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in ju'ri ous “ An injurious rumor, once attached ru'mor to a person's name, will remain beside blem'ish it a blemish and doubt forever." com mit'tee

The committee appointed by the au'dit

board of aldermen to audit the accounts ac count' of the city officials reported them acof fi'cial curate in every detail. ac'cu rate “Maiden, buy my pretty roses, detail Bright as those your cheek discloses."

" dis close The criminal feared the disclosure of dis clo'sure his crime.


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6 What we read leaves its imprint upon our minds, and, therefore, much care should be exercised in the selection of reading matter." - Ritchie.


stat'u a ry

Vat'i can

The Vatican at Rome includes this pa'pal papal residence, a library of seventy-five vollume thousand volumes, a museum displaymu se'um ing a thousand pieces of statuary, eight

grand staircases, twenty courts, and staircase eleven thousand apartments and rooms. a part'ment The works of some of the most famous dec'o rate artists may be seen in it. Among the fres'co artists was Michael Angelo, who decoSis'tine rated in fresco the Sistine Chapel, noted sub lim'i ty for its beauty and sublimity.




Pen de're (pen'sus]=to hang. Pen' du lus=hanging.

Au di're [au di'tus]=to hear.


pen'du lum

im pend'ing “Three times in one day was I delivered de pendent from impending danger.”Livingstone.

A pendulum is a weight suspended sus pend' by a cord or rod, that is attached to a ap pended fixed point so as to swing easily to and sus pen'sion fro. It is used for measuring time, as au'di ble in the clock. au'di bly

66 The

of the cricket au'di tor ble stillness." - Hawthorne, . au' di to'ri um The people crowded into the audito


an audi.

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e rup'tion is'land

de fray' del'e gate gen'er al con ven'tion lin'i ment

en'vi ous

re spond' ques'tion

The loss of both property and life by the eruption of Mt. Pelée, upon the island of Martinique, was very great.

The different labor unions defray the expenses of the delegates who attend the general convention.

"There is no liniment for a broken heart."

"The envious may die, envy never. Please respond to my question.


in'flu ence

“Some succeed by great talent, some mir'a cle by the influence of friends, some by a ma jor'i ty miracle, but the great majority by comshilling mencing without a shilling." ben'e fit

“ There is no benefit so small but a mag'ni fy good man will magnify it.” — Seneca. in formed “Refuse not to be informed, for that stu pid'i ty shows pride or stupidity.” Penn.

“ The future destiny of the child is Na po'le on always the work of the mother.”

- Napoleon.

des'ti ny

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In all the history of the world, few commanders of armies ever equaled in military genius General Robert E. Lee, the Confederate officer. For several years, in both offensive and defensive warfare, he surpassed in skill all his great opponents.

General Lee was finally overwhelmed by force of vastly superior numbers.

as tile'

im pair'



re lief'

re ject'

e ject'

ob jec'tion in ject'



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Ja'ce re [jac'tus] = to throw, to hurl, to cast.
Reji ce re [re jec'tus] to throw back.


For ma're [for ma'tus] = to form, to shape, to make.


"Never will God reject a soul that sincerely loves him."- Coleridge. Numerous objections to every truth are always advanced.

ma hog'a ny dec'o rate stat'u a ry


pen'du lum

The live, energetic man will inject enthusiasm into any project.

"The work of reformation is child's

in form'er

ref'or ma'tion play to that of making your friends. re form' believe you have reformed."- - Conway. trans form' "Love may transform me to an form'al oyster."-Shakespeare.



rec'i pe e lix'ir



e met'ic

an'ti dote



tax'a ble
re lieve'



tax a'tion

skill'ful ness

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