The Life of Edward Jenner ...: With Illustrations of His Doctrines, and Selections from His Correspondence, Band 1

H. Colburn, 1838

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Seite 207 - Jamque catervatim dat stragem, atque aggerat ipsis In stabulis turpi dilapsa cadavera tabo : Donee humo tegere, ac foveis abscondere discunt. Nam neque erat coriis usus : nee viscera quisquam Aut undis abolere potest, aut vincere
Seite 146 - it the grease. It is an inflammation and swelling in the heel from which issues matter possessing properties of a very peculiar kind that seems capable of generating a disease in the human body (after it has undergone the modification that I shall presently speak of) which bears so strong a resemblance to the small-pox that I think it highly probable
Seite 24 - yon rooks, how odd their flight, They imitate the gliding kite, Or seem precipitate to fall, As if they felt the piercing ball. 'Twill surely rain—I see with sorrow, Our jaunt must be put off to-morrow.
Seite 20 - ADDRESS TO A ROBIN. COME, sweetest of the feather'd throng ! And soothe me with thy plaintive song: Come to my cot, devoid of fear, No danger shall await thee here: No prowling cat, with whiskered face, Approaches this sequestered place : No schoolboy with his willow-bow Shall aim at thee a
Seite 33 - not try the experiment? Repeat all the experiments upon a hedge-hog as soon as you receive this, and they will give you the solution. Try the heat. Cut off a leg at the same place: cut off the head, and expose the heart, and let me know the result of the whole.
Seite 137 - this experiment. Matter was taken from the hand of Sarah Nelmes who had been infected by her master's cows, and inserted by two superficial incisions into the arms of James Phipps, a healthy boy of about eight years old. He went through the disease apparently in a regular and satisfactory manner; but the most agitating part of the trial still remained to
Seite 162 - He always considered small-pox and cow-pox as modifications of the same distemper ; and that, in employing vaccine lymph, we only made use of means to impregnate the constitution with the disease in its mildest, instead of propagating it in its virulent and contagious form, as is done when small-pox is inoculated.
Seite 33 - the offer. I thank you for your experiment on the hedge-hog; but why do you ask me a question by the way of solving it? I think your solution is just; but why think,—why not try the experiment? Repeat all the experiments
Seite 152 - matter in three places, which were slightly inflamed on the third day, and then subsided. " Dr. Lister, who was formerly physician to the Small-pox Hospital, attended the child with me, and he is convinced that it is not possible to give him the small-pox.
Seite 51 - spring, to see what he has lost of his fat. Thirdly, when the weather is very cold, and about the month of January, I could wish you would make a hole in one of their bellies, and put the thermometer down into the pelvis, and see the height of the mercury; then turn it up

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