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FM Americo Ulysses N. Camera, Ph.D., Professor of Romance

Languages and Head of Department, Brooklyn College; 57

Willoughby St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1927 Harry Caplan, Ph.D., Professor of Classics, Cornell University,

Ithaca, N. Y. 1925 Frederick Mason Carey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Greek

and Latin, University of California at Los Angeles; 405 Hil

gard Ave., West Los Angeles, Calif. 1931 Alice Carlson, Ph.D., Docent in English Philology, University

of Latvia; Reimersa Ielā 1, Dz. 9, Riga, Latvia. 1935 Joseph Médard Carrière, Ph.D., Instructor in Romance Lan

guages, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.; French dia

lects in Canada and Louisiana. 1936 John B. Carroll, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.; Greek. 1929 Clive H. Carruthers, Ph.D., Professor of Classical Philology,

McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 1931 K. Chattopādhyāya, Professor of Sanskrit, University of Alla

habad, Allahabad, India; Vedic, Old Iranian. FM Edith Frances Claflin, Ph.D., Lecturer in Greek and Latin in

Columbia University; 418 W. 118th St., New York City; Indo

European linguistics. 1932 Charles Upson Clark, Ph.D., Professor of Languages and Direc

tor of the Summer School, City College, New York City. 1925 Walter Eugene Clark, Ph.D., Wales Professor of Sanskrit,

Harvard University; 85 Dunster St., Cambridge, Mass. 1933 David L. Clendenin, B.A., Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y. 1931 William Edward Collinson, Ph.D., Professor of German and

Honorary Lecturer in Comparative Philology, University of

Liverpool; 9 Bertram Road, Liverpool, England. 1927 Klara Hechtenberg Collitz (Mrs. Hermann Collitz), Ph.D., 1027

N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.; Germanic and Romance lan

guages. 1936 Procope Sarantos Costas, Ph.D., 6200 University Ave., Chicago,

Ill.; Greek and Latin. FM Roberta Douglas Cornelius, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Eng

lish, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va.;

Old and Middle English, Old French. 1927 Cornelia Catlin Coulter, Ph.D., Professor of Latin, Mount

Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. FM Hardin Craig, Ph.D., Professor of English, Stanford University, 1926 William Alexander Craigie, M.A. (Oxon.), Professor of English,

University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill; English and Scandinavian

languages. FM J. P. Wickersham Crawford, Ph.D., Professor of Romanic Lan

guages, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 1926 Edmund D. Cressman, Ph.D., Professor of Classics, University

of Denver; 2287 S. Columbine St., Denver, Colo.; semantics. 1927 Ephraim Cross, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance Lan

guages, City College; 1840 Andrews Ave., Bronx, New York

City; Romance languages, Dutch. 1926 George Oliver Curme, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Germanic

Philology, Northwestern University, and Lecturer on the same, University of Southern California; 515 Fifteenth St.,

Santa Monica, Calif. 1935 Leonora Frances Curtin, Acequia Madre, Santa Fe, N. M.;

Spanish, Arabic phonetics. 1936 Jane E. Daddow, M.A., 1721 Mohantongo St., Pottsville, Pa.;

student at the University of Giessen. 1933 A. Henry Dahlstrom, Ph.D., Professor of German, Heidelberg

College; 81 Ohio Ave., Tiffin, Ohio. 1933 Henry A. Davidson, M.D., Physician and Psychiatrist; Box

53, Union, N. J.; linguistic psychology and sociology. 1929 Edward P. Davis, Ph.D., Professor of German and Dean of the

College of Liberal Arts, Howard University, Washington,

D. C. 1936 Rufus S. Day Jr., A.B., LL.B., Attorney-at-Law, 1503 Midland

Building, Cleveland, Ohio; Indo-European. FM Victor de Beaumont, Professor of the French Language and

Literature, University of Toronto; 73 Queen's Park, Toronto,

Canada. 1934 Harry A. Deferrari, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Romance

Languages, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. FM Roy Joseph Deferrari, Ph.D., Professor of Latin and Greek and

Dean of the Graduate School, Catholic University of America,

Washington, D. C. 1936 Leah H. Dennis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, Alabama

College, Montevallo, Ala. FM Norman W. DeWitt, Ph.D., Professor of Latin Literature and

Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Victoria College; Victoria Uni

versity, Toronto 5, Canada. 1930 William F. Diller, A.M., 317 E. King St., Lancaster, Pa.; Latin. 1933 Charles J. Donahue, Ph.D., Instructor in English, Fordham Uni

versity; 233 Broadway, New York City; English and Celtic. 1936 Witold Doroszewski, Ph.D., Professor of Polish, University of

Wisconsin; 207 Pinckney St., Madison, Wis. FM Henry Grattan Doyle, A.M., Professor of Romance Languages,

The George Washington University, Washington, D. C.; Old

French, Old Spanish. 1935 Joseph William Ducibella, Ph.D., Instructor in Italian and Span

ish, Mt. St. Joseph College, West Hartford, Conn. Paul Emile Dumont, Ph.D., Professor of Sanskrit and Indology,

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 1932 Gertrude H. Dunham, Acting Professor of German, Randolph

Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va. 1936 Arthur Ray Dunlap, Ph.D., Instructor in English, University of

Delaware; 6 Purnell Hall, Newark, Del.; Middle English,

Indian place-names in Delaware. FM Joseph Dunn, Ph.D., Professor of Celtic Languages and Lec

turer in Romance Languages, Catholic University of America;

47 Vista Terrace, New Haven, Conn. 1936 Frederick George Dyas Jr., B.A., Instructor in Spanish and

German, Roxbury School; 1750 Yale Sta., New Haven, Conn.;

Old Spanish 1934 Isidore Dyen, A.M., 3025 West Berks St., Philadelphia, Pa.;

Indo-European linguistics. 1927 Helen S. Eaton, Linguistic Research Assistant of the Inter

national Auxiliary Language Association; 44 West Tenth St., New York City; minimum vocabularies and frequency lists in

major European languages. 1934 John M. Echols, 511 Seventeenth St., University, Va.; compara

tive linguistics. SC Franklin Edgerton, Ph.D., Salisbury Professor of Sanskrit and

Comparative Philology, Yale University; 174 Blake Road,

Hamden, Conn. 1930 Edward C. Ehrensperger, Ph.D., Professor of English and Head

of Dept., University of South Dakota; 304 Canby St., Ver

million, S. D. 1928 Arthur G. Eichelberger, A.M., Instructor in Latin, Northeast

High School; West Shawmont Ave., Roxborough, Phila

delphia, Pa. 1930 Stefán Einarsson, Ph.D., Associate in English, The Johns Hop

kins University, Baltimore, Md.

1936 Norman E. Eliason, Ph.D., Instructor in English, Indiana Uni

versity, Bloomington, Ind.; English, Scandinavian. 1934 Serge Elisséeff, Director of the Harvard-Yenching Institute

and Professor of Far Eastern Languages in Harvard Univer

sity; 17 Boylston Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 1928 Murray B. Emeneau, Ph.D., Fellow of the American Council

of Learned Societies for Research in Dravidian Languages;

care of Thos. Cook and Son, Bombay, India. 1935 Bert Emsley, Ph.D., Instructor in English, Ohio State Univer

sity; 306 Derby Hall, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio. FM Erwin A. Esper, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of

Washington, Seattle, Wash. SC Aurelio M. Espinosa, Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages,

Stanford University, Calif.; Spanish. FM Boyd Ross Ewing Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romance

Languages, Washington and Lee University; Box 62, Wash

ington and Lee Univ., Lexington, Va.; Spanish. 1934 Paul-Louis Faye, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French, Uni

versity of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.; Old French syntar, psy

chology of language. 1934 Mrs. Eva Fiesel, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Linguistics, Bryn

Mawr College; Low Buildings, Bryn Mawr, Pa.; Etruscan. 1927 Edward Fitch, Ph.D., Professor of Greek, Hamilton College,

Clinton, N. Y. 1931 Eleanor Fleet (Mrs. Irvin Fleet), B.S., Teacher of Shorthand

and Typewriting in Simon Gratz High School; Carl Mackley

Houses, Apt. 252, M and Bristol Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.; Latin. 1931 Otto S. Fleissner, Ph.D., Professor of German, Wells College,

Aurora, N. Y. SC George T. Flom, Ph.D., Professor of the Scandinavian Languages

and English Philology, University of Illinois; 611 W. Green

St., Urbana, III. FM The Hon. Maynard D. Follin, formerly in the United States

Consular Service, Box 118, Detroit, Mich.; winter address,

Dunedin, Fla.; biblical exegesis. 1934 J. D. M. Ford, Ph.D., Professor of the French and Spanish

Languages, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. FM Frank H. Fowler, Ph.D., Professor of Classical Literature, Uni

versity of Arizona; 1036 E. Helen St., Tucson, Ariz.; Latin and Greek syntax.

FM Charles C. Fries, Ph.D., Professor of English, University of

Michigan; 7 Harvard Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1931 Naoshirō Fukushima, Professor of Sanskrit, Imperial University

of Tokyo; 33 Hikawacho, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan; Indo

European comparative linguistics. 1935 Miss Elizabeth F. Gardner, A.B., 18 Garden Place, Derby,

Conn.; general linguistics. FM Henry S. Gehman, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament Litera

ture in Princeton Theological Seminary and Lecturer in Semitic Languages at Princeton University; 60 Stockton St.,

Princeton, N. J. FM Eugene A. Gellot, Artist, 149 46 117th St., Aqueduct, Long

Island, N. Y. 1930 George H. Genzmer, M.A., Lecturer and Fellow in English, and

Librarian, at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, N. Y. 1930 John L. Gerig, Ph.D., Professor of Celtic, Columbia University;

Philosophy Hall, Columbia Univ., New York City; Celtic

and Romance linguistics. 1933 Martha Jane Gibson, Ph.D., Honorary Fellow of Yale Univer

sity; 85 Sachem St., New Haven, Conn.; American English. FM Donald M. Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages,

Albion College; 506 N. Superior St., Albion, Mich.; Romance

linguistics. 1926 Charles Goetsch, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Germanic Phi

lology, University of Chicago; 404 Wieboldt Hall, University

of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. FM Solomon Goldman, A.B., Rabbi, 633 Waveland Ave., Lakeview

Sta., Chicago, Ill. 1930 Leo Gosser, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, Alabama Poly

technic Institute, Auburn, Ala.; Teutonic etymology. 1934 Albrecht Götze, Ph.D., Laffan Professor of Assyriology and

Babylonian Literature, Graduate School of Yale University,

New Haven, Conn. 1928 Willem L. Graff, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Germanic Lan

guages, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 1928 Charles H. Grandgent, L.H.D., Emeritus Professor of Romance

Languages, Harvard University; 107 Walker St., Cambridge,

Mass. SC Louis Herbert Gray, Ph.D., Professor of Comparative Linguis

tics, Columbia University, New York City.

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