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That I may publish with the Voice of Thanksgiving,

and tell of all thy wondrous works—Psalm 26:7

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The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago

D. B. Towner, Mus. Doc.


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Price: 50 cents per copy, postpaid.
$4.80 per dozen, $40.00 per hundred, transportation extra.

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New York · 158 Fifth Ave.
Chicago • 17 N. Wabash Avenue
Toronto — London – Edinburgh


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THE Moody Bible Institute has long wanted a Hymn Book such as “The Voice
T of Thanksgiving.” It is a generous collection of hymns hallowed by associa-

tion with the past, and yet it contains many new ones of the kind that moisten
the eye, revive the spiritual life of God's children, and bring conviction and salvation
to the lost and erring. The title is suggested by the beautiful 26th Psalm, where
David expresses his attachment to God's house and the worship of His holy name,
saying in the translation of Bishop Horsley,—"I wash my hands in innocency, and
ever am about Thy altar, O! Jehovah, to listen to the voice of thanksgiving, and
to recite all Thy wondrous deeds."

A book to meet the needs of the hundreds of students from all parts of the
world who pass through this Institute each year, and where church and gospel music
has always been an outstanding feature of its curriculum, ought to possess merits
commending it to a wide circle. We believe it will grow speedily in favor wherever
it is known and carry a blessing wherever it goes.

The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

September 1, 1913.

Preface to No. 2

We believe “The Voice of Thanksgiving No. 2" is a decided improvement
over its predecessor, containing nearly seventy hymns, psalms and gospel songs not
in the earlier book, care being given to the words as well as the tunes. Teachers in
the Music Course of the Moody Bible Institute have given of their best-Dr. D. B.
Towner and Professors John B. Trowbridge, E. O. Sellers, George S. Schuler and
Homer A. Hammontree. The repertoire of the late James McGranahan also has been
called upon for some of his most popular Psalm tunes and several Gospel songs that
have not yet become generally known. Coronation Hymnal, compiled chiefly by the
poet theologian, the late Adoniram Judson Gordon, has yielded up more of its treas-
ures to us than before, including his own classic, “We'll Say Good Morning in
Glory.” And last, but not least, room has been found for more of the old stand-
ards like the “Crusader's Hymn," "Ein Feste Burg," “Amsterdam,” and others.

Particular thanks for courtesies are due to Mrs. A. J. Gordon, Mrs. Robert
Lowry, Mrs. W. H. Doane, Mrs. May A. Stephens, Mrs. Norman H. Camp, Dr. A. B.
Simpson and Messrs. Charles M. Alexander, O. E. Pugh, David E. Roberts, Donald
E. Young and Oscar A. Miller, as well as the United Presbyterian Board of

James M. GRAY.
The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago,

September 1, 1916.

Copyright. 1916, by
The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

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John III. 16.



1. In all the gos - pel of God's grace, Is there a word more sweet
2. Why should we ev - er har - bor doubt, Or shrink in trem-bling fear,
3. How can we an - y lon - ger live In for - mer ways of sin,
4. Where is the soul of vi - sion large Who loves the hu - man race?

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