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en a'ble ex ert'

Temperance gives Nature her full

play, and enables her to exert herself vig'or in all force and vigor.” — Addison.

tem'per ance “The most manifest sign of wisdom is man'i fest continued cheerfulness." - Montaigne. an nounce' - The bells that announce our birth in ter rupt' would seem to be interrupted by the knell

toll of the knell that announces our de cease' death."

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“ To keep on patiently in the right direction is sometimes tiresome, but think how much it means to be right."

“In great souls, despair awakens energy.



Te ne're (ten'tus] (tain) = to hold, to keep. Cor, cor' dis = a heart. Cycl (Greek, kuklos) = circle.

re tain'

“ You may take my house when you ob tain'a ble take the prop that sustains the house.” re tentive Sickness detains the boy from school. ab stain

"A discord itself is but a harshness sus tain

of divers sounds meeting.” Bacon. de tain'

“ Nor shall glory be forgot, dis'cord

Where fame her record keeps." rec'ord

The guests received a cordial wel. cor' dial come and were royally entertained. tri'cy cle “ When cyclones cease to sweep, the

earth will be a dead earth."


su pe'ri or ar'gu ment sub mit judg'ment mod'es ty drudge drudg'er y com plain cat'a ract Ni ag'a ra

104 « Strive not with your superiors in argument, but always submit your judgment to others with modesty.”

- Washington. 6. We wear out our teeth in the hard drudgery of the outset, and when we do get bread, we complain that the crust is hard." Scott.

The falls of Niagara form the greatest cataract in the world.


ciricu lar

mo sa'ic

gland di am'e ter

blotches ba rom'e ter lack'ey cir cum'fer ence car'bun cle ther mom'e ter que'ry ra'di us

pe rim'e ter


dia' = through. ba'ro (ba'ro8) = weight.
pe ri' = around.

ther mo' (ther mos')= heat. me' ter (me'tron)= measure.

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an'cient un couth' a breast' ten'e ment pro pri'e tor allter altion

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“ New occasions teach new duties;

Time makes ancient good uncouth; They must upward still and onward Who would keep abreast of truth.”

- Lowell. The proprietor of the tenement ordered the occupants to vacate in order that alterations might be made.

“ Lost hope is a fatal disease.”

The tenor and soprano singers in the choir sang a duet.

oc'cu pant

so pra'no

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dis may'

“ Death betimes is comfort, not dismay.” a broad' “ And it sent abroad a sweet perfume per'fume Which is floating round me still." grim'ly “ The skies look grimly and threaten threat'en present blusters.” - Shakespeare. blus'ter “Beauty of form is naught: beauty naught of soul is everything." ra'di ate The sun radiates heat. ex haust! “Love never exhausts itself by giving." di min'ish “Riches diminish, wisdom increases,

by use.'

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“Always do as the sun does, – look at the bright side of everything: it is just as cheap, and three times as good for digestion."

6 The truth shall make you free.” — Saint John.

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Fer're [lat'us]=to bear, to carry.
Ha be're [hab'i tus] (hibit)=to have, to hold.

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“I cannot speak to her, yet she urged conference." - Shakespeare.

In questions of doubt, it is well to refer to a friend of trust.

“0, who would inhabit this bleak world alone?Moore.

The exhibit was well attended.
“Nor cherished they relations poor,
That might decrease their present

store.” - Prior.

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