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THE grounds on which this volume invites public attention


be stated in few words. Miss Hessel's history illustrates how a young woman, with only ordinary advantages, may effect great self-improvement, and diffuse a joyous and quickening influence in the social circle. By aiming earnestly at the cultivation of all her powers, and the practical recognition of all her relationships, she exhibited a combination of excellencies too generally dissociated. To the common-place but important qualification for domestic duties, she added literary culture, and a character adorned with Christian virtues. “My model,” said she, “is perfect in every. thing that comes within the sphere of a virtuous, intelligent, domestic woman ;-so perfect, that it is no easy matter to determine in what she most excels." To induce young women to adopt such a model, and to assist in its exemplification, is the object of the Biographer. May the Divine Spirit employ this record to kindle in the hearts of many readers aspirations after higher virtues, and greater usefulness, than she attained.

He cannot expect the concurrence of his readers in all the opinions expressed, or in approval of all the book-companionships indulged. He has not imitated those artists of the last century, who transferred to canvas their personification of a virtue, and then represented it as the portrait of some distinguished person. To furnish a true, and not simply a pleasing picture, has been his aim.

Many thanks are due to the friends who placed their treasured letters at his disposal. The kindness which, in some instances, prompted the spontaneous transmission of such as related to matters purely private, in order that he might have a fuller knowledge of the character of his subject, will not readily be forgotten.


BELIEVING that a cheap edition of these Memorials would considerably increase the already wide circle of their readers, and hoping that thereby many more of the daughters of our land will be stimulated to aspire after true womanhood, the Biographer issues this edition at little more than half the price of the former

The work has undergone careful revision.


WREXHAM, Nov. 1870.


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