The Naval History of Great Britain: From the Year MDCCLXXXIII to MDCCCXXII.


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Seite 227 - The child was sent off next morning by the Dey, and as a solitary instance of his humanity, it ought to be recorded by me.
Seite 230 - I had assigned to him, and soon after, at intervals, the remainder of his frigates keeping up a wellsupported fire on the flanking batteries he had offered to cover us from, as it had not been in my power, for want of room, to bring him in the front of the mole.
Seite 344 - Lieutenant and you are your self to observe and follow such Orders and Instructions, as you shall from time to time receive from Me or...
Seite 208 - Je proteste solennellement ici, à la face du ciel et des hommes , contre la violence qui m'est faite , contre la violation de mes droits les plus sacrés, en disposant, par la force, de ma personne et de ma liberté.
Seite 305 - Hay with the only musket in the boat, and, as they closed nearer, the Malays commenced throwing their javelins and darts, several falling into the barge, but without wounding any of the men. Soon after they were grappled by our fellows, when three of them having been shot, and a fourth knocked down with the...
Seite 160 - ... been removed from Alexandria since the 19th instant, to be included in the above article. 6. Refreshments of every description to be supplied to the ships, and paid for at the market price, by bills on the British government; 7. Officers will be...
Seite 208 - ... ordres du gouvernement de me recevoir et de me conduire en Angleterre avec ma suite si cela m'était agréable. Je me suis présenté de bonne foi pour venir me mettre sous la protection des lois de l'Angleterre.
Seite 160 - Articles Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5 are strictly complied with ; and any deviation or non-compliance on the part of the inhabitants of Alexandria will render this treaty null and void.
Seite 230 - ... forbidden, was led by his ardent spirit, to follow in support of the barge, in which he was desperately wounded, his brother officer killed, and nine of his crew. The barge, by rowing more rapidly, had suffered less, and lost but two. " The enemy's batteries around my division were about ten o'clock silenced, and in a state...
Seite 229 - ... near the mole by the captain of the port, who, on being told the answer was expected in one hour, replied, that it was impossible : the officer then said he would wait two or three hours ; he then observed two hours was quite sufficient. The fleet at this time, by the springing up of the sea-breeze, had...

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