Botanicus Universalis Et Hortulanus

J. Bell; G. Riley; J. Wheble; and C. Etherington, at York, 1770

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Seite v - BAtEP, at prefent imported from Turkey, are well known; as well as its exorbitant high price, which confines it in a great degree- only to perfons of fortune. By a late communication to the Royal Society, it appears that the...
Seite iv - Great Britain and Ireland, it is true, are of fo limited an extent, and of a climate fo variable and uncertain, that all thefe advantages cannot be fecured to our mother country. Yet that many of them may, the fuccefsful attempts that have been made within a few years, to introduce the plants and herbage of fome foreign countries are a fufficient proof. Of thefe...
Seite iii - Brrtifh empire from her transferring the purchafe of fuch commodities as are now the produce of foreign countries to her own, exceeds all eftimate. The fteady execution of a plan, therefore, that would effect this, would in time turn our balance of trade with the whole world in our favour. We fhould traffic only with th* produce of our own foil -and ths commodities of our own manufacture ; for which we might be paid- in whatfoever coin w
Seite xii - ... ones, not at prefent in our nurferies, I have given the initials of the Flora or Hortus in which they are mentioned, in order that they may be procured. Hence they will be enabled by different plants to fuit every foil and fituation ; and as the prefent elegant tafte for natural improvements in gardening fo generally prevails throughout England, the inquifitive...
Seite xii - molt moft beautiful and ornamental trees, fhrubs, and fruits, of our own ifles. " An Index of the Genera of Trees and Shrubs." " An alphabetical Catalogue of the Species and Varieties of all the Herbs, Flowers, and bulbous...
Seite ii - To be employed in the conftant contemplation, and of courfe in the conftant admiration of the wifdom of the DEITY, to the harmonizing of the paffions, and the acquifitifln of ufeful knowledge, is certainly one of the moft comfcfindable purfuits in which a rational mind can be engaged.
Seite xiii - The lovers of fruit may hence gratify their choice from a defcription of every different fruit in a moft numerous and felecl collection. " CATALOGUES of the Flowers raifed by the " moft eminent Florifts in Europe ; giving a " Defcription of their Colours and Manner " of blowing : to which are annexed the cuf* " tomary Prices at which they are fold, in
Seite iv - Maddrr, as practifed in Zealand, of Lucerne^ and other grafles, as in Switzerland, are, among many others that might be mentioned, no lefs public than profitable inftances. A very recent one, and not fo generally known, affords a farther proof, as well as a pleafing profpect that fuch purfuits may be carried to an incredible length, equally to the comfort and emolument of individuals, as to the honour and independance -of the nation in general.

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