The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management: Developing, Managing and Protecting Your Company's Intellectual Property

Kogan Page, 30.09.2009 - 480 Seiten
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When managed well, intellectual property puts enterprises in a position to lock in advantages and command premiums.  But in Europe, the process of commercializing IP remains fraught with difficulties. Although there has been significant progress in developing a unified system, there are major differences in the application and interpretation of IP rights in each national jurisdiction.

Produced in association with the European Patent Office, The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management shows how enterprises can use the IP system within Europe to develop an effective commercial strategy, exploit an innovation, build a brand, find a clear route to market and raise funds. Drawing on a wide range of commercial experience and professional expertise, it provides a practical and easy-to-follow account of how businesses can put IP at the heart of their business and manage it as an asset.

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