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The Dunces the Aggressors

Compared again to Mac
Flecknoe 274
Argument of the First Book

Argument of the Second
Book 279
Argument of the Third Book


ELoisa to Abelard wrote
by Mr. Pope 70
Quotation from it 71, 74
Who they were ibid
Enemies of Mr. Pc^who 91
Epistle from a Nobleman to
a Doctor of Divinity 333
Epitaph of the Duke of
Buckingham, wrote by him-
self 155
By the Bishop of Rochester,
intended for Dryden 196
Mr. Rome's by Mr. Pope 218
Essay on Criticism wrote by
Mr. Pope 64
Essay on Man the two first E-
pistles opposed without Re-
turn from Mr. Pope 270
Excise objected against by the
Earl of Mulgrwve in King
Charles the Second's Time

Eufden, Mr. a Clergyman,
Laureat before Mr. Cibber

His Character ibid

What Sort of a Poet he was


Oldmixon writes against him


FAble of Dryope transla-
ted from Ovid's Meta-
morphosis by Mr. Pope 79
Of a Pantomime 328
Fame, Temple of, a Poem by
Mr. Pope 61
Quotation from it ibid
Who appear'd against it 63
Sir Richard Steele writes Mr.

Pope a Letter about it ibid
Father, Mr. Pope's, Verses on
his Death 3
Feast Alexander's, Mr. Dry-
den's Fame by it . . . 79)
A Defect in it, where 80
Fermor, Mrs. Arabella, Rape
of the Lock dedicated tc*
her 42
Fuels* Mr. abuses Mr. Pope

GAming under what Pre-
tence supported 258
Garter, Blue, the Duke of
Buckingham receives the
Promise of it at Yarmouth

Garth, Sir Samuel, tells Mr.
Gay what pass'd at Button's
What he says of the Duke of

Buckingham 129

Mentioned in, the Dunciad to

his Praise 391
Author of the Dispenfary


Some Account of him ' 304
When dyed, and where bu-
ried 505
Mr. Pope address'd his Second
Pastoral to him 306
Manner of his Death ibid
Gazetteers mentioned in the
Dunciad, who they were


Gildon, Mr. abuses Mr. Pope

Again attacks him 273

Greyhound Man of War chose
by Mons. Schomberg 132

Griffin, a Comedian, abuses
Mr. Pope 247

Guarini's Pastor Fido, Tran-
slation from 21


HArcourt, Mr. Bishop of
Rochester's Letter a-
bout his Epitaph 1 62

H y, my Lord, mention'd

in the Dunciad 311

Welsted strives to tickle him

The fame as Lord Fanny 333
flaywood Mrs. abuses Mr.

Pope 247
Hector and Andromache 103
HeSar and Achilles 106, 108

Henley Orator mention'd in

the Dunciad 276
His Pulpit 277
His Orations ibid
Account of him 278
Strikes Medals 279
His ludicrous Oratory ibid
Holland, Philemon Doctor in

Physick 252
Homer the ///Wundertook to

be translated by Mr. Pope
: 8f
Homer, Dispute in France a*

bout it , Koa


JAcobites, one of'em talks
to Mr. Pope 176
Jarvii, Mr. Poem to him,
with Frefnoy's Art of Paint-
ing 70
Occasion of Conserence be-
tween Mr. Pope and Mr.
Addison 99
James, Royal, a Man of War-
burnt 12;
What she had on Board ibid
Ingram, Mrs. who she isrz8;
Journals, Mist's belies Mr
Pope about Mr Addison 97
Journal, Britijh, abuses Mr
Pope 247
Journal, Daily, abuses Me
Pope ibid
Ireland has received great
Benefit from Dean Swift's
Writings 208

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KAtherine, Royal, how
redeem'd by the Boat-
swain 126
The Boatswain's Character

LOJonu, a N> mph, turn-
ed into a River 40

Lanj'da-ivn, Lord what hefays
of the Duke of Bucking-
ham 129

Laureat wak'd by Lord

Fanny 339


Mr Wallb to Mr Wycherly a-
bout Mr Pose's Pastorals 19

Mr IValJb to Mr Pope on Pa-
storal Comedy 24

Mr Pope to Mr Waljh on Pa-
storal Gomedy 2;

Mr Wal/b to Mr Pope on the
same Subject 27

Mr Wycherly to Mr Pope con-
cerning his Poems 31

Do. to Do. on the same Sub-
ject 32

Do. to Do. on the fame Sub-
ject 33

Mr Pope to Mr Wycherly on
the correcting his Madrigals
and Poems 36

Mr Pope to Mr Cromivell on
Mr Wycheity's bang dis-
gufted 37

Mr Pope to Mr Mount on
Mr Wycherly % Death 38

Mr Steele to Mr Pope on the
Temple of Fame 63

Mr />»/* to J. C. Esq; on
Mr Dennis's Remarks on
the Essay on Criticism 82

Mr Pope to General »*«*•«
on his Translation of the
Essay on Criticism into
French 87

The Duke of Buckingham to
Mr Pope aflisting him in his
Translation of Homer 102

Mr Pope's Answer to the
foregoing 107

Mr Adaifon to Mr. Pope after
he had begun to translate
Homer 112

Another on the same Subject

Duke of Buckingham to the

Duke of Cbandot about

Buckingham House 148

Bishop of Rochester to Mr
Pope about Religion and
the Death of his Father 158

Mr Pope's Answer to the said
Letter ibid

Bishop of Rochester to Mr
Pope about Mr Harcourt's
Epitaph 161

Bishop of Rochester to Mr
Pope from the Tower 170

Mr Pope's Answer 171

One more Letter from Mr
Pope to the Bishop before
his Departure 173

Bishop of Rochester to Mr
Pope about Oldmixou's Hi-
story and other Subjects


Dean Swift to Mr Pope con-
cerning Friendship at a Di-
stance and his Way ofliving

Mr Pope to Mr Digby speak-
ing of Mr Rowers Monu-
ment 211

Madam Dacier's concerning

Mr Pope's Preface to Homer


Fettiplace, Betters, Esq; to
Mr Turner at Bath concern-
ing two Ladies 284

Mrs Thomas to Mr Cromwell
about Mr Pope's Letters 289

Mr Pope to a Lady from Bath
about Mrs Thomas 291

To Mr Coomwell making
mention of the aforesaid
Lady 29 3

Mr Cromwell to Mr Pope ex-
cusing Mrs Thomas 295

Another on the same Subject

Mr Pope to Mr Cromwell
about Mr Crajhaw and his
Works 309

Library, that of Bays 2 5 [

Lieutenants seldom make
good Use of their Com-
mand in Case of a Captain's
being killed 125

Lucan'sPharsalia, Mr Rowe's
Translation, Quotation from

Lyra, Nicholas dt, who he

was 252

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pared with the Dunciad


Again quoted and compared
with the Dunciad 32;

A Line of his imitated by Mr
Pope ibid

Again quoted and compared
with the Dunciad 330

Ma/ham, Mrs. now Lady,
who (he was 176

How (he influenced Queen
Anne 177

Elbows the Dutchess of
Marlborough out of Fa-
vour ibid

Marlborough, Duke of, re-
flected on at the fame Time
with Mr Pope 112

Marlborough, Dutchess of, re-
commends Mrs Majham to
Queen Anne Ijj

Ts supplanted by her ibid

Is refus'd speaking to the
Queen ibid

What Friendship (he had for-
merly with her ibid

Merchants Tale altered from
Chaucer by Mr Pope 79

MeJJiah, a sacred Eclogue by
Mr Pope 39

Quotation from it ibid

A Line altered in it by Sir
Richard Steele lo I

Milbourne Luke, his Character
of Priests from Thomas a
Kempis 322

Monmouth, Duke of, when set
up for a Soldier \-yi

All Things concur with his

Ambition 135



Entrusted with the Care of
the Army ibid

Formality only wanting to
make him a General ibid
Duke of York fails out with
him, and why 136

Monumen:,Mr/'fl/tf's Father
and Mother's I

The Inscription ibid

Moore, James Smith, abuses
Mr Pose 247

A Phantom set up by Dulness
for the Booksellers to over-
take 280
Fond of the Company of
Poets 281
A Plagiary ibid
Steals Mr Pope's Verses ibid
Testimonies against him 282
Turns impudent 286
Some Account of him and
his Writings ibid
Morris Btz. abuses Mr Pope

Matte, M. de la, samous for
Lyric Poetry 103

Duke of Buckingham too
hard upon him 108


NUmbers too much ne-
glected by the Poets
of this Age 219

Known to few ibid

A certain Dramatick and
Miltonick. Poet very saulty
in this 220

ODe Of Mr Pope's wrote
at 1 2 Years of Age 3
Ode on St Cecilia's Day by
Mr Pope 79

Quotation from it 80

Odyjsey tranflited by Mr
Pope 245

Oldmixon, Mr. accuses the
Bishop of Rochester of -a
Fraud in Relation to my
Lord Clarendon's History
Abuses Mr Pott 247

Writes against Mr Eusden
Mentioned in the Dunciai
Some Account of his Wri-
tings ibid
Censures Mr Addison 321
Belies the Speilator ibid
,A Perverter of History ibid
Charges three eminent Per-
sons with Falsification of
Lord Clarendon's History

. , 321

Ombre describ'd 44

QJsory, Lord, his Ship quite
disabled f 26

Oxford, Earl of, salls out with
the Lord Bolingbroke 177

Misleads Queen Annt ibid

Ozell, Mr. he translated tlo-'

mer 273


POpiad, a Pamphlet, a-
gainst Mr Pope-Aarft
Quotation from it 221


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