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Cred'e re [cred'i tus] = to believe. Lo'cus = a place.

Fors [for'tis] = brave, strong.


“ Live truly, and thy life shall be cred'it or

a great and noble creed.” Bonar. cred'i ble “Creditors have better memories in cred'i ble than debtors." Franklin. dis' lo cate That statement is incredible. lo' cal

When performing on the trapeze, the lo cal'i ty

athlete dislocated his arm. lo ca'tion The paper contained much news of for' ti fy local interest. ef'fort less 66 The comforter whom we need is com'fort er not the one who will merely say kind things, but the one who will do them.”

- Kingsley.

90 stom'ach daf'fo dil

Tsar, or Czar pal'ate

fuch'si a tin'der Kai'ser mu'cous ver be'na

wal'let Pres'i dent sa li' va hy'a cinth


Em'per or

ig nite



ac cord'

In a court of law, a jury consists ju'ror of a body of sworn jurors, usually tri'al

twelve in number, whose duty it is con tending to sit in judgment at the trial of any

question in dispute between the conevli dence tending parties and to render a verdict wit'ness in accord with the evidence given by suc cess'ful

the witnesses examined. re sist'ance “Every successful resistance

to temptation is a victory."

temp ta'tion


hav'oc car'nage spav'in twaddle

an nex'

wran'gle league

lim'it knight lim'i ta'tion knight'hood par'a graph

va nilla cit'ron gal'ler y fes toon'


foun da'tion hon'es ty mor'al sen'si ble af front au thor'i ty scep'ter mas'ter y es'sence her'o ism

“Honesty of action is the foundation of the finest manners."

“A moral, sensible, well-bred mau Will not affront me, no other can."

- Cowper. “ Virtue must tip the preacher's tongue and the ruler's scepter with authority.”

Self-mastery is the essence of heroism." Emerson.

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Por ta're (por tat'us] = to carry, to bear.
Porta = a gate.

Fol'i um = a leaf.

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Articles of commerce imported are called im'ports; those exported, ex'ports. A vessel used to transport' soldiers is called a trans'port. " Thick with sparkling Orient gems The portal shone.” — Milton.

A portfolio is a portable case for hold. ing loose papers, drawings, etc.

The porter will carry the luggage for the passengers.



com'ment per plex' be quest'

pros'pect li bra'ri an re store'


sought gra'cious
be sought' com mend'
mos qui'to com mend'a ble
cham'pi on ath let'ic


spec ta'tor

as sem'ble

The assembled spectators were much as sem'bled pleased with the play given recently at

the theater. the'a ter “ Applause from old friends and re'cent ly

neighbors is the most grateful that ap plause' ever reaches human ears. Blaine. lunch'eon I took luncheon at the café.

“There the capitol thou seest cap'i tol

Above the rest lifting its stately head." state'ly

Milton. met'tle “ The rascal hath good mettle in him.”



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“ Work wields the weapons of power, wins the palm of success, and wears the crown of victory."



corpuscle con vey' con veyed cir'cu late worn 'out'

ox'y gen

The bright red corpuscles of the blood when leaving the lungs are rich with oxygen. This is conveyed to all parts of the body as the blood circulates. Thus the wornout tissues are repaired. Upon losing the oxygen, the corpuscles become dark red. The venous blood returns to the lungs for a renewal of oxygen, and, as arterial blood, issues again from the lungs and heart for circuit of the body.

tis'sue ve'nous re new'al ar te'ri al circuit

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“ Truth may bend, but it will never break. Truth will ever rise above falsehood, like oil above water."

- Cervantes.

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