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The Quotations I have made use of, appeared to me the eafieji to determine the Sense of the Argument, or else are such Passages as are the mo/l*beautiful Poetry, inhere all is beautiful. It would be difficult to pick out any Lines in all the four Essays on Man, which do not greatly excel the fame Number of Lines wrote by any other English Poet, supposing them to be Rhimes; for he alone has the Marnier of keeping up the greatest Harmony in his Verses, with-> out spinning his Thoughts to Threads, it be* ing scarcely possible to render the same Thoughts again in so few Words\ even in Prose.

The Universal Prayer, except a doubtful JVord or two, is one continued Confession of Benevolence and Humility, and might become the Mouth of a dying Saint: It shews, that speculative Divinity pleased him less than practical; that his Words were not artfully contrived to teach his Heart what it ought to be, but arose from' it, and'do more Honour to his Memory than all his other Works, great and sublime as they are, put together.


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GEORGE the Second, by the Grace of God> King of GreatBritain, France, and Ireland, D.efender of the F'aithy &c.

To all to whom these Presents Jhall come, Greeting.

WHEREAS Our Trusty and Well-beloved, William Ay Re, Esq; hath humbly represented unto Us, that he hath been at very great Expence and Labour, in Writing and Compiling a Work entitled, Memoirs of I he Life and Writings of Alexander Pope, Esq-, in Two Volumes, OcA tavo. tavo; and-hath humbly besought Us, to grant him Our Royal Privilege, for the sole Printing, Publishing, and Vending, the said Work, for the Term of Fourteen Years: We, being willing to give all due Encouragement to Works of this Nature, which tend to the Advancement of Knowledge, are graciously pleas'd to condescend to his Request; and do therefore by these Presents, so far as may be agreeable to the Statute, in that Behalf made and provided, grant unto the said William Avre, Esq; his Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, Our Royal Licence for the sole Printing, Publishing, and Vending the aforesaid Work, for the Term of Fourteen Years, to be computed from the Date hereof: Strictly forbidding all Our Subjects, within Our Kingdoms and Dominions, to reprint the fame, either irfthe like or any other Volume or Volumes whatsoever, without the Consent or Approbation of the said William Ay Re, Esq; as they will answer the contrary at their Peril.

The Master, Wardens, and Company of Statieners, are to take Notice, that due Obedience may be render'd to Our Pleasure* herein declared.

Given at Our Court at St. James's, the Eighteenth Day of December, 1744, and in the Eighteenth Year of Our Reign.

By his Majelty'j Command,

Holles Newcastle, MEMOIRS


Life and Writings

O F \

Alexander Pope. , Esq;

LEXANDER POPE was born in London, in the Year 1688, on the Eighth Day of June.

His Parents were Alexander Pope, a distant Relation of the Lord Downe, and Editha, Daughter of William Turner, Esq; of York.

Their Monument is in Twickenham Church, in the County of Middlesex: On which is the following Inscription:




D. 0. M.

Alexandro Pope, Viro Innocuo, Probo, Fio

Qui Vixit Annos Lxxv, Ob. Mdccxvii.

Et Edithæ Conjugi Inculpabili


Xciii, Ob. Mdccxxxiii. Parentibus Benemerentibus Filius Fecit, Et Sibi.

Englijhed thus .•

To God the Great Creator, and best of Beings,

To Alexander Pope, a Gentleman of Honesty,

Probity and Piety, who liv'd

LXXV Years, died M.DCC.XVII.

And to Editha, his excellent and truly pious Wife,
who liv'd XCIH Years, died M.DCC.XXXIII.

To His Well-deserving Plrents, the Son
erected this, and to himself.

And in his Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot (designing it for publick View) he says,

Of gentle Blood (Part slied in Honour's Cause,
While yet in Britain, Honour had Applause)
Each Parent sprang—" What Fortune, pray ?—

Their own,
And better got than Bejlia's from the Throne.
Born to no Pride, inheriting no Strife,
Nor marrying Discord in a Noble Wise;
Stranger to civil and religiotis Rage,
The good Man walk'd innoxious thro' his Age: -



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