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11. Linguistics in High School Latin. MR. KERNS.

Registrants: Miss Allen, Mr. Eickmann, Miss Lent, Mrs. Pike.

12. The Classical Element in English. MR. RICHARDSON. Registrants: Mr. Beecher, Mr. Katzoff, Mr. Milazzo.

13. Vulgar Latin. MR. MULLER.

Registrants: Miss Cornelius, Sister Lucia.

14. Old French. MISS STURDEVANT.

Registrant: Miss Roth.

15. Old Spanish. MR. RICHARDSON. Registrants: none.

16. Old and Middle Irish. MR. GERIG.

Registrant: Mr. Healy.

17. Gothic. MR. SEHRT.

Registrants: Mr. Kepke, Miss Lasher-Schlitt, Mr. Meech, Mr. Standerwick, Mr. Sullivan.

18. Old Norse. MR. SEHRT.

Registrants: Miss Appleby, Mr. Meier, Miss Rogers, Miss Sachs.


Registrants: Mr. Meech, Mr. Pei, Sister Mary Wilhelmina, Mr. Standerwick, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Süsskind.

20. German Etymology. MR. PROKOSCH.

Registrants: Mr. Baron, Mr. Bradley, Miss Gruber, Mr. Katzoff, Mr. Kepke, Miss Landwehr, Mr. Leive, Mr. Meier, Mr. Polack, Mr. Radenhausen, Miss Saleski, Miss Shonfeld, Mr. Süsskind, Mr. Wengraf.

21. Old Saxon and Old Frisian. (F. w. LAFRENTZ LECTURESHIP COURSE.) MR. PROKOSCH.

Registrants: Mr. Bradley, Mr. Eickmann, Mr. Gottlieb, Mr. Huebener, Mr. Kerns, Mr. Lenz, Mr. Meech, Mr. Meier, Mr. Polack, Sister Mary Wilhelmina, Mr. Süsskind.

22. Old English. MR. LOTSPEICH.

Registrants: Mr. Baron, Mr. Beecher.

23. Middle English. MR. REUNING.

Registrants: Mr. Downs, Mr. Meagher, Mr. Meier, Mr. Sonkin.

24. History of the English Language. MR. LOTSPEICH. Registrant: Mr. Turner.

25. American English. MR. KURATH.

Registrants: Miss Gibson, Mr. Gottlieb, Mr. Lenz, Miss Prentiss, Mr. Sonkin, Mr. Turner.

26. Lithuanian. MR. SENN.

Registrants: Mr. Paura, Mr. Pokorney.

27. Church Slavonic (Old Bulgarian). MR. SENN.

Registrants: Mr. Paura, Mr. Pei, Mr. Pokorney, Miss Séverac, Mr. Standerwick.

28. Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages. MR. BLAKE. Registrants: Mr. Katzoff, Mr. Polack, Mr. Süsskind.


Registrants: Mr. Buckwald, Mr. Meagher, Mr. Rosenfeld, Mr. Weiser.


Registrant: Mr. Paura.

31. Sumerian (course withdrawn.)

32. Finnish. MR. OLLI.

Registrants: Mr. Paura, Mr. Senn.

33. Turkish. MR. REUNING. Registrants: none.


During the session of the Institute, the following public lectures were delivered in the evening, in the Main Building of the College of the City of New York:

July 10:

PROF. FRANZ BOAS, of Columbia University, The Relation between Grammar and Lexicography.

July 15:

PROF. FRANKLIN EDGERTON, of Yale University, The Relation of Dialects to Literary Languages in India.

July 18: PROF. E. H. STURTEVANT, of Yale University, The Development of Reduced Vowels and Syllabic Nasals and Liquids in Hittite. DR. H. B. HINCKLEY, of New Haven, Anaptyxis.

July 22: PROF. G. M. BOLLING, of Ohio State University, Notes on the Personal Pronouns in Homer.

July 25: PROF. EDWARD PROKOSCH, of Yale University, Migration and Linguistic Change.

July 29:
PROF. R. G. KENT, of the University of Pennsylvania,
The Latin Infinitive and Related Matters.

August 1: PROF. G. W. BROWN, of the Kennedy School of Missions,
Are the Dravidian Languages Related to Mitanni?

August 5: PROF. LOUISE POUND, of the University of Nebraska, The Mother Tongue in the United States.

August 8: PROF. JULES MAROUZEAU, of the Faculté des Lettres of the Université de Paris, Qu'est-ce que le Style?

August 12: DR. HELEN H. ROBERTS, of the Institute of Human Relations, Yale University, Some Anthropological and Psychological Problems of Language.

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Under the agreement with the C. C. N. Y., the items listed. above were the only funds passing through the treasury of the Institute; the other two lectureship stipends also were by the donors given direct to the C. C. N. Y.


cordially invites you to become a member of the Society.

THE LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA was founded in 1924 for the advancement of the scientific study of language in all its aspects. Toward this end, it has held annual meetings for personal contacts and the reading of papers; it has established new media of publication for the fruits of linguistic research; it has organized the Linguistic Institute; it is constantly cooperating with other agencies interested in linguistic study. The high standing of the Society is shown by the names of its presidents, Hermann Collitz, Maurice Bloomfield, Carl D. Buck, Franz Boas, Charles H. Grandgent, Edward Prokosch; and by its election to membership in the American Council of Learned Societies.

The annual dues are Five Dollars; membership always begins on January 1. Members receive, without additional charge, all the publications of the Society, including Language, which appears quarterly, and the Language Monographs, Language Dissertations, and Bulletins, which are issued at irregular intervals; members alone are eligible to present papers at the meetings and to publish in the several series. The previous volumes of the publications (1925-1929) are still obtainable; the first four are offered at a special price to new members in 1930.

Persons interested in membership in the Linguistic Society should address Prof. R. G. Kent, Secretary, Bennett Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Labor and correspondence may be saved by including with acceptance of this invitation the dues of the first year of membership; or if further information be desired, complimentary samples of the publications, with a price-list and other data, will on request be sent by the Secretary.

The Seventh Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America will be held at Washington, December 31, 1930, and January 1, 1931.

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