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2 Yet more from Thee I dare to claim, 4 Then be the world my foe or friend, Whose goodness is unbounded;

Keep me to her a stranger, O let me ne'er be put to shame,

Thy steadfast soldier to the end, My hope be ne'er confounded;

Through pleasure and through danBut e'en in death still find Thee true,

ger; And in that hour, else lonely,

From Thee alone comes such high Trust Thee only,

No works of ours obtain it, [grace, Not aught that I can do,

Or can gain it;
For such false trust I sore should rue. Our pride hath here no place,

'Tis Thy free promise we embrace. 3 O grant that from my very heart My foes be all forgiven,

5 Help me, for I am weak; I fight, Forgive my sins and heal their smart, Yet scarce can battle longer;

And grant new life from heaven; I cling but to Thy grace and might, Thy word, that blessed food, bestow, 'Tis Thou must make me stronger; Which best the soul can nourish; When sore temptations are my lot, Make it flourish

And tempests round me lower, Through all the storms of woe

Break their power; That else my faith might overthrow. So through deliverance wrought,

I know that Thou forsak'st me not!

J. Agricola, 1529 276 8. 7. 6.

Darmstadt-Gesangbuch, 1698

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2 Look upon me, Lord, I pray Thee,

And who truly cleave to Thee. Let Thy Spirit dwell in mine;

11: Let me find Thee!:| Thou hast sought me, Thou hast bought

He hath all things who hath Thee. Only Thee to know I pine. [me, 1:Let me find Thee!:

4 Earthly treasure, mirth and pleasure, Take my heart, and own ine Thine!

Glorious name, or golden hoard,

Are but weary, void and dreary, 3 Naught I ask for, naught I strive for, To the heart that longs for God. But Thy grace so rich and free;

J: Let me find Thee!: That Thou givest whom Thou lovest, I am Thine, O mighty Lord!

J. Neander, 1677

277 . 8, 7, 8, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8.

Louis Bourgeois, 1551

When af - flic-tions sore op-press you, Low with grief and an-guish bowed,

Then to ear-nest prayer ad-dress you; Prayer will help you, through the cloud

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By the light His word doth lend you, Prayer will joy and comfort send you

2 None shall ever be confounded,

God will with such strength imbue Who in God will freely trust;

them, Though they be by woes surrounded, Ne'er shall any foe subdue them.

God's a rock to all the just: Though you deem He hears you not, 4 Learn to mark God's wondrous dealStill your wants are ne'er forgot:

ing Cry to Him when storms assail you, With the people that He loves; Let your courage never fail you.

When His chastening hand they're

feeling, 3 Call on God, knock, seek, implore Him, Then their faith the strongest proves:

'Tis the Christian's noblest skill; God is nigh, and notes their tears, He who comes with faith before Him, Though He answers not, He hears; Meets with help and favor still:

Pray with faith, for though He try Who on God most firmly rest,

you, Are the wisest and the best;

No good thing can God deny you.

5 Ponder all God's truth can teach you,

Let His word your footsteps guide;
Satan's wiles shall never reach you,

Though he draw the world aside:
Lo! God's truth is thy defense,
Light, and hope, and confidence:
Trust in God, He'll not deceive you,
Pray, and all your foes will leave you.

J. Olearius, 1671
4, 4, 7, 4, 4, 4, 7.

Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812–87


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2 As Thou dost will,

Lead Thou me stilí,
That I may truly serve Thee.

My God, I pray,
Teach me Thy way,

To my last day
In Thy true faith preserve mo.
3 Most heartily

I trust in Thee,
Thy mercy fails me never;

Dear Lord, abide
My helper tried,

Thou Crucified,
From evil keep me ever.
4 Now henceforth must

I put my trust
In Thee, o dearest Savior;

Thy comfort choice,
Thy word and voice

My heart rejoice,
Despite my ill behavior.

5 When sorrows rise,

My refuge lies
In Thy compassion tender;

Within Thine arm
Can naught alarm;

Keep me from harm,
Be Thou my strong defender.
6 I have Thy word,

Christ Jesus, Lord,
Thou never wilt forsake me;

This will I plead
In time of need;

O help with speed,
When troubles overtake me!
7 Grant, Lord, we pray,

Thy grace each day,
That we, Thy law revering,

May live with Thee,
And happy be

Before Thy throne appearing.

H C. Stheừ ca, 1578

Third Sunday in Lent 8, 9, 8, 8, 9, 8, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4, 8.


Ph. Nicolai, 1599


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