Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance! Vol. 2

Cross Infinite World, 10.12.2021 - 248 Seiten
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Who Doesn’t Deserve A Second Chance?

Grail Academy’s final year is about to begin when Annabel receives an invitation to attend the crown confirmation ceremony of Prince Daniel, the man she was engaged to and who’d destroyed her kingdom during her past life. Also invited is Princess Karina of Nigren, the cause of Annabel’s imprisonment and Ed’s death. But the Karina Annabel meets this time around couldn’t be more different—she’s bubbly and sweet! But just as Annabel comes to believe she and Karina can actually be friends, the other princess changes for the worse. At the same time, Nigren’s most powerful witch falls ill from unknown magic. Together with Ed, Annabel sets out to solve the mystery and prevent the destruction of her kingdom!


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Character Page 1 An Unexpected Invitation
Daniels Coronation Ceremony
Sunruta Kingdoms Magic Research Laboratory
The Puzzle
The ComingofAge Ceremony
The Case of the Vanishing Classified Books
First Stirrings of Trouble
The Royal Palace of Nigren
Going Home
Daniels Point of View
The Magic Sigils Completion
My Eighteenth Birthday
My First Joyful Life
Elenas Point of View
Eds Point of View
A Stay in Shisui

Visiting the Sick
Breaking the Spells
The Witch of the South

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