Le jardinier solitaire, The solitary or Carthusian gard'ner: being dialogues between a gentlemen and a gard'ner ...

Benj. Tooke, at the Temple-gate, Fleetstreet., 1706 - 488 Seiten

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Seite 404 - Prepar'd the Sacred Rites to pay In. Silence, and with Awe profound. FLORA thrice bow'd, and thus was heard to pray. Jove ! mighty Jove ! whom all adore ; Exert thy Great...
Seite 404 - ... heard, And for the grateful work prepar'd. 50 A bufy face the God of Gardens wore ; Vertumnus of the party too, From various fweets th' exhaling fpirits drew ; While, in fulrcaniftcrs, Pomona bore Of richeft fruits a plenteous ftore ; 55 And Vefta promis'd wondrous things to do.
Seite 403 - She always pleas'd ; for more than mortal fire Shone in her eyes, and did her charms infpire ; A Dryad bore the beauteous nymph, a Sylvan was her fire. Chafte, wife, devout...
Seite 454 - ... way of making them.' The author says there are five ways of making green plots or walks, ' namely by Turfs, by Spanish Clover-Grass, by Hay-Seed, by the Seed of Sainfoin, and by that of Medick Fodder.' Turf he considers the best. Of sainfoin he says : ' Sainfoin has a very pretty Aspect especially when it is in flower. When it arrives at its perfect Maturity we cut it down.
Seite 281 - Layers that had not retaken Root within that time, lie in that Condition in the naked Earth all the Winter, and take Root towards the end of March ; which is no fmall Evidence againft fuch as are over-cautious in the Affair of Pinks.
Seite 403 - Ye fhining graces of my courtly. train, The caufe of this aflembly know ! In fovereign majefty I reign O'er the gay flowery univerfe below...
Seite 405 - The Transformation was compleat ; The Deities with Songs the Queen of Flow'rs did greet : Soft Flutes and tuneful Harps were heard to found ; While now to Heav'n the well-pleas'd Goddefs ffies With her bright Train, and reafcends the Skies.
Seite 140 - A Gardner that cultivates Flowers ought to have Baskets by him, to gather the Flowers in upon occasion. This sort of Baskets, shew a Gardiner's Neatness, and the genteel way of his Profession.

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