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the chief handle for dissent can be removed, and the minds of the Clergy relieved from a weight which has driven many to renounce their profession, can any member of the Church be justly blamed for quietly and respectfully seeking that redress?

Praying Almighty God to guide the counsels of your heart, and those of all good men, to the advancement of His glory, and the welfare of this Church and nation,

I have the honour to be,


With very great respect,

Your faithful and obedient Servant,

East Horsley, June 5, 1835.


For first, they have all endowments, and many very rich ones, exceeding, it is said, in several parishes the endowments of the Church; and there is nothing to prevent a lay impropriator or holder of tithe free land from endowing a Dissenting Chapel with tithes as well as land, if he pleases. Secondly, they are protected by the Government, not only as much, but much more, than the Church; as the foregoing paper has plainly shown. The Church being subject to restraints in spirituals, and oppressive interference in temporals, from which all other religious communities are exempt.

P.S.-I subjoin the authorized prayer of the English Church in respect of Ordination. And I leave it to your own unbiassed mind to judge how far it is in accordance with a system under which the Bishops are compelled, under the penalties of a præmunire, to lay hands upon any individual whom the minister of the Crown may select, however disqualified, in opinions or any other respect, they may judge him to be.


'Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, who hast purchased to Thyself an universal Church by the precious blood of Thy dear Son, mercifully look upon the same, and at this time, so guide and govern the minds of Thy servants, the Bishops and Pastors of Thy flock, that they may lay hands suddenly on no man, but faithfully and wisely make choice of fit persons to serve in the Sacred Ministry of Thy Church. And to those which shall be ordained to any holy function give Thy grace and heavenly benediction, that both by their life and doctrine, they may set forth Thy glory and set forward the salvation of all men, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."


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