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Our Courtier walks from difh to dish, Taftes for his Friend of Fowl and Fish Tells all their names, lays down the law, Que ça eft bon! Ah gouter ça ! "That Jelly's rich, this Malmfey healing, "Pray, dip your Whiskers and your Tail in." Was ever such a happy Swain? He ftuffs and fwills, and ftuffs again. "I'm quite afham'd-'tis mighty rude "To eat fo much-but all's fo good. "I have a thousand thanks to giveMy Lord alone knows how to live." No fooner faid, but from the Hall Rufh Chaplain, Butler, Dogs and all: "A Rat! a Rat! clap to the door”— The Cat comes bouncing on the floor. O for the heart of Homer's Mice, Or Gods to fave them in a trice! (It was by Providence they think,) For your damn'd Stucco has no chink. "An't please your Honour," quoth the Peasant, "This fame Deffert is not fo pleasant :


"Give me again my hollow Tree,

A Cruft of Bread, and Liberty!"


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Together with the Original Text, as reftored by the REV. RICHARD BENTLEY, D. D.

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I HAVE fo great a truft in your indulgence towards me, as to believe you cannot but patronize this Imitation, so much in your own manner, and whose birth I may truly say is owing to you. In that confidence I would not fupprefs the *criticisms made upon it by the Reverend Doctor; the rather, fince he has promised to mend the faults in the next edition, with the fame goodness he has practised to Milton. I hope you will believe that while I exprefs my regard for you, it is only out of modefty I conceal my name; fince, though perhaps I may not profess myself your admirer fo much as fome others, I cannot but be, with as much inward respect, goodwill, and zeal, as any man,

Dear Sir,

Your most affectionate,

And faithful fervant.

*They are here omitted.

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