatheterisation of the
ureters, 268-State examination in medici ie,
268-Medical courts of honour, 289. 1521-
The late Professor Gurlt, 269-German
Malaria Commission, 411- New chemical
products as medicine, 412-German Congress
of Internal Medicine, 412-Relations between
the stomach and drugs, 552-Argil as
dressing for wounds, 663-Ohancre on the
sole of the foot, 553-Cultivation of the
enteric fever bacillus, 730-Congress on
Tuberculosis, 730-Female Doctor of Philo-
sophy of Berlin University, 731-Utility of
gargling, 870-Operative treatment of pul-
monary gangrene, 870-The balaeological
societies, 870 - Urban death-rates, 995-
Yeast in the treatment of blennorrhæ 1,
995-Nursing exhibition, 995, 1521-Treat-
ment of tuberculosis, 995-Pharmacy, new
and old, 1127-Immoral advertisements, 1127
-Intemperance in relation to climate and
season, 1332-Treatment of hydrophobia,
1333 Quintuple birth, 1333 Medical
women, 1398-The Practitioners' Associa-
tion, 1398-New medical journal, 1398-
Administration of chloroform in the street,
1398-Berlin Surgical Society, 1521-Self-
inflicted injuries diagnosed by the Roentgen
rays, 1668-General practitioners in surgical
cases, 1668-The sick clubs, 1668


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Berlin Congress on Tuberculosis, 730, 923, 1110,
1333, 1502, 1516, 1681, 1663
Berry, Dr. J. B, chloroform, 741
Berry, Mr. J, tetanus, 1156
Berry, Mr. R. S., brain lesion, 439
Berry. Mr. W.. measles, 1255
Best, Mr. W. H, glycosuria, 371
Bevan, Mr. R., gastro-enterostomy, 1356
Beyrout, the medical schools of. 1262
Bickerton, Mr. T. H., trachoma, 449; entropion,


Bicycle in the treatment of hernia, 411
Bicyclists, juvənile, 205

Biermer, Dr. Rudolf, Der Kolpeuryater
(review), 1233

Biernacki, Dr., fever, 454

Bignami, Dr. Amico, mosquitoes and malaria,

Bilharzia disease, case of, 156; of the vagina,

Biliary calculi in infants, 963; pigment in the
urine. jaundice without, 1506

Binet, Mons. Alfred, Psychology of Reasoning
(review), 1639

Biography, National, Dictionary of (review),
308, 1101

Birch, Dr. de B., Physiology (review), 1637
Birds, surgery among, 1135

Birds (see also Natural History, Song-birds)
Birdwood, Sir George, retirement of, from the
India Office, 48

Hospital Sunday Fund, 124-Poisoning by
hyssop, 124-Queen's Hospital, 125, 1056-
Adulteration of gin, 125-Death under
chloroform, 338–The Children's Hospital,
338-Grocers and bakers on self raising flour,
338 - Death of Dr. J. Y. Totherick, 338-
Death of Mr. W. T. Crabbe, 548-Health
visitors, 518-Inebriates Act, 549-Health
lectures, 549-The General Hospital, 866-
The General Dispensary, 866-The Training
Institution for Nurses, 866-Hospital for
Diphtheria, 866-Allegation of cruelty, 866-
Ear and Throat IIospital, 1056-Birmingham
Medical Institute, 1056-A university for
Birmingham, 1056-IIospital Saturday:
new departure, 1329, 1518-Proposed crema-
torium, 1329, 1744-Reception to nurses. 1329
-The Royal Society, 1330-Medical Bene-
volent Society, 1518-Unhealthy streets,
1518-Death of Dr. G. F Crooke, 1518-
Consulting Institution, 1744-Noed for re-
form, 1744- Mason University College, 1744
Birmingham: Hospital Saturday, 1329, 1374,


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Birmingham Medical Review (review), 240,
524, 1038, 1499
Birmingham, Dr O. L., chicken-pox, 1591
Birthday honours and the medical profession,
1671, 1646

Biscuits, beef and malt, 312

Bishop, Mr. 1. S., uterine fibroids, 220, 235;
cystotomy, 837

Bishop Auckland, enteric fever in, 1246, 1341
Bismuth tribromophenol, 1609
Black, Dr. D. C., obituary, 64
Black, Dr. M., premature labour, 1099
Blackberry gin, 1235; brandy, 1723
Blacker, Dr. G. F., tubal gestation, 927
Blackwater fever, 785, 821, 839, 885, 931
Blackwater fever, earth and, 497; complicated
by dysentery, 762; and quinine, 795

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Blennorrhæa, yeast in the treatment of, 995
Blind leader, 1615

Blindness, “letter"-, without “word”-, 83
Blomfield, Dr. J., presentation to, 272
Blood, rapid fixing and staining of, 370; the
"buffy cost" of the, a new Interpretation
of, 375; coagulated, distension of the bladder
with, 503; in crysipelas, 730, in blackwater
fever, 896; the Goxicity of the, in epilepsy.
1241; malarial, the staining of, 1490
Blood: How to Examine and Diagnose its
Diseases (review), 841

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Books received, 65, 556, 807, 999, 1199, 1405, 1606
Books recommended, 69, 137, 273, 349, 418, 419,


Books (see also Hospital case books)

Boot, Mr. Jesse, the Pharmacv Act, 1256

Boots, tight, death from," 1447

Boots for flat feet, 1499

Borax, dermatitis produced by, 23; as a food
preservative, 875

Boric acid, dermatitis produced by, 23; skin
eruptions and death caused by, 261; in oraw-
craw, 782

Bottle, the safety valve, 776; a dropping, 971;
a poison, 1340

Bourke, Mr. J. J. F., dinner to, 133
Bowel (see Disembowelling)

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Bradford and West Riding Medical Union, 726
Bradshaw, Dr. T. R., albumosurla, 766, 783
Bradycardia, cases of, 229, 443, 513, 689
Braid on Hypnotism (review), 1037
Brain, perforation of the, by a ramrod, 18; in
aphasia, 96; sarcoma of the, 96; of Vacher
(a French murderer), 127; bullet wound of
the, recovery from, 367; of an epileptic, 519;
of an idiot, 594; a new method of staining
the, 837; pontine hemorrhage in the, 839
Brain lesion involving the speech and certain
motor centros, 439; cells, the structure and
degeneration of, 1428
Bramwell, Dr. B., thyroidism, 762; aphasia,

Brandy, old cognac, 1722; blackberry, 1723
Bread, poisoning by, 341; anti-rheumatio, 1372
Breakfast health beverage, 844
Breast, cancer (or malignant disease) of the,
operative treatment of, 97, 696; one, hyper-
trophy of, 591: cancer of the, results of
operation for, 756, 1516

Bridger, Dr. A. E., advertisements, 1120
Briggs, Dr., hysterectomy, 95; vaginal section,

Brighton, the medical officer of health of, 714
hospital abuse at, 1311

Bright's Disease, Albuminuria and (review),

Brine baths, Droitwich, 1564, 1604
Briscoe, Dr. W. T., presentation to, 874
Bristol, public health, 133; isolation hospita),
326, 1735;
vaccination, 537;
Sunday, 627, 805

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