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called the meeting to order at 8.10 P.M. About 70 persons were present during the session. The reading of papers was at once begun:

Prof. Clarence A. Manning (Columbia University), Notes on the Tem

poral and Aspectual Uses of the Russian Aspects. Dr. Herbert Penzl (University of Illinois), Does Bilingualism Change the

Phonology of Dialects? Discussion by Mr. Manning. Prof. Murat H. Roberts (New York University), The Dynamic Classi

fication of Languages. Discussion by Messrs. Cross, Swadesh,

Kent, Fitch, Senn, Bloch, Schrer, Cowan. Prof. C. Douglas Chrétien (University of California), The Statistical

Determination of Linguistic Relationships. Discussion by Messrs.

Sturtevant, Scherer, Voegelin, Bloch, Swadesh, Kent. Dr. Edith F. Claflin (Columbia University), The Voice of the Indo

European Perfect. Prof. Ephraim Cross (City College, New York), Illogicalities and

Ambiguities in Romance Syntax. Discussion by Miss Hahn,

Mr. Ogden. Prof. Sherman M. Kuhn (Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Col

lege), Roberts' Collation of the Vespasian Psalter and Hymns.

The following papers were then presented by title: Prof. Frank R. Blake (Johns Hopkins University), (1) The Relation of

the Hebrew System of Vowel Symbols to the Syriac Systems; (2) The Semantic Analysis of Adverbs; (3) The Application of the

Semantic Analysis to the Study of the French Dependent Infinitive. Dr. Joseph Mersand (Brooklyn High Schools), Linguistic Curiosities of

the Dialogue of Modern American Drama. Prof. Edward D. Myers (Trinity College), A Treatment of Greek and

Latin Principles of Word Formation as a Basis for the Study of

English Derivatives from the Classical Languages. Prof. Edward Sapir (Yale University), The Treatment of Indo-Euro

pean d in Tocharian. Prof. Nathaniel Julius Reich (Dropsie College), Egypto-Semitic

Etymologies, with Special Reference to Hebrew.

Prof. Sturtevant then brought to the Society the greetings of Professor Edward Sapir, who was ill at his home in New Haven; and the Society requested Prof. Sturtevant to convey to Prof. Sapir its warmest regards and best wishes for his speedy recovery.

Adjournment was taken at 10.10 P.M.

The Fourth Session of the Linguistic Society was held on the morning of Wednesday, December 28, in Room B of The Commodore. President Gray called the meeting to order at 9.35 A.M. Vice-President Malone was called to the chair for part of the session. About 70 persons were present. The reading of papers was at once begun:

Prof. Charles J. Donahue (Fordham University), Notes on the Gaelic

of Nova Scotia. Discussion by Messrs. Cross, Gray. . Prof. Robert A. Hall Jr. (University of Puerto Rico), The Alleged

Murmelvokal in Old Italian. Discussion by Messrs. Vaughan,

Senn, Cross, Kent, Sturtevant, Mrs. Bechtel. Prof. Alphonse A. Nehring (Marquette University), A Neglected

Indo-European Heteroclitic Noun. Discussion by Messrs. Sturte

vant, Kent, Gray, Bolling. Dr. Raven Ioor McDavid Jr. (Michigan State College), The Pronun

ciation of American English at Greenville, S. C. Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Swadesh, Cross, Joos, Malone, Berry, Tucker,

L. P. Smith Jr. Dr. Frederic G. Cassidy (University of Michigan), Periphrasis and

Word-Order of Certain Datives in Old English Prose. Discussion

by Messrs. Bloch, Cowan, Miss Hahn, Messrs. Kent, Sturtevant. Dr. Harold Whitehall (University of Wisconsin), Some Disputed

Middle English Etymologies. Discussion by Mr. Cross. Dr. J. Milton Cowan (State University of Iowa), Phrasing and Syntax. Prof. Bernard Bloch (Brown University), Phrasing and Syntax.

Discussion of these two papers by Messrs. Cassidy, Levy, Hagen, Joos.

At the conclusion of the papers, a few minutes were devoted to the business of the Society.

The report of the Committee on Nominations was laid before the meeting for formal action, and in the absence of nominations from the floor, which were called for by the President, the report was adopted in the usual manner, and the nominees were declared elected, for terms beginning January 1, 1939:

President, Prof. Charles C. Fries, Univ. of Michigan.
Vice-President, Prof. Louise Pound, Univ. of Nebr ska.
Secretary and Treasurer, Prof. Roland G. Kent, Univ. of Pennsylvania.
Executive Committee, the preceding, and

Prof. W. F. Albright, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Prof. Alfred Senn, Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Prof. Morris Swadesh, Univ. of Wisconsin.
Committee on Publications:

Chairman and Editor, Prof. G. M. Bolling, Ohio State Univ.
To serve through 1941, Prof. Urban T. Holmes, Univ. of North Carolina.

Mr. Phelps now presented the report of the Committee on Resolutions, which was unanimously adopted, as follows:

Resolved, that the thanks and sincere appreciation of the Linguistic Society of America are hereby expressed to Mr. F. M. Setzler, Secretary of the American Anthropological Association, and to Mr. J. W. Flight, Secretary of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, for their cordial cooperation with the officers of the Linguistic Society in the admirable arrangements for meetings and for interchange of courtesies; to Mr. H. B. Allen, for his work on the publicity side of the meetings; and to The Commodore and its management, for the public rooms for the sessions, and for complimentary rooms for the President and the Secretary of the Society.

Adjournment was taken at 12.50 P.M.

The Fifth Session of the Linguistic Society was held on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 28, in Room B of The Commodore, jointly with the Linguistic Section of the American Anthropological Association. President Gray called the meeting to order at 2.40 P.M., and during part of the session was replaced by Prof. E. A. Hahn. About 50 persons were present during the session. The reading of papers was at once begun:

Prof. Morris Swadesh (University of Wisconsin), Problems of Mohican

Phonology. Discussion by Messrs. Hockett, Voegelin. Mr. Charles Hockett (New Haven), The Stress System of the Southern

Ojibwa. Discussion by Messrs. Swadesh, Cross, Bechtel, New

man, Tucker. Prof. Charles F. Voegelin (De Pauw University), Hidatsa-Crow Sound

Correspondences. Discussion by Messrs. Hockett, Swadesh,

Sturtevant, Bechtel, Herzog. Prof. George Herzog (Columbia University), Culture Changes Reflected in Pima Vocabulary. Discussion by Messrs. Cross, Hockett,

Miss Hahn, Messrs. Kurath, Sturtevant, Hagen, Swadesh, Newman. Dr. J. Alden Mason (University of Pennsylvania Museum), Current

Opinions on the Groupings of Middle American Languages.

Discussion by Messrs. Beels, Kirchhoff. Mr. Benjamin L. Whorf (Wethersfield, Conn.), The 'Parts of Speech'

in Hopi. This paper was read by title only, in the absence of the author.

Adjournment was taken at 4.50 P.M.

Immediately upon the close of this joint session with the American Anthropological Association, President Gray called a special business session of the Linguistic Society of America, which was attended by 25 members in good standing: G. Bechtel, R. M. Bechtel, E. Cross, J. E. Daddow, M. B. Emeneau, L. H. Gray, S. N. Hagen, E. A. Hahn, R. G. Kent, J. Kepke, H. Kurath, W. R. Leete, H. L. Levy, F. K. Li, G. S. Lowman, K. Malone, S. Newman, C. Paschall, J. Phelps, M. H. Roberts, H. Sperber, E. H. Sturtevant, M. Swadesh, R. W. Tucker, C. F. Voegelin.

The Secretary stated that Mr. F. R. Preveden had on the preceding day summoned a number of members of the Society, as representing the unincorporated Linguistic Society of America, and with them the University of Chicago, to answer in the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York to a suit for monetary compensation for damage to his professional career, in that Dissertation No. 9 of the Society's series was allegedly based on or consisted of scholarly collections which he had gathered while in the employ of the University of Chicago for this purpose; and that he also asked that the Society be enjoined from advertising or selling the aforesaid Dissertation No. 9. The Secretary stated that President Gray and he had already retained counsel, and asked that the meeting vote that the Society should defend the case, since the offense, if existing, was committed in the service of the Society and not by the defendants in their private capacities. The assembly, after discussion, voted unanimously in favor of this proposal, and adjournment followed at 5.40 P.M.

The Sixth Session of the Linguistic Society was held on the morning of Thursday, December 29, in Room 207 of the Union Theological Sminary, Broadway and 120th Street, jointly with the Old Testament Section of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. Prof. J. W. Flight, Secretary of the Society of Biblical Literature, called the meeting to order at 9.40 A.M., and asked the Secretary of the Linguistic Society to preside over the meeting. About 65 persons were present. The reading of papers was at once begun:

Prof. Ralph Marcus (Jewish Institute of Religion and Columbia Uni

versity), The Name YHWH. Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Meek,

Chaurize, Miss Claflin, Mr. Cross. Prof. Julian J. Obermann (Yale University), The Third Person Singular

in Semitic. Discussion by Messrs. Kent, Meek. Prof. Henry S. Gehman (Princeton Theological Seminary), Philological

Notes on Two Hebrew Words. Discussion by Mr. Obermann. Prof. E. A. Speiser (University of Pennsylvania), Concatenated Sound

Shift in Canaanite. Discussion by Messrs. Gordon, Marcus,

Ginsberg, Sturtevant, Obermann, Stinespring. Prof. Zellig S. Harris (University of Pennsylvania), Vowel Reduction

and Spirantization in Canaanite: Date and Conditions. Discus

sion by Messrs. Marcus, Stinespring, A. Sperber. Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon (Smith College), Notes on the Amarna Tablets

(illustrated). Prof. William Foxwell Albright (Johns Hopkins University), What is

Biblical Hebrew? Presented by title only, at the request of the

author. Prof. Théophile J. Meek (University of Toronto), The Hebrew Accusa

tive of Time and Space. Discussion by Mr. Kent, Miss Hahn, Messrs. Stinespring, Cross, Gordon.

Adjournment was taken at 12.20 P.M.

The Seventh Session of the Linguistic Society was held on the afternoon of Thursday, December 29, in Room 207 of the Union Theological Seminary, jointly with the New Testament Section of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. President W. H. P. Hatch of the Society of Biblical Literature called the meeting to order at 2.05 P.M. About 75 persons were present during the session. The reading of papers was at once begun:

Prof. Kenneth W. Clark (Duke University), Family 2414 in the Text

of Acts. Discussion by Messrs. Riddle, Kraeling, Hatch.

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