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H. M.

March, A.B. (Princeton), Instructor at Yale University; 6 Barnett St., New Haven, Conn.

(17) Anna Irene Miller, Ph.D. (Radcliffe), Associate Professor of English in Goucher College, and Instructor in the College for Teachers of The Johns Hopkins University, 1919 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, Md. (23; 32s) Francis King Murray, A.B. (Stanford), instructor in the Phillips Andover Academy; 23 Salem St., Andover, Mass. (15) Eivion Owen, M.A. (Oxford), graduate student in classics at Harvard University; Cambridge, Mass.

(10; 14) Frederick W. Peterson, M.A. (Michigan), Assistant Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Michigan; Foster Road, Ann Arbor, Mich.

(26; 30; 32s) Horace Martin Poynter, A.B. (Yale), Instructor in Latin at Phillips Academy, Andover; Phelps House, Andover, Mass. (14; 15) Allan Lake Rice, M.A. (Pennsylvania), graduate student in Germanics at the University of Pennsylvania; 4217 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. (24; 39)

Henry B. Richardson, Ph.D. (Yale), Assistant Professor of French at Yale University; 50 Pendleton St., New Haven, Conn. (18) Charles Cook Riker, Jr., B.A. (Kenyon), head of the department of English, DeVeaux School, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; 500 E. Erie St., Painesville, Ohio. (30; 31) Henry Thompson Rowell, B.A. (Yale), Instructor in Latin at Yale University; 242 York St., New Haven, Conn. (11; 19) R. E. Saleski, Ph.D., Professor of German in Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va. (358) Carl Schuster, A.B. (Harvard), graduate student at Harvard Univ.; 683 Hackett Av., Milwaukee, Wis. (1; 2; 5) Kenneth Scott, Ph.D. (Wisconsin), Assistant Professor of Latin at Yale University; 516 Orange St., New Haven, Conn. (13) John Francis Stimson, Research Associate in Ethnology and Linguistics, Berenice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii; Boîte 59, Papeete, Tahiti (South Sea Islands). (1; 5; 7; 8) George K. Strodach, A. B. (Pennsylvania), Assistant in Latin at the University of Pennsylvania; 6906 Henley St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.


E. H. Sturtevant, Ph.D. (Chicago), Professor of Linguistics and Comparative Philology, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. (35s)

(10; 14)

L. L. Stutzmann, B.A. (Gettysburg), Teacher of German in Schuylkill College; 125 Railroad St., Palmyra, Pa. (25; 28) Pauline Turnbull, B.A. (Syracuse), Assistant Professor of Latin at Westhampton College, Richmond, Va. Samuel F. Will, M.A. (Indiana), Instructor in French at Yale University; 251 E. Rock Road, New Haven, Conn. (16) Jean Gray Wright, M.A. (Pennsylvania), graduate student at Bryn Mawr College; Lincoln University, Pa. (17) William F. Wyatt, Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor of Greek at Tufts College; Tufts College, Mass.

(1; 36)

Friedrich Zieglschmid, M.A. (Northwestern), Instructor at Northwestern University; Lunt Library 36, Evanston, Ill.

(1; 28)


1. Introduction to Linguistic Science. MR. PROKOSCH.

Registrants: Mr. Bauer, Mr. Schuster, Mr. Stimson, Mr. Wyatt, Mr. Zieglschmid; for shorter course only, Mr. Flom, Miss Franklin.

2. Philological Phonetics. MR. RUSSELL. Registrants: Miss Avery, Mr. Schuster.

3. Experimental Phonetics. MR. RUSSELL. Registrant: Miss Avery.

4. Semantics. This course was withdrawn because of Mr. Petersen's illness and inability to come to New Haven.

5. Some Recent Theories of Linguistic Science. MR. REUNING. Registrants: Mr. Schuster, Mr. Stimson.

6. Linguistic Anthropology. This course was withdrawn when Mr. Goddard was, at his own request because of illness, released from his engagement to conduct it.

7. Methods of Studying Unrecorded Languages. MR. MASON. Registrant: Mr. Stimson.

8. Sanskrit. MR. EDGERTON. Registrant: Mr. Stimson.

9. Pali. MR. EDGERTON.

Registrants: none.

10. Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin. MR. STURTEVANT. Registrants: Mr. Griffin, Miss Kinnirey, Mr. Owen, Miss Turnbull. 11. Greek Dialects. MR. BOLLING.

Registrants: Miss Franklin, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Latimer, Miss McCarthy, Mr. Rowell.

12. The Language of the Homeric Poems. MR. BOLLING. Registrant: Miss Franklin.

13. Oscan and Umbrian. MR. KENT. Registrants: Mr. Cross, Mr. Scott.

14. Old Latin and its Development into Classical Latin. MR. KENT. Registrants: Miss Kinnirey, Mr. Owen, Mr. Poynter, Mr. Strodach, Miss Turnbull.

15. Latin Syntax. MR. ELMER.

Registrants: Miss Jones, Mr. Murray, Mr. Poynter.

16. Vulgar Latin and Introduction to Romance Philology. MR. HILL. Registrants: Miss Allsop, Mr. Darby, Mr. Will.

17. Old French Phonology and Morphology. MR. MUELLER. Registrants: Miss Allsop, Mr. Darby, Mr. March, Miss Wright. 18. Historical Syntax of the French Language. MR. MUELLER. Registrant: Mr. Richardson.

19. Old Provençal. MR. HILL.

Registrants: Mr. Bates, Mr. Rowell.

20. History of the Italian Language. MR. LIPARI. Registrant: Mr. Mangano.

21. Old Spanish. MR. REED. Registrant: Mr. Goldiere.

22. Old Portuguese. MR. REED.

Registrants: none.

23. Early Irish. MR. DUNN.

Registrants: Miss Greer, Mr. Kerns, Miss Miller.

24. Early Welsh. MR. DUNN.

Registrant: Mr. Rice.

25. Gothic and Comparative Germanic Philology. MR. COLLITZ. Registrants: Mr. Bauer, Mrs. Collitz, Mr. Cross, Miss Field, Mr. Kerns, Mr. Stutzmann.

26. Old Norse. MR. FLOM.

Registrant: Mr. Peterson.

27. Old High German. MR. SHUMWAY.

Registrants: none.

28. History of the German Language. MR. SHUMWAY. Registrants: Mr. Frantz, Mr. Stutzmann, Mr. Zieglschmid.

29. History of the Dutch Language. MR. GRAFF. Registrants: none.

30. Old English. MR. MALONE.

Registrants: Mr. Peterson, Mr. Riker.

31. History of the English Language. MR. MALONE. Registrant: Mr. Riker.

32. American English. Miss POUND.

Registrants: for shorter course only, Mr. Flom, Miss Greer, Miss Miller, Mr. Peterson.

33. Lithuanian and Church Slavonic. MR. PROKOSCH. Registrant: for shorter course only, Mr. Kerns.

34. Hittite. MR. STURTEVANT.

Registrants: none.

35. Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages. MR. BLAKE. Registrants: for shorter course only, Mr. Saleski, Mr. Sturtevant.

36. Hebrew. MR. BLAKE. Registrant: Mr. Wyatt.

37. Assyrian. MR. DOUGHERTY. Registrants: none.

38. Arabic. MR. DOUGHERTY. Registrant: Mr. Bellinger.

39. Turkish. MR. REUNING. Registrants: Mrs. Collitz, Mr. Rice.

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