Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Food Production and Environment: Proceedings of the XIII International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, 13–19 September 1997, Tokyo, Japan

Tadao Ando, Kounosuke Fujita, Tadahiko Mae, Hideaki Matsumoto, Satoshi Mori, Jiro Sekiya
Springer Science & Business Media, 31.12.1997 - 982 Seiten
In the history of the International Plant Nutrition Colloquium from its first meeting in 1954, this meeting, the 13th Colloquium, is the first to be held in Asia and will be the last in the 20th century. The 20th century has seen huge changes in the number and activities of mankind. Our population has increased from around 1. 7 billion to more than 5. 8 billion and technological innovations have completely altered our way of living. As a consequence of such rapid change, we are facing many problems including changes in our environment of a global scale. But, while food shortage has been a serious concern to mankind throughout our history, serious food shortages in the 20th century have been confined to limited times and areas. As Lester Brown discusses in this volume, farmers have increased food production heroically on demand. We, the plant nutritionists should be proud of our support to the world's farmers which has helped them make their achievement possible. During the 20th century, the science of plant nutrition also has achieved great progress as described by Jack Loneragan; it became established as a discipline firmly based in science, defined the chemical elements supporting plant growth, and has contributed to improvements in plant production and environmental quality, as readers will find in many contributions in this volume.

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Characterization of iron deficiency response system with riboflavin secretion in some dicotyledonous
Thirteenth International Plant Nutrition Colloquium XXVI
Characteristics of root Fe3+reduction and root exudate secretion under Fedeficient conditions in 265
Can we raise grain yields fast enough? 15
Regulation of mineral nitrogen uptake in plants 41
Phosphorus deficiency enhances root exudation of lowmolecular weight organic acids and 301
Efficient Mn uptake in barley is a constitutive system 269
Functions of macro and micro elements 61
Response of maize Zea mays L to soil stress and to P and K fertilization on strong Kfixing soil 315
Nutrient uptake 105
J McLaughlin E Smolders R Merckx and A Maes
Differences in growth and nutrition of legumes in varying soil temperature and phosphorus 133
Nutrient translocation 139
The mechanism of phloem mobility of boron 153
Efficiency of K utilization by soybean cultivars 167
regulated expression of ßconglycinin genes

B Rerkasem S Lordkaew and B Dell
Kerstin Pennewiß Karl H Mühling and Burkhard Sattelmacher

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Tadao Ando is the principal of the firm Tadao Ando Architect and Associates in Japan.

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