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ABelard, Tutor to E-
loisa 74
Where buried 72
Addi/on, Mr Joseph, misre-
presents Tajso 21
Where born 91

Some Account of him and
his Writings ibid.
Praises Mr. Pope's Essay on
Criticism 95
What he faid of Mr Tickets s
Translation os Homer 95
Behaves tyrannically 98
Satiriz'd by Mr Pope 98
Writes in Favour of Mr.

Pope 11 o

Meets Mr Pope, Sir Richard
Steele and Mr Gay ibid
His Letter to Mr Pope after
he had began to translate
Homer 112

Another on the fame Subject
. "3

Advertisement in the Daily
Post June 14, 1728 337
On the 12th of May by Curl

Aminta of Taj/o, Quotation
from 20
Amintas and Lucrina, Story

of, translated from Guarini

Amhurst, Mr. Verses of his

mentioning Mr Ronnie's

Death 211
Anne, Queen of England who

misled by 176

Dies, and what happens

thereon 177
Amall, William, a Writer in

the Gazetteer 322
Some Account of him and
how he was paid ibid
Arlington, Lord, his Answer

to the Duke of York 138
Aston, Colonel, sent with a

Challenge from the Duke of
Buckingham to the Earl of
Rochester 122
Writes down all that pass'd
between them 123
Atterbwy, Francis, Bishop of
Rochester some Account of
him 155
Made Dean of Westminster,
and Bisliop of Rochester by
Queen Anns ibid
An Enemy to the Govern-
ment after the Death of the
Queen ibid
His Conversation with Mr
Pope about Religion ibid

Z 3 And

And Resolution thereon 157

Archbishop Tillotson quoted
by him l5&

His Letter to Mr Pope about
Religion, and the Death of
his .Father 158

Concerning Mr. Harcourt'%
Epitaph 161

Retires to Bromley 162

Is tried for Treason ibid

Some sarther Character of
him ibid

The latter Part of his De-
fence at the Bar of the
House of Lords 163

His Letter from the Tower
to Mr Pope 170

Verses upon him wrote to Mr
Pope 178

Languishes after England in
his Exile ibid

Justifies himself against Old-

mixon's salse Accusation


Writes to Mr Pope thereon

An excellent Poet 192

Translated Mr Dryden's Ab-
falom .and Achitophel into
Latin '. ibid

Four Poems of his 193, 194,
195, 196

Epitaph'of his designed for
.DrjxWs-Momiment 197

Philosophical Verses of his on
Design' ibid

Two Lines reflecting highly
on him 198

Not knbwn why he aban-
dons the** Interest of his
Country ibid

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BAth, Wife of, alMred
from Chauur by Mr.
Pope 79

Ballad Pastoral found among
some old Manuscripts 15
Bays described in bis Study
Makes an Invocation to Dul-
ness 256

His Perriwig 257

Alteration in che Dunciad on
his Account ibid

A short Character of him
Enthroned and anointed
Bellers Fettiplaee, Esq; a
Friend of Mr. Pope's 283
James Moore Smith reads
Pieces to him for his own
which were wrote by others
Mr Pope's Esteem for him
His Letter to Mr Turner
Some Account of him 285
Blaney, Lord, what he swore
in a Storm 131

Blount, Mrs. glanced at on
Account of Mr Pope 337
Boileau, some Account of
him 303

Compar'd to Mr Pope ibid
Brett, Colonel, buys Sir Fop-
ling's Perriwig 257
Broome, Mr. (aid to be the
Translator of Homer 90

Joirt'd with Mr Pope in the 0-
dyjsey ibid

What he received for the
said Labour ibid

Is denied to have had any
Hand in the Iliad ibid

Buckingham Sheffield, Duke
of, a great Friend to Mr

Pope 102

His Letter to assist him in

his Translation of Homer


Of what Consequence his

Friendship was to Mr Pope


Some Account of his Fami-
ly from Jacobs ibid

His Essay on Poetry how
begins 117

Memoirs of his Life written
by himself 118

Why written ibid

A Voluntier on board a Ships
with who 119

His Observation on Confine-
ment ibid

His Resolution with Mr Sa-

mille about the Admiral


What Death his Grandsather
and three of his Brothers
died ibid

In a great Storm 121

Goes again a Voluntier with
who 124

Comes to London and made
Commander of the Royal
Catharine izy

The Duke's Request ibid

His great Courage 131

Writes to the King concern-

ing Prince Ruptrt's Treat-
ment of Monsieur Schoni-
berg 1 34

Lays a Plot to separate the
Dukes of York and Mon-
mouth 1 37

Reasons with the Duke of
York ibid

Always faithful to the Crown

And to the People ibid

His Speech in the House of
Lords when Etrl of Mul-
grave 140

His Letter to the Duke of
Chandos about Buckingham
House 148

Who he married and when
died 154

Verses of his concerning
Eusden being chose Poet
Laureat 263

How he rose to Greatness

Buckingham Villerr, Duke
of, quits the Service 1 31

Burnet, Bishop, what he says
of the Duke of Bucking-
ham ibid

Burnet, Ihomas, Esq; abuses
Mr- Pope 247



CArliJle Earl of goes on
Board the Greyhound

The Consequence ibid

Caxton'i Proem to Transla-
tion of Virgil in the Reign
os Henry the 7th 253

Z 4 Centlivre


Cent Hurt, Mrs. writes a Bal-
lad against Mr Pope's Ho-
mer besore he had begun it


Has a Place in the Dunciad

She abufc Mr Pope 247
Cephahs and Procris, a Fan

of Mr Pope's designing 70
Charles the Second King of

England easily impos'd on

The Foible of his Family

Charles the First a Tragedy
of it 210

Giber Mr. deserves the Law-
rel 262

A good Character of him

Mr Pope praises him ibid
Chorus to the Tragedy of

Brutus, by Mr. Pope 79
Not lo good as his Ode on

St. Cecilia's Day ibid
Gbber,Colley, threatens Mr.

Pope 340
Converfation between Mr.

Addison, Sir Richard Steele,

Mr. Pope and Mr. Gay 100
Breaks up abruptly 102
Concanen abuses Mr. Pope


Accuses him of Treason 338
Cooke, Thomas, abuses Mr.

Pope 247
Craggs, Mr. Pope's Letter
concerning Ticiell's Transla-
tion of Homer, and his own

Cri'iciftn, Essay on it, by Mr.

Pope 64
Quotation from it ibid
Attack'd by Mr. Dennis 67
Quotation from it 69
Crajhaiu, who he was 308
Mr. Cswuley's Lines on his
going over to the Church of
Rome ibid
Courts, what quick Turns
they have 139
Cromwell, Mr. receives a Let-
ter from Mr. Pope about
Mr. Wycherly being disgus-
ted 38
From Mrs. Thomas about
publishing Mr. Pope's Let-
ters 289
Writes to Mr. Pope, excusing
Mrs. Thomas 295
Another Letter on the faid
Subject 296
Curl publishes satirical Verses
against Mr. Addison, wrote
by Mr. Pope 97
Abuies Mr. Pope 247
Pursues Phantom Moore 287
Some Account of him 288
How he anger'd Mr. Pope

Publishes Mr. Ptpe's Letters

How he came by them ibid
Pirates Letters between Mr.

Wycherly and Mr. Pope 298
How he obtain'd more Let-
ters 299
Tamper'd with, but to no
Purpose ibid
Advertises in a new Stile 300
Woh he pr ictis'd with ibid -

Deceives his Friends ibid
They expose him ibid

DAcier, Madam, a Lady
of great Learning and
Genius 102

Not a Critick equal to her
Husband 107
Her Letter concerning Mr.

Pope's Preface to Homer 238
Death, Temple of, a Poem,
translated from the French
by the Duke of Buckingham

Quotation from it ibid

Dennis, Mr. who he was 47

What Author of

Notes 48 to 51

Criticises on the Rape of the
Lock 48

Abuses Mr. Pope 49

Finds many Faults in the
Rape of the Lock 51 to 60

Attacks the Essay on Criti-
cism 67

Swears about it at Barnard
Lintoth Shop ibid

Calls Names; 68

His Remarks on the Estay on
Criticism sbow'd to Mr.
Pope besore they were pub-
lished 82

When he died 86

Less fear'd by Mr. Pope than
Mr. Addison 1 \ 1

Raves and destroys his own
£nd ibid

How he might have gained
Reputation and Profit ibid
Abuses Mr. Pope 247
Flies into a Passion 371
Mention'd in the Dunciad

Why taken no more Notice
of by Mr. Pope 273
What he might have been


His Remarks on Mr. Theobald

His Complaint of Pope 3 31

Accuses Mr. Pope os Dishon-
our 33*

Dispensary, Quotation from
it 305

Dryden, Mr. what he says of
the Duke of Buckingham

Wrote at great Disadvantage

Dryope, Fable of, translated
from Ovid's Metamorphosis,
by Mr. Pope 79

Ducket, G. Esq; abuses Mr.
Pope \ -. . 247

Duel between the Duke of
Buckingham and the Earl of
Rochester 122

Dulness, the College of where

Her Speech 259
Dunciad address'd to Dean
Swift 20%
Why begun by Mr. Pope 245
Called his Master-piece by
Dean Swift ibid
Compar'd to Mac Flecknoe

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