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a quat'ic

“Many aquatic animals, whose par'ti cle

food consists of small particles difdif fuse fused through the water, have an apap'pa raltus paratus for creating currents to bring cre ate

such particles within their reach." gen'ius

“ Genius is nothing but labor and diligence.” Hogarth.

I will adjust my affairs that I may ac com'mo date accommodate my friend. ab hor'

Abhor that which is evil, cleave to cleave

that which is good. ges'ture

“Gesture is the language of the body.”

dil'i gence ad just'



Gra'tus (grati, grac, gre) = pleasing, thankful.

Pa ra're (pa ra'tus] = to make ready.


in'grate gra'cious ly dis grace'ful com pare

a gree'a bly sep'a ra'tion com par'a tive prep'a ra'tion

grat'i tude grate'ful ness seplar a ble pre par'a to ry


solli tude
sav'age ry
prom'i nence

pi'e ty

de file
o valtion

mis ap ply'
mis gov'ern
mis man'age
mis di rect'

en dow'


REVIEW convertible ordinary intercede stanch bisection especial panacea

venison passably casino laudanum magnesia morphine Democratic rheumatism devoutly prospectus leprous expansion ordinal


bra valdo splint squawk thence

im bibe! av'a rice
im merse en'core!
im per'il

med'i tate
in graft'ed sen'ior

dis'al low!
dis hon'or
in ef fective
non pay'ment


sep'ul cher e mo'tion tem'per ance guardi an health se rene fu'ry re strain phy si'cian re strict

“The past is the sepulcher of our dead emotions and actions." — Bovee.

• Temperance and sobriety are the guardians of health.”

“ He sat serene upon the flood
Their fury to restrain.” — Sternhold.
The parent restrains the child.

The physician restricts the patient's diet.

“ A holiday Sabbath is the ally of despotism." - Proverb.

“ Literature is the garden of wisdom.”

al ly'

des'pot ism lit'er a ture

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“Common sense is knowledge of common things." 66 Gratitude is the music of the heart.”

- Robert South.



Vo ca're [vo ca'tus] (vok, vouch)= to call.
Cla ma're [cla matus] (claim)= to call, cry out,

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re cant'

53 an'a lýze re lapse' verge il leg'i ble de mol'ish


dis ap prove tam'per

re lin'quish lax'i ty in se cure' gla'zier re'im bursel se'ries

ir're sistli ble “Every man stamps his value upon himself.”


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ac cu'mu late Capital is accumulated work ; pro spective work is prospective capital.” a mend'ment Slavery was abolished by the thircon'sti tultion teenth amendment to the Constituro bust'

tion. nox'ious

“ The huntsman ever gay, robust, va'pors

and bold defies the noxious vapors. con spic'u ous Conspicuous among the names of il lus'tri ous

the illustrious in history is that of dis tin'guish

Daniel Webster, the distinguished em'i nent orator and eminent statesman. states'man

66 Action is the charm of elo. quence." - Mellois.

el'o quence


Tra' he re [trac'tus] (trac)

= to draw. Sta're [sta'tus] = to stand. Mors [mor'tis] =death. mortal ly stat'ure

re trace'

con trac'tion sta'ble de tract' mor tal'i ty sta'tion a ry re tract' im mortal es tab'lish im mor'tal ize


pop'u lous

sprint dis joint crave
un shack'le leylee

lu'mi nous
fis'sure un cou'ple nor'mal ma li'cious
un sheathe

ir'ri tate hu'mor ous “The path of duty is the way to glory.”

- Tennyson

[blocks in formation]

con tempt' Contempt of others is the surest symptom symptom of a bad heart." Fielding. boun'ty " From bounty issues power.” spa'cious

“ The spacious firmament on high fir'ma ment With all the blue ethereal sky, e the're al And spangled heavens, a shining frame, o rig'i nal

Their great original proclaim." ac com'plish He accomplishes most who best exeex'e cute cutes his plans. lus'ter

“A good name keeps its luster in the lus'trous dust." - Proverb. skil'ful ly

" A smooth sea never made a skilful nav'i ga tor navigator."



“ He is not manly who cannot say .No.'”.

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