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President, HANS KURATH, Brown University

Vice-President, E. A. SPEISER, University of Pennsylvania
Secretary and Treasurer, J. M. COWAN, State University of Iowa
Executive Committee, the preceding, and

Serving through 1942: ALBERT C. BAUGH, University of Pennsylvania
Serving through 1942: CHARLES F. VOEGELIN, Indiana University
Serving through 1943: EINAR HAUGEN, University of Wisconsin
Serving through 1943: RALPH L. WARD, Cornell University

Committee on Publications:

Chairman and Editor: BERNARD BLOCH, Brown University

Serving through 1942: MURRAY B. EMENEAU, University of California
Serving through 1943: KEMP MALONE, Johns Hopkins University
Serving through 1944: ROBERT A. HALL, JR. Brown University

Nominating Committee:

Serving through 1942: FRANKLIN EDGERTON, Chairman, Yale University Serving through 1943: A. L. KROEBER, University of California

Serving through 1944: EDWARD H. SEHRT, George Washington University Standing Committee on Research:

Serving to Feb. 1, 1943: LEONARD BLOOMFIELD, Yale University
Serving to Feb. 1, 1944: FRANKLIN EDGERTON, Yale University

Serving to Feb. 1, 1945: CHARLES C. FRIES, University of Michigan
Administrative Committee of the Linguistic Institute:

URBAN T. HOLMES JR., Director, University of North Carolina
E. H. STURTEVANT, Associate Director, Yale University
GEORGE S. LANE, University of North Carolina
ROBERT W. LINKER, University of North Carolina
CHARLES C. FRIES, University of Michigan

Delegates to the American Council of Learned Societies:

Serving through 1942: E. H. STURTEVANT, Yale University

Serving through 1944: GEORGE S. LANE, Úniversity of North Carolina Delegate to the American Association for the Advancement of Science: GEORGE HERZOG, Columbia University

Delegate to the American Documentation Institute:

EDWARD H. SEHRT, George Washington University

Delegate to the Mexican Council for Indigenous Languages:

NORMAN A. McQuown, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

LANGUAGE is published quarterly by the LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA at the Waverly Press Inc., Mt. Royal and Guilford Avenues, Baltimore, Md. Entered as Second Class Matter March 12, 1927, at the Postoffice at Baltimore, Md., under the Act of March 3, 1879.

Dues for Personal and Library Memberships in the Society are $5.00 per calendar year; of the dues, $3.00 are set aside for the journal LANGUAGE and its Supplements. To non-members, the price of LANGUAGE and its Supplements is $5.00 per calendar year.

Manuscripts for publication, exchange journals, and books for review or listing should be sent to the Editor of LANGUAGE (Bernard Bloch, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island).

Applications for membership, library subscriptions, etc., should be addressed to the Secretary of the Society (J. M. Cowan, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa).

Made in United States of America






The Linguistic Society of America held its Fourth Special Summer Meeting at Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina, on Friday and Saturday, July 11-2, 1941, in conjunction with the session of the Linguistic Institute on the campus of the University of North Carolina. Duke University was host to the Society on Friday evening at an informal dinner, after which the evening session was held on the Duke campus.

Those attending the meeting were invited to arrive somewhat in advance of the sessions, or to stay over after their end, in order to attend the classes and see the Linguistic Institute in operation, as well as to attend the lectures and conferences on linguistic subjects which had been prepared for the days preceding and following the meeting.

The Local Committee in charge of the arrangements consisted of Mr. Lane, chairman; Mr. Holmes, Mr. Kent, Mr. Lund, and Mr. Cowan.

The following members and members-elect registered for the meeting:

F. G. Banta, W. R. Barrett Jr., P. F. Baum, M. S. Beeler, Mrs. A. F. Blaser Jr., B. Bloch, L. Bloomfield.

J. M. Carrière, J. M. Cowan.

M. Dillon, E. V. K. Dobbie.

F. Edgerton, E. E. Ericson.

R. A. Fowkes, M. J. Franklin, F. Frauchiger, J. W. Frey, C. I. Fritsch, A. H. Fry.

W. J. Gedney, E. V. Goetchius, D. Griffin.

S. N. Hagen, Miss E. A. Hahn, R. A. Hall Jr., Z. S. Harris, K. F. Hayes, H. M. Hoenigswald, U. T. Holmes Jr.

S. Ives Jr.

R. Jente.

R. G. Kent, Miss A. E. Kober, H. Kurath.

A. L. Lancaster, G. S. Lane, Mrs. D. D. Lawson, R. W. Linker, J. J. Lund.

R. I. McDavid Jr., B. S. Monroe.

Mrs. R. C. Nash.

A. E. Olson.

H. Penzl, J. W. Poultney, Miss R. M. Preuninger.

C. E. Reed, C. C. Rice, J. L. Rose.

P. Scherer, Miss M. Z. Smith, E. A. Speiser, O. Springer, E. H. Sturtevant.

G. L. Trager.

E. J. Upton.

Miss J. O. Van De Water, C. F. Voegelin.

C. M. Woodard.

C. A. Yeo.


The First Session was held in Chapel Hill on the afternoon of Friday, July 11, in Gerrard Hall. The President of the Society, Mr. R. G. Kent, called the


meeting to order at 2:00 P.M. and presided throughout the session. About 78 persons were present.

Mr. R. B. House, Dean of Administration of the University of North Carolina, extended a cordial welcome on behalf of the University to the visiting members of the Society and their guests.

The Chairman appointed as Committee on Resolutions Miss Hahn, chairman; Mr. Dillon and Mr. Hall.

Papers 1-3 were presented and discussed.

Recess was taken at 3:15 for registration and the meeting re-convened at 3:30. Mr. Lane explained arrangements for transportation to the Duke campus for the Invitation Dinner.

After the presentation and discussion of papers 4-6, Mr. Holmes announced the Subscription Luncheon for the following day at the Carolina Inn. The meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

Members of the Society were the guests of Duke University at an Informal Dinner in the Duke University Union on Friday evening, July 11, at seven o'clock. There were 125 members and guests present. Mr. H. R. Dwire, Vice President of Duke University, welcomed the Society on behalf of the University. President Kent responded for the Society.

After the dinner, those attending were entertained by a specially arranged outdoor carillon concert before re-convening for the Invitation Program in Room 210 of the Duke School of Religion.

The Second Session was called to order by President Kent at 8:45 P.M. There were about 125 persons present.

Mr. Bloomfield and Mr. Franklin Edgerton presented papers 7 and 8, both of which were received with the liveliest interest and enthusiasm. The meeting adjourned at 10:00 P.M.

The Third Session was held on the morning of Saturday, July 12, in Gerrard Hall on the campus of the University of North Carolina. Mr. Kent called the meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. and presided throughout the session. About 65 persons were present. Papers 9-15 were presented and discussed. Adjournment was taken at 11:38.

About 75 members and guests of the Society joined in a Subscription Luncheon at the Carolina Inn, at 12:15 P.M.

The Fourth Session was held on the afternoon of Saturday, July 12, in Gerrard Hall. Mr. Kent called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M. and presided throughout the session. About 73 persons were present. Papers 16-20 were presented and discussed. Paper 21 was presented by title. Miss Hahn, Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, presented the following report, which was unanimously adopted:

The Linguistic Society of America, as its very happy and fruitful Fourth Summer Meeting draws to a close, wishes to express its warm gratitude to those institutions and in

dividuals that have done so much to make the meeting so happy and so fruitful: to the University of North Carolina for its graciousness in inviting the members of the Society to gather upon its campus, and for its generosity in placing its facilities at the disposal of the Society, notably at the Friday afternoon session and at the morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday, as well as at the tea which it tendered the members at the close of the meeting on Saturday; to Duke University for its delightful hospitality on Friday evening, when the members of the Society were entertained at dinner, were given the opportunity to hear a fine carillon concert, and were provided with a hall for their evening meeting; to the Program Committee, under the very able chairmanship of Professor Lane, and also especially to the Director of the Linguistic Institute, Professor Holmes, for care in making arrangements and skill in carrying them out, as well as to Mr. Lancaster for his faithful assistance at the registration desk.

Adjournment was taken at 4:30, after which the members with their wives and guests proceeded to the lounge of the Graham Memorial Building as guests of the University of North Carolina at an informal tea.

The complete list of the papers presented at this meeting follows:

1. R. A. Fowkes (New York Univ.): The Lenition of Welsh ll-, rh-. Discussion by Messrs. Rice, Dillon, Upton.

2. Ruth C. Nash (Fern Park, Fla.): Egyptian Grammatical Features which Vary from the Hamito-Semitic Pattern. Discussion by Messrs. Upton, Speiser, Cowan.

3. Fritz Frauchiger (Univ. of Oklahoma): Syllabic Phonemes in the Dialect of Lenzburg. Discussion by Messrs. Bloch, Kurath, Frey, Dillon, Kent.

4. R. G. Kent (Univ. of Pennsylvania): An Old Persian Note. Discussion by Messrs. Kurath, Edgerton, Dillon, Sturtevant, Speiser.

5. C. E. Reed (Brown Univ.): The Gender of English Loan-words in Pennsylvania German. Discussion by Messrs. Rice, Springer, Hall, Jente, Frey, Kurath, Sturtevant, Fowkes, Dillon, Fry.

6. R. I. McDavid Jr. (Southwestern Louisiana Inst.): The Stressed Vowel Phonemes of a Southern Dialect. Discussion by Messrs. Bloch, Upton, Trager, Edgerton.

7. Leonard Bloomfield (Yale Univ.): Linguistic Aspects of Philosophy.

8. Franklin Edgerton (Yale Univ.): What Price Etymology?

9. E. J. Upton (Sandy Creek, N. Y.): Indo-European kweitos, torianā 'wheat'. 10. J. M. Carrière (Northwestern Univ.): Notes on Missouri French. Discussion by Mr. Lane.

11. J. W. Frey (Univ. of Illinois): Phonemics of English Loan-words in Eastern York County Pennsylvania Dutch. Discussion by Messrs. Upton, Reed, Kurath.

12. R. A. Hall Jr. (Brown Univ.): The Significance of the Italian Questione della Lingua. Discussion by Messrs. Frey, Hayes.

13. E. H. Sturtevant (Yale Univ.): Greek Adjectives in -atos from IndoEuropean -ahyos. Discussion by Mr. Dillon.

14. Philip Scherer (Stuyvesant High School, New York): The 'Prothetic' Vowel and Some Hittite Etymologies. Discussion by Mr. Sturtevant.

15. Miss A. E. Kober (Brooklyn Coll.): On Deciphering the Minoan Scripts. Discussion by Messrs. Upton, Speiser, Sturtevant, Bloomfield, Kent.

16. Hans Kurath (Brown Univ.): Dialect Areas of North Carolina. Discussion by Messrs. Upton, Penzl, Holmes.

17. Miss E. A. Hahn (Hunter Coll.): Are English Pronouns Losing All Case Distinctions? Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Ericson.

18. C. C. Rice (Catawba Coll.): Romance Etymologies. Discussion by Mr.


19. George L. Trager (Yale Univ.): Notes on the Kechuan Dialect of Huaraz, Peru. Discussion by Messrs. Voegelin, Kent, Upton, Frey.

20. Herbert Penzl (Univ. of Illinois): The Phonemic Interpretation of Naive Spellings. Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Kurath, Ericson, Banta.

21. F. R. Blake (Johns Hopkins Univ.): The Five Semantic Types of Sentence. (Presented by title only.)

(signed) J. M. COWAN

[Members of the Linguistic Society of America who find omissions or errors in the printed proceedings of this meeting are requested to send their corrections to the Secretary before June 1, 1942.]

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