Systems Metabolic Engineering

Christoph Wittmann, Sang Yup Lee
Springer Science & Business Media, 15.06.2012 - 388 Seiten
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Systems Metabolic Engineering is changing the way microbial cell factories are designed and optimized for industrial production.

Integrating systems biology and biotechnology with new concepts from synthetic biology enables the global analysis and engineering of microorganisms and bioprocesses at super efficiency and versatility otherwise not accessible. Without doubt, systems metabolic engineering is a major driver towards bio-based production of chemicals, materials and fuels from renewables and thus one of the core technologies of global green growth. In this book, Christoph Wittmann and Sang-Yup Lee have assembled the world leaders on systems metabolic engineering and cover the full story – from genomes and networks via discovery and design to industrial implementation practises.

This book is a comprehensive resource for students and researchers from academia and industry interested in systems metabolic engineering. It provides us with the fundaments to targeted engineering of microbial cells for sustainable bio-production and stimulates those who are interested to enter this exiting research field.


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Chapter 3 Design of Superior Cell Factories Based on Systems Wide Omics Analysis
Chapter 4 Technologies for Biosystems Engineering
Chapter 5 Systems Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli for Chemicals Materials Biofuels and Pharmaceuticals
Chapter 6 Systems Metabolic Engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for Biobased Production of Chemicals Materials and Fuels
Chapter 7 Towards a Synthetic Biology of the StressResponse and the Tolerance Phenotype Systems Understanding and Engineering of the Clostridiu...
Chapter 8 ModelBased Design of Superior Cell Factory An Illustrative Example of Penicillium chrysogenum
Chapter 9 Bridging Omics Technologies with Synthetic Biology in Yeast Industrial Biotechnology
Chapter 10 Design of Superior Cell Factories for a Sustainable Biorefinery By Synthetic Bioengineering
Chapter 11 SystemsLevel Analysis of Cancer Metabolism

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