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SCHLAUCH, MARGARET, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, New York
University, Washington Square East, New York City; Germanic

SCHUTZ, ALEXANDER H., Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages, Ohio
State University, Columbus, Ohio.

SCHWARTZ, BENJAMIN, A.M., Chief of the Oriental Division, New York
Public Library, 42d St. and 5th Ave., New York City; comparative
linguistics, Hittite.

SCOTT, KENNETH, Ph.D., Professor of Latin and Greek, Western Reserve
University; Station E, Cleveland, Ohio.

SE MAN, JOHN NORMAN, J.D., 903 Olds Tower, Lansing, Mich.; American
Indian and Bantu languages.

SEGAL, PEARL, B.S., 422 W. Lindley Ave., Philadelphia, Penna.
SEHRT, EDWARD HENRY, Ph.D., Professor of German, George Washing-
ton University; 2811 35th St. N.W., Washington, D. C.; Germanic

SEIERT, LESTER WILHELM, M.A., 113 George St., Providence, R. I.;

SELCKE, BENNO H., Ph.D., Instructor in German, Wesleyan University;
200 College St., Middletown, Conn.; comparative syntax.
SELLERS, OVID R., Ph.D., Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament,
esbyterian Theological Seminary; 846 Chalmers Place, Chicago, Ill.
SEMER, CARL, Ph.D., Associate Professor of German, Hunter College,
68th St. and Park Ave., New York City.

SE PLE, WILLIAM TUNSTALL, Ph.D., Professor of Classics and Head of
Dept., University of Cincinnati; 315 Pike St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
SEN, ALFRED, Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Philology, University of
Pennsylvania; 112 Penarth Road, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.; Germanic,

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PIRO, SOPHIE H., M.A., 5400 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Germanics.
RMA, DHARANI DHAR, Carmichael Hostel, Darjeeling, India.

W, JAMES EUSTACE, Ph.D., Professor of Italian and Spanish, Uniersity of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

EHAN, DANIEL F., M.A., Instructor in English, Michigan State Colge, East Lansing, Mich.; semantics, Old Irish.

SHRMAN, LESTER C., M.A., Sub-Editor of the Middle English Diconary, University of Michigan; Angell Hall, Ann Arbor, Mich.


SH ROVER, MAX, President of the Linguaphone Institute, 49 W. 49th
St., New York City; auditory methods of language teaching.
SHARA, H. HELEN, Ph.D., Instructor in Phonetics, University of


Hichigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

SEO MWAY, DANIEL BUSSIER, Ph.D., Professor of German Philology,

niversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Died Jan. 11, 1940.

SIEBERT, FRANK T., JR., M.D., 127 Merbrook Lane, Merion, Pa.; 1lgonkin.

SIMPSON, ADELAIDE D., M.A., Instructor in Greek and Latin, Hunter

College; 520 W. 114th St., New York City.

1936 SIMSAR, MUHAMMED AHMED, Ph.D., 3242 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa.; Persian, Turkish, Arabic.

1936 SINGLETON, MACK HENDRICKS, Ph.D., Instructor in Romance Languages, Queens College, Flushing, N. Y.; Old Spanish.

1940 SISTER EDWARD MONAHAN, B.S., Trinity College, Washington, D. C.; Germanics.

1937 SISTER M. ANNE STANISLAUS, Ph.D., Instructor in Latin and Greek, Chestnut Hill College, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa.; Greek, Latin, Romance.

1937 SISTER M. CALIXTA GARVEY, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of French, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas.

1940 SISTER MARIE ANTOINETTE, Ph.D., Head of Ancient Language Department, Marymount College, Salina, Kas.

1938 SISTER MARY SARAH MULDOWNEY, Ph.D., St. Joseph College, 1678 Asylum Ave., West Hartford, Conn.; word order in Late Latin.

1939 SLEETH, CHARLES R., A.M., 116 Nassau St., Princeton, N. J.; Old and Middle English.

1937 SLOAN, SAMUEL, M.A., 162 Dahill Road, Brooklyn, New York; Germanic, Semitic.

1925 SMALL, GEORGE WILLIAM, Ph.D., B.Litt. (Oxon.), Professor of English, University of Maine, Orono, Me.; English, general Germanic.

1936 SMITH, HENRY LEE, JR., Ph.D., Instructor in English, Brown University; 355 Angell St., Providence, R. I.; Indo-European and Germanic phonology.

1929 SMITH, LEON PERDUE, JR., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Assistant Dean of Students, Faculty Exchange, University of Chicago, Ill.; Old French.

FM SMITH, MARIA WILKINS, Ph.D., P. O. Box 405, Bryn Mawr, Pa.; Avestan. 1934 SMITH, WILLIAM BERNARD S., A.M., Editorial Department, Columbia University Press, 2960 Broadway, New York City; Celtic, IndoIranian.

1940 SORG, CHARLES HENRY, Ph.D., Instructor of German Language and Literature, Jordan College, Menominee, Mich.; Germanic and general linguistics.

FM SPEISER, EPHRAIM AVIGDOR, Ph.D., Professor of Semitics, University of Pennsylvania; Bennett Hall, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 1935 SPERBER, HANS, Ph.D., Professor of German, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

1937 SPITZER, LEO, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Philology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

1936 SPRINGER, OTTO, Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Languages, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.; Scandinavian, Celtic, semantics. 1930 STANDERWICK, HENRY F., Ph.D., Instructor in Classical Languages, City College; 310 Convent Avenue, New York City.

FM STARCK, TAYLOR, Ph.D., Associate Professor of German, Harvard University; 32 Bowdoin St., Cambridge, Mass.; Germanic linguistics.

FM STEMPEL, GUIDO HERMANN, A.M., Professor of Comparative Philology, Indiana University; 723 S. Park Ave., Bloomington, Ind.

1931 STETSON, RAYMOND HERBERT, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Oberlin College; 157 N. Professor St., Oberlin, Ohio; experimental phonetics, psychology of language.

1928 STIMSON, J. FRANK, Research Assistant in Ethnology and Linguistics, Bishop Museum, Honolulu; Boîte 59, Papeete, Tahiti, French Oceania. FM STINE, HAROLD SAEGER, Ph.D., Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania; 242 E. Durham St., Philadelphia, Pa.

FM STURTEVANT, Albert MOREY, Ph.D., Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature, University of Kansas; 924 Louisiana St., Lawrence, Kas.

SC STURTEVANT, EDGAR HOWARD, Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics, Yale University; Yale Graduate School, New Haven, Conn.; Hittite, Greek, Latin, Indo-European and general linguistics. Life Member 1936. 1935 SUGDEN, HERBERT W., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, Duke University; Box 281, College Sta., Durham, N. C.

1939 SULLIVAN, JOHN F., Ph.D., Instructor in German, College of the City of New York; 1735 Summerfield St., Ridgewood, L. I., N. Y.

1936 SÜSSKIND, NATHAN, M.Sc. in Ed., Tutor in German, City College, 139th St. and Convent Ave., New York City; Judaeo-German, Indo-European.

1931 SWADESH, MORRIS, Ph.D., Departamento de Asuntos Indígenas, Mexico; Díaz Mirón 296, Mexico, D.F., Mexico; linguistic theory, American Indian languages. Life Member, 1937.

1939 SWANSON, DONALD C. E., M.A., Graduate College, Princeton University, Princeton N. J.; Old Norse, Finno-Ugrian, Greek, Latin.

SC SWANTON, JOHN REED, Ph.D., Ethnologist, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C.; American Indian languages.

1938 TAVENNER, EUGENE, Ph.D., Professor of Latin and Greek, Washington University; 215 Brookings Hall, St. Louis, Mo.

1931 TAYLOR, CHARLES MUNDY, care of Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co., 46th and Market Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.; general linguistics.

1932 TAYLOR, LILY ROSS, Ph.D., Professor of Latin, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

1938 TEDESCO, PAUL, Ph.D., Institute for Advanced Study; 75 Harrison St., Princeton, N. J.; Indo-Iranian, Balto-Slavic.

1939 THOMAS, CHARLES KENNETH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Speaking, Cornell University; Goldwin Smith Hall, Ithaca, N. Y.; phonetics.

1932 THORNDIKE, EDWARD LEE, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City.

1940 TIHANY, LESLIE CHARLES, Ph.D., 5214 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Finno-Ugrian.

1935 TILLER, FRITZ, Ph.D., Instructor in German, Yale University; 216 Bishop St., New Haven, Germanic languages.

1930 TOWLES, OLIVER, Ph.D., Professor of French and Head of Dept., Washington Square College, New York University, New York City.

1929 TOZZER, ALFRED M., Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University; 7 Bryant St., Cambridge, Mass.

1931 TRAGER, GEORGE L., Ph.D., Sterling Fellow in Linguistics and Lecturer in Phonetics, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

1938 TREVINO, SALOMÓN NARCISO, A.M., Instructor in Spanish, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.; experimental phonetics.

1929 TUCKER, R. WHITNEY, Ph.D., Professor of Foreign Languages, Pennsylvania Military College, Chester, Pa.; Latin and Greek.

1931 TURNER, LORENZO Dow, Ph.D., Professor of English Language and Literature, Fisk University, Nashville, Tenn.; speech of Negroes in America.

1938 TURNER, MARY ELIZABETH, B.A., Box 1, Madison, Wis.; American Indian linguistics.

1930 TWADDELL, W. FREEMAN, Ph.D., Professor of German, University of Wisconsin; Bascom Hall, Madison, Wis.; Old High German.

FM UPPVALL, AXEL JOHAN, Ph.D., Professor of Scandinavian Languages, University of Pennsylvania; College Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

1938 UPTON, EDWARD JAY, Box 214, Sandy Creek, N. Y.; Indo-European. 1940 UTLEY, FRANCIS LEE, Ph.D., Instructor in English, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; Old and Middle English, semantics. 1929 VAN ADESTINE, GERTRUDE, Supervising Principal, Detroit Day School for the Deaf; 150 Atkinson Ave., Detroit, Mich.


VAN EERDEN, ALBERT, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German, Princeton University; 22 Edwards Place, Princeton, N. J.; Germanic linguistics. 1936 VAN HULSE, CAMIL A. J., Mus. M., 1029 N. Euclid St., Tucson, Ariz.; Persian.

1925 VAUGHAN, HERBERT HUNTER, Ph.D., Professor of Italian, University of California, Berkeley, Calif.

VELTEN, HARRY DE VELTHEYM, Ph.D., Associate Professor of German,
Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.

1934 VOEGELIN, CHARLES FREDERICK, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind.; American Indian languages, speech of children.

1939 VON GRUNEBAUM, GUSTAVE EDMUND, Ph.D., on the teaching staff of the American Institute of Iranian Art and Archaeology; Hotel Franconia, 20 W. 72nd St., New York City; Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Islamic institutions.

1935 VUYLSTEKER, EMILE AUGUSTE, Ph.D., Professor of French and Spanish and Head of Dept. of Romance Languages, Brenau College; Box 422, Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga.; Romance and Germanic linguistics. 1936 WAGNER, LYDIA E., Ph.D., Instructor in German, University of Nebraska; 1980 Ryons St., Lincoln, Neb.

1933 WARD, RALPH L., Ph.D., Instructor in Classics, Cornell University; 610 Mitchell St., Ithaca, N. Y.

FM WARE, JAMES ROLAND, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chinese, Harvard
University; 12 Boylston Hall, Cambridge, Mass.

WATERMAN, LEROY, Ph.D., Professor of Semitics and Oriental Languages,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Assyriology.

1935 WATKINS, MARK HANNA, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Fisk University, Nashville, Tenn.; Bantu and Sudanic languages. 1939 WATSON, JOHN W., JR., M.A., 1212 W. Main St., Charlottesville, Va.; Germanic, English.

1938 WEIDMAN, ROBERT H., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German, University of Wisconsin; Milwaukee Extension Center, 623 W. State St., Milwaukee, Wis.; Middle High German.


WERLING, CAMILLE E., D. en Droit, Professor of French, University of Denver, Denver, Colo..

1929 WESENBERG, T. GRIFFITH, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages, Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind.; Provençal.

1933 WHITEHALL, HAROLD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, Queens College; Douglaston Manor Apts. 3B, Douglaston Manor, L. I., N. Y. 1929 WHORF, BENJAMIN L., B.Sc., 320 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethersfield, Conn.; Uto-Aztecan, Mayan, and general linguistics.

1937 WIESCHHOFF, HEINZ A., Ph.D., Instructor in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania; Box 15, College Hall, University of Penna., Philadelphia, Pa.; Bantu.

1935 WILLEY, NORMAN L., Ph.D., Associate Professor of German, University of Michigan; 801 Rose Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich.; Germanic linguistics, American Indian languages.

FM WILLIAMS, CHARLES ALLYN, Ph.D., Professor of German, University of Illinois; 801 W. Nevada St., Urbana, Ill.

1936 WILLIAMS, EDNA REES, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature, Smith College; Dickinson House, Northampton, Mass. 1927 WILLIAMS, EDWIN BUCHER, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania; Bennett Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.; Portuguese.

1935 WILLIAMS, Rev. REVELL, M.A., 307 E. 7th St., Hopkinsville, Ky.; Greek New Testament, Petronius Arbiter.

1934 WISE, CLAUDE MERTON, Ph.D., Professor of Speech and Head of Dept., Louisiana State University, University, La. ; phonetics, dialect geography. 1939 WOHLBERG, JOSEPH, A.M., Assistant to the Recorder, College of the City of New York, 17 Lexington Ave., New York City; Latin, Greek, Hungarian.

1926 WOLF, HARRY REY, M.A., Teacher of Latin, West Philadelphia High

School; 1323 Hillside Road, Wynnewood, Pa.

FM WOOD, FRANCIS ASBURY, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Germanic Philology, University of Chicago; 2019 Soledad Ave., La Jolla, Calif. 1928 WOOD, FREDERIC T., Ph.D., Associate Professor of German, University of Virginia; Rugby Road at Highland Ave., Charlottesville, Va. 1937 WOODARD, CLEMENT MANLY, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French, Roanoke College; Box 225, Salem, Va.

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