An Essay on Chemical Statics: With Copious Explanatory Notes, and an Appendix on Vegetable and Animal Substances, Band 2

J. Mawman, 22 Poultry, W. Flint, Printer, Old Bailey, 1804

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Seite 304 - ... will prevent the metal from running away, and in a few minutes it will cool and take the impression, without the slightest injury to the paper from which it was taken.
Seite 474 - One of the best alteratives known to medicine is probably iodine and at the same time it is one of the most difficult to administer on account of its irritant character.
Seite 81 - Because the specific lightness of oxi-carburated hidrogen gas cannot be reconciled with the supposition that it is only composed of carbon and oxigen, and which requires that the oxigen, after having experienced a contraction in the formation of the carbonic acid, shall follow a course, so opposite, that the combination resulting from a much more considerable addition of a solid...
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Seite 80 - Oxigen can produce a ternary combination with these two first elements ; it is found in charcoal, but only in a small proportion ; it can form a gazeous combination and enter into it in a much larger proportion ; this is the oxi-carburated...

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