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Since the last report, two new Life members have been received: Mary R. Haas, Morris Swadesh, in February 1937. Their Life Membership fees have been added to the principal of the Endowment Fund.

The Honorary Members were 21 in number at the end of 1936, when the Society elected 3 (J. Jud, B. Karlgren, N. Trubetzkoy), making a total of 24 for 1937.

The library subscriptions have increased from 152 to 164, by the loss of 7 and the addition of 19. Of the 164, there are 72 foreign subscriptions.

The exchanges and copies for review have increased from 81 to 83.

The number of foreign scholars receiving the regular publications of the Society gratuitously is now 106.

One notable feature of the year's work was the action of the Executive Committee in establishing Groups interested in specific portions of the linguistic field, to be managed by their own committees and administered by the Linguistic Society. The Group for Phonemics numbers 51 adherents for 1937, and that for American Indian Languages 34 adherents.

The Secretary again appeals for help in increasing the membership of the Society. It is essential to our progress that we should secure the adherence, and with that the scholarly and financial support, of many persons who admittedly are interested in the work of the Society, but as yet have refrained from participation.

As Treasurer, Prof. Kent presented the annual financial report, stating that he had found some small errors since it was drawn up, and asking permission to have it re-audited by the Auditors (W. N. Brown, I. Dyen, appointed in advance of the meeting by the President), whose report would then be made to the new Executive Committee. This permission was granted, and the report, in its corrected form, is here presented:

[blocks in formation]


Treasurer's Report, Dec. 19, 1936, to Dec. 20, 1937 Balance from previous year (checkable)...

including Vedic Variants Fund.

$706.26 Yale University, for Hittite volumes.

57.60 Linguistic Institute, current funds.

138.86 Due to author of Monograph No. 12, by sale of author's copies..

28.60 Customer's credits.

3.99 Deposit on Monograph No. 17.

648.73 Deposit on Dissertation No. 22.

634.94 Deposit on Dissertation No. 23 .

248.13 Deposit on Dissertation No. 24.

548.43 Subvention to Adams-Woodard, Census.


[blocks in formation]

65.00 146.86 146.20 239.23 10.61


Monograph No. 12, sale of author's copies for his credit..
Sturtevant's Hittite Grammar, sales ....
Sturtevant-Bechtel's Hittite Chrestomathy, sales..
Sturtevant’s Hittite Glossary, sales ....
Linguistic Phonograph Records, sales.
Interest on U. S. Treasury Bond to Sept. 15, including

$64.42 for Linguistic Institute.
Interest on Savings Account to Dec. 31, 1936, in First

National Bank of Philadelphia....
Extra reprints, excess proof corrections, etc.
Gifts to current funds.
Overpayments standing to customers' credit.
Sums for transfer, etc. .....
Monograph No. 17, final payment.
Monograph No. 18, deposit by author..
Dissertation No. 22, final payment by author..
Dissertation No. 24, additional deposit.
Dissertation No. 25, deposit by author.
Group for Phonemics, dues 1937 (51), 1938 (3).
Group for American Indian Linguistics, receipts.


1.00 $5003.98

Total funds available in checking account.



Secretary's allowance, 1936, balance.
Secretary's allowance, 1937, partial .
Editor's allowance, 1937.
Reviewers' honoraria.
Honoraria of appointive trustees.
Office expenses: stationery, printing, postage, address-

ing, mimeographing, binding, telephone, telegraph, circulars of meeting, etc..

$89.75 425.04 200.00

6.44 10.00


$25.00 27.75 93.60 11.17

American Council of Learned Societies, dues 1937.....
Group for Phonemics, dues to International Assn.
R. G. Kent, for sale of author's copies of Monog. No. 12..
M. L. Hanley, for sale of Linguistic Phonograph Records.
University of Michigan, for lectures of the Linguistic

Transferred sums.
Refunds of overpayments..
Vedic Variants, postage, etc.
Sturtevant's Hittite Grammar, miscellaneous
Sturtevant-Bechtel's Hittite Chrestomathy, misc.
Sturtevant's Hitti Glossary, misc..
Waverly Press, Inc., Baltimore:

Language 12.4, reprints, postage, etc.... $461.11
Language 13.1, reprints, postage, etc.... 401.76
Language 13.2, reprints, postage, etc... 475.26
Language 13.3, reprints, postage, etc... 513.84
Language 13.4, postage, etc.... $397.55

Plate charged to Secretary.. 12.55 385.00


9.00 27.28

4.00 168.60 156.15 253.14

[blocks in formation]

Preliminary expenses:

Prokosch's Germanic Grammar.
Sapir-Swadesh's Nootka Texts.
Hall's Hungarian Grammar.
Bloomfield's Monograph.
E. A. Hahn's Monograph.
F. P. Jones's Dissertation.


8.47 $7175.93

Balance on deposit in the First National Bank of Philadelphia, Cen

tennial Branch, 32nd and Market Sts.


[blocks in formation]

Items deductible before payments to Yale University:
Collection charge on check.

Storage in Baltimore...

4.50 Transportation to Philadelphia.

1.30 Postage on books and bills..



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The report of the Trustees of the Endowment Fund is here appended:

The Trustees of the Endowment Fund report that during the year 1937 the sum of $172.50 has been received as Life Membership Fees of Morris Swadesh and Mary R. Haas; and that this sum has been placed in the Five Thousand Dollar United States Treasury Bond, due 1951-55, releasing the same amount of current funds used in the purchase of this bond in 1933. The Five Thousand Dollar Bond is held by the First National Bank of Philadelphia, Centennial Branch, for the Trustees, subject to withdrawal by the Treasurer and one other Trustee.

The Endowment Funds are therefore as follows: Linguistic Society of America..

$1420.00 Linguistic Institute...

2092.00 The Funds are thus invested: 1 $5000 Three per cent United States Treasury Bond, 1951-55, purchased for...

$4937.50 This Bond therefore now includes $1425.50 of current funds.

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