Hydrostatics and Pneumatics

Longmans, 1891 - 166 Seiten

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Seite 163 - LII. 1. At the bottom of a mine a mercurial barometer stands at 77-4 cms. ; what would be the height of an oil barometer at the same place, the sp. grs. of mercury and oil being 13-596 and -9 ? 2. If the height of the water barometer be 1033 cms., what will be the pressure on a circular disc whose radius is 7 cms.
Seite vi - Consequently, although the treatment of each subject will be strictly elementary, the fundamental facts will be stated and discussed with the fulness needed to place their scientific significance in a clear light, and to show the relation in which they stand to the general conclusions of Science. In order to ensure the efficient carrying-out of the general scheme indicated above, the Editors have endeavoured to obtain the co-operation, as Authors of the several treatises, of men who combine special...
Seite 164 - Ex. 1. 10 cub. cms. of air at atmospheric pressure are measured off. When introduced into the vacuum of a barometer they depress the mercury, which originally stood at 76 cms., and occupy a volume of 15 cub. cms. What is the final height of the barometer I Let II denote the atmospheric pressure.
Seite 13 - The specific gravity of a substance is the ratio of the weight of a given volume of that substance to the weight of an equal volume of another substance, whose specific gravity is assumed to be unity (1).
Seite v - NOTWITHSTANDING the largo number of scientific works which have been published within the last few years, it is very generally acknowledged by those who are practically engaged in Education, whether as Teachers or as Examiners, that there is still a want of Books adapted for school purposes upon several important branches of Science.
Seite vi - ... way that it may serve as a basis for more advanced study. In conformity with the special object of the Series, the attempt will be made in all cases to bring out the educational value which properly belongs to the study of any branch of Science, by not merely treating of its acquired results, but by explaining as fully as possible the nature of the methods of inquiry and reasoning by which these results have been obtained. Consequently, although the treatment of each subject will...
Seite 163 - ... vessel by an air-tight collar in the lid, and reaches nearly to the bottom of the vessel. The height of the vessel is equal to double the height of the barometer at the time. Show that if mercury be poured into the tube till it rises to the level of the lid, the vessel will be half filled (2d BA). (4) In a tube of uniform bore, a quantity of air is enclosed. What will be the length of this column of air under a pressure of three atmospheres, and what under a pressure of a third of an atmosphere,...
Seite 53 - ... in which the vertical line through /\. the new centre of buoyancy meets the line joining the centre *-* of gravity of the body to the original centre of buoyancy is called the Metacentre. The body is in stable or unstable equilibrium according as the Metacentre is above or below the centre of gravity of the body.
Seite 103 - Fill it carefully with mercury and, placing the thumb over the open end, invert the tube with this end under the surface of some mercury contained in a cup.
Seite vii - THIS Class-Book is intended for the use of those pupils in the upper forms of schools who have already acquired some elementary knowledge of the principles of Mechanics, and are about to commence the study of Hydrostatics and Pneumatics.

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