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PEASE, F. N., Chief Chemist, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, P. O. Box 503, Altoona, Penn

sylvania. PEASE, FRANCIS G., Astronomical Engineer, Mt. Wilson Solar Observatory, Pasadena, Cali

fornia. PECK, G. L., Vice President, Personnel Department Pennsylvania System, Broad Street Station,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PEMBERTON, HENRY R., Student. Address Unknown. PENNOCK, GEO. L., Florist, 165 West Essex Avenue, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. PENROSE, CHARLES, Electrical Engineer, in care of Day and Zimmermann, 611 Chestnut

Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PENROSE, R. A. F., JR., Geologist, 460 Bullitt Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PEPPER, DAVID, Engineer, Commonwealth Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PEROT, T. MORRIS, JR., Malt Manufacturer, 808 Lafayette Building, Philadelphia, Penn

sylvania. PERROT, EMILE, G., Architect and Engineer, Boyertown Building, 1211 Arch Street Phila

delphia, Pennsylvania. PERRY, ROBERT S., President, Franklin H. Kalbfleisch Company, 31 Union Square, West,

New York City, New York. PERSHING, General JOHN J., War Department, Washington, D. C. PEW, J. HOWARD, President, Sun Oil Company, and Sun Shipbuilding Company, Finance

Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PHELAN, HUNTER C., 651 Salem Avenue, Dayton, Ohio. PHILIPS, EDWIN S., President, Philbrin Corporation, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. PICOLET, LUCIEN E., in care of The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PIERCE, G. A., Electrical Engineer, Wm. Cramp & Sons Ship and Engine Building Company,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PITMAN, Brig. General JOHN, (Retired), 611 Berkley Avenue, Orange, New Jersey. PLACK, W. L., Architect and Structural Engineer, S. W. Corner 12th and Locust Streets,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PLATT, H. H., Mechanical Engineer, Scarsdale, New York, POPE, RALPH W., Honorary Secretary, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 570

Cherry Street, Elizabeth, New Jersey. PORTER, J. BENTON, Electrical Engineer, 1527 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PORTER, ROLAND G., Gas Engineer, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. POSER, Dr. M., 16 Vick Park B, Rochester, New York. POSTLETHWAITE, C, E., General Sales Manager, Pressed Steel Car Company, 55 Broad

Street, New York City, New York. POTTS, JOSHUA R. H., Attorney-at-Law, 929 Chestnut Strect, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. POTTS, WILLIAM M., Civil Engineer, Wyebrooke, Chester County, Pennsylvania. PRATT, CARL D., Chemist, 412 West Broad Street, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. PRICE, MAX CHARLES, Architect, Punta Gorda, Florida. PRICE, MORTON MOORE, Sales Agent, The Babcock and Wilcox Company, 1010 North

American Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PURCELL, JOHN, Assistant to Vice President, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Com.

pany, 80 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. QUAYLE, R., 233 North Harvey Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois. QUIMBY, HENRY H., Consulting Structural Engineer, 3920 Girard Avenue, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. QUINN, C. H., Chief Electrical Engineer, Norfolk and Western Railway Company, Roanoke,

Virginia. RADFORD, ROBERT, Manufacturer, 1103 Morris Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RAE, JOHN, Shop Engineer, Bement-Miles Works, Niles-Bement-Pond Company, and for

mail, 4945 Larchwood Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RAMSBURG, C. J., Vice-President, The Koppers Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. RAMSEY, GEORGE W., Patent Attorney, Woolworth Building, New York City, New York. RAPP, I. M., Physicist, State University, Missoula, Montana. RAUTENSTRAUCH, WALTER, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 43 Exchange Place, New

York City, New York. RAYMOND, WARD, Mechanical Engineer, 908 Paxinosa Avenue, Easton, Pennsylvania. REA, SAMUEL, President, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Broad Street Station, Philadelphia

REATH, THEODORE W., Attorney-at-Law, 1201 Commercial Trust Building, Philadelphia,

REBER, Colonel SAMUEL, 27 Van Dam Street, New York City, New York.

REBMANN, G. R., Vice President, Otis Elevator Company, 16th & Sansom Streets, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. REDFIELD, ROBERT S., Wayne, Pennsylvania. REED, G. BERKELEY, Inventor, Rowayton, Connecticut. REESE, CHARLES L., Chemical Engineer, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilming

ton, Delaware. REICHARDT, HENRY, (Retired), 3581 Queen Lane, East Falls, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RENO, JESSE W., Consulting Engineer, 684 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York City, New York. REOCH, ALEXANDER ERNEST, Electrical Engineer, The Radio Corporation of America, 233

Broadway, New York City, New York. RESINES, JAVIER, Industrial Chemist, Racquet Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RHOADS, J. J., Superintendent, Pennsylvania Railroad Company, and for mail, Miller Park,

Franklin, Pennsylvania. RICE, CHARLES D., Manager of Factory, Underwood Typewriter Company, 581 Capitol

Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. RICE, E. W. JR., Electrical Engineer, President, General Electric Company, Schenectady, New

York. RICHARDS, EDGAR, Retired Chemist, 60 Ayrault Street, Newport, Rhode Island. RICHARDS, THEODORE, WM., Director, Wolcott Gibbs Memorial Laboratory. Harvard

University, Cambridge, Massach setts. RICHARDSON, CHARLES E., Engineer, Chas. E. Richardson and Company, Engineers,

18 East both Street, New York City, New York. RICKETTS, L. D., Mining Engineer, Warren, Arizona. RIDGWAY, ELLIS B., Manufacturer, 367 West Main Street, Coatesville, Pennsylvania. RIDGWAY, ROBERT, Engineer, in care of Public Service Company, 49 Lafayette Street,

New York City, New York. RIDGWAY, WILLIAM H., Civil Engineer and Manufacturer, The Craig Ridgway and Son

Company, Coatesville, Pennsylvania. RIEHLE, FRED A., Testing Machine Manufacturer, 1424 North 9th Street, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. RIGLING, ALFRED, Librarian, The Franklin Institute, and for mail, 4835 Haverford Avenue,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RILEY, LEWIS A., Civil and Mining Engineer, Lafayette Building, 437 Chestnut Street,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RILLIET, CHARLES E., Teacher, 4100-06 South Vermont Avenue, Los Ange'es, California. RINGWALT, ROLAND, Clergyman, 3016 Carman Street, Camden, New Jersey. RITTENHOUSE, EDWARD, Chemical Engineer, Aldan, Pennsylvania. RITTER, LOUIS E., Consulting Civil Engineer, 1707 Marquette Building, Chicago, Illinois. RITTMAN, Dr. W. F., Chemical Engineer, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh,

Pennsylvania. ROBB, RUSSELL, Member of Firm, Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation, 147 Milk

Street, Boston, Massachusetts. ROBERTS, WILMER. Palmyra, New Jersey. ROBINSON, ANTHONY W., Insurance, 409 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROBINSON, DWIGHT P., Consulting Engineer, 49 East 52nd Street, New York City, New

York. ROBINSON, EDMUND G., Chemist, 909 Nottingham Road, Wilmington, Delaware. RODMAN, HUGH, Engineer and Manufacturer, in care of Rodman Chemical Company,

Verona, Pennsylvania. ROESSLER, FRANZ, Manufacturing Chemist, 89 High Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. ROGERS, Dr. ALLEN, Teacher, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. ROGERS, MRS. AUGENE P., 4007 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROGERS, FRANK H., Mechanical Engineer, William Cramp and Sons, Ship and Engine

Building Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROGERS, JAMES S., Attorney-at-Law, 701 Commonwealth Trust Building, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. ROLLE, SYLVAN D., Draftsman, The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, and for mail,

2143 North 19th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROLLER, FRANK W., Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, 233 Broadway, New York City, New

York. RONDINELLA, L. F., Head of Drawing and Designing, West Philadelphia High School for

Boys, 48th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROSENBAUM, MORRIS, Foreign Exchange, 605 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROSENBAUM, W. A., Patent Attorney, 41 Park Row, New York City, New York. ROSENGARTEN, FRANK H., Chemist, 1905 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ROSENGARTEN, FREDERIC, Manufacturing Chemist, P. O. Box 1625. Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. ROSENGARTEN, GEORGE D., Manufacturing Chemist, P. O. Box 1625, Philadelphia, Penn

sylvania. ROSIN, JOSEPH, Chemist, Powers-Weightman-Rosengarten Company, 9th and Parrish Streets,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROSS, T. EDWARD, Certified Public Accountant, 1209 Morris Building, Philadelphia, Penn

sylvania. ROWLAND, CHARLES B., Vice President, Continental Iron Works, West and Calyer Streets,

Brooklyn, New York. ROWLAND, THEODORE S., Head of Science Department, North East High School, and for

mail, 6311 N. Camac Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. RUGG, W. S., The University Club, 4439 Grant Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. RUMBOUGH, JOHN B., Consulting Mechanical Engineer, R. F. D. No. 1, Ardan, North

RUMELY, W. N., 3020 Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois.

Engineer of Tests, The United Gas Improvement Company, Broad and Arch
Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
RUSSELL, CHARLES J., Manager, Sales Department, The Philadelphia Electric Company,

1000 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SADTLER, Dr. SAMUEL P., Consulting Chemist, 210 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, Penn

sylvania. SADTLER, SAMUEL S., Consulting Chemist, 210 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsyl


SAEGMULLER, G. N., Vice President, in care of Bausch and Lomb Optical Company, Rochester,

New York, SALMON, FREDERICK W., Civil and Mechanical Engineer, Richmond, Virginia. SALOM, PEDRO G., Electro-Chemical Engineer, Commonwealth Trust Building. Phila

delphia, Pennsylvania. SAMUEL, J. BUNFORD, Retired Iron Merchant, 1609 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SANBORN, EDWARD H., Coal Mining, 1100 Commercial Trust Building, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. SANDERSON, R. P. C., in care of The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 34 Victoria Street, London,

England. SANDT, A. R., Consulting Engineer, 716-18 Metropolitan Life Building, Minneapolis, Min

nesota. SANFORD, RUFUS H., Librarian, The Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia, Pennsyl

vania. SARGENT, C. E., Engineer, 909 20th Street, Rock Island, Illinois. SARGENT, HENRY B., Hardware Manufacturer, 247 Church Street, New Haven, Con

necticut. SARTAIN, PAUL J., Physician, 2006 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SARTAIN, WILLIAM, Artist, 140 West 57th Street, New York City, New York. SATTERTHWAITE, GEORGE, Manufacturer of Steel, in care of Tacony Steel Company,

Tacony, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SAUER, FRANK H., Draftsman, 1307 Atlantic Avenue, Camden, New Jersey. SAUNDERS, WALTER M., Analytical and Consulting Chemist, 20 Dewey Street, Olneyville.

Providence, Rhode Island. SAUNDERS, WILLIAM E., Librarian, U. G. I. Building, Broad and Arch Streets, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. SAWTELLE, WILLIAM OTIS, Professor of Physics, Haverford College, Haverford, Penn

sylvania. SCATTERGOOD, HENRY W., Manufacturer, 530 Land Title Building, Philadelphia, Pennsyl

vania. SCHAEFER, GEORGE F., 5th and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SCHEHL, OSCAR L., Mechanical Engineer, 1631 Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SCHLAFGE, WILLIAM S., General Mechanical Superintendent, Erie Railroad Company, 50

Church Street, New York City, New York. SCHLICKE, C. P., Treasurer and Secretary, 31 Plaza Street, Brooklyn, New York. SCHROM, OSCAR G., Mechanical Engineer, 6017 Nassau Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SCOTT, WM. M., Draftsman, Box 76, Radnor, Pennsylvania. SEELY, LESLIE B., Teacher, 5918 Pulaski Avenue, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SEIBERLING, F. A., Manufacturer, 41 East Mill Street, Akron, Ohio. SELGA, M., Meteorologist and Astronomer, Manila Observatory, Manila, Philippine Islands. SELLERS, ALEXANDER, Manufacturer, 1600 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

SELLERS, HORACE W., Architect, Ardmore, Pennsylvania.
SELLERS, HOWARD, Millbourne House, Millbourne, Pennsylvania.
SELLERS, RICHARD, Bellevue, Delaware.
SELLERS, RICHARD C., Civil Engineer, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
SELLERS, MRS. WILLIAM, Bellevue, Delaware.
SELLERS, WILLIAM F., Manufacturer of Water Tube Boilers, Edge Moor, Delaware.
SEVERY, MELVIN L., Inventor and Author, 431 South Berendo Street, Los Angeles, Cali-

fornia. SHACKELFORD, BENJAMIN E., Physicist, Westinghouse Lamp Company, Bloomfield,

New Jersey. SHAND, A. C., Civil Engineer, Narberth, Pennsylvania. SHARER, CARL W., Superintendent of Equipment, The Keystone Telephone Company, and,

for mail, 446 East Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SHARP, Dr.

CLAYTON H., Technical Director, Electrical Testing Laboratories, 8oth Street and East End Avenue, New York City, New York. SHARP, W. H., Paper Manufacturer, The Wellington, 19th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. SHARPLES, STEPHEN P., Chemical Engineer, 22 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massa

chusetts. SHATTUCK, A. F., Chief Chemist, Solvay Process Company, and for mail, 614 Canon Drive,

Beverly Hills, California. SHATTUCK, JOHN D., Gas Engineer, Chester, Pennsylvania. SHIMER, PORTER W., Chemist and Metallurgist, Easton, Pennsylvania. SHMIDHEISER, W. A., Mechanical Engineer, The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania,

and for mail, 6017 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SHOBER, SAMUEL L., Special Representative, Union Switch and Signal Company, and for

mail, Rittenhouse Club, 1811 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. SHOEMAKER, SAMUEL, Builder and Real Estate, 1132 Land Title Building, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. SHOEMAKER, THOMAS H., (Retired), 120 West Tulpehocken Street, Germantown, Phila

delphia, Pennsylvania. SILLCOX, LEWIS K., Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Herrick Road, Box 579, Riverside,

Illinois. SIMS, Rear Admiral WILLIAM S., U.S.N., General Board Naval War College, Newport,

Rhode Island. SIMSOHN, JULIAN STERN, Chemist, S. E. corner Broad Street and Girard Avenue, Phila

delphia, Pennsylvania. SINKLER, JOHN P. B., Architect, 412 Otis Building, 112 South 16th Street, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. SKINNER, C. E., Engineer, Research Division, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing

Company, East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. SKINNER, H. J., Vice-President, Arthur D. Little, Incorporated, 71 West Chestnut Street,

Wakefield, Massachusetts. SKINNER, ORVILLE CAMPBELL, Metallurgical Engineer, Superintendent, Standard Steel

Works, Burnham, Pennsylvania. SLATER, HOWARD C., Mechanical Engineer, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. SMALLING, ELMER, JR., Student, 2939 North Camac Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SMITH, A. D. W., Mining Engineer, Coal Exchange Building, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. SMITH, ALBERT W., Professor of Industrial Chemistry, Case School of Applied Science,

and for mail, 11333 Bellflower Road, Cleveland, Ohio. SMITH, A. T., in care of The Permutit Company, 440 Fourth Avenue, New York City, New

York. SMITH, AUGUSTUS, Civil Engineer, Elizabeth, R. F. D. No. 2, New Jersey. SMITH, EDWARD W., Chemical Engineer, 735 East Penn Street, Germantown, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania. SMITH, FRANK W., Vice President and General Manager, The United Electric Light and

Power Company, 130 East 15th Street, New York City, New York. SMITH, HASELTINE, Insurance Broker, 326 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SMITH, HERBERT, S. S., Professor of Civil Engineering, 205 Wallace Street, Stroudsburg,

Pennsylvania. SMITH, IRVING B., Chief of Research Department, Leeds and Northrup Company, and for

mail. Ambler, Pennsylvania.

SMITH, J. WALDO, Chief Engineer, Board of Water Supply, City of New York, Municipal

Building, New York City, New York. SMITH, Dr. LESLIE DENIS, 406 Rutland Courts, 1725 17th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. SMITH, N. W., Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Room 372, Broad Street Station, Phila

delphia, Pennsylvania. SMITH, OBERLIN, Mechanical Engineer and Manufacturer, in care of Ferracute Machine

Company, Bridgeton, New Jersey. SMITH, P. F., JR., Manager, Altoona Works, Pennsylvania System, Altoona, Pennsylvania. SMITH, S. D., Machinist, 1616 North Redfield Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SMITH, WALTER B., Builder, 6490 Woodbine Avenue, Overbrook, Philadelphia, Penn

sylvania. SMITH, W. HINCKLE, Banker, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. SMITH, W. LEIGH, Chemist, The Viscose Company, Box 171, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. SNELLENBERG, SAMUEL, Merchant, Market and Twelfth Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsyl

vania. SNELLING, WALTER O., Research Chemist, 208 North 5th Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania. SNOOK, H. CLYDE, Electrical Engineer, c/o Western Electric Company, 463 West Street,

New York City, New York. SNYDER, CLINTON F., Chemist, Minersville, Pennsylvania. SNYDER, Professor MONROE B., Teacher and Astronomer, 111 Grand View Road, Ardmore,

Pennsylvania. SOULAS, CHARLES W., Hotel Proprietor, 2022 N. Park Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsyl

vania. SOUTHALL, JAMES P. C., Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University, New York

City, New York. SPACKMAN, H. S., President, Henry S. Spackman Engineering Company, 2024 Arch Street,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SPENCER, H. B., President, Fruit Growers' Express Company, Munsey Building,

Washington, D. C. SPENCER, PAUL, Electrical Engineer, The United Gas Improvement Company, Broad and

Arch Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SPENCER, THOMAS, Engineer, 3523 Balsam Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. SPERR, F. W., Jr., Chief Chemist, The H. Koppers Company, Laboratory, Mellon Institute,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. SPERRY, ELMER A., Engineer, The Sperry Gyroscope Company, Sperry Building, Manhattan

Bridge Plaza, Brooklyn, New York. SPICER, H. N., Metallurgical Engineer, The Architects Building, 101 Park Avenue, New York

City, New York. SPITZ, SAMUEL, Inventor, 372 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, California. SPITZGLASS, J. M., Mechanical Engineer, 2240 Diversey Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois. SPRAGUE, FRANK J., Consulting Engineer, President, Sprague Safety Control & Signal Cor

poration, 421 Canal Street, New York City, New York. SPRONG, S. D., Electrical Engineer, Atlantic Utilities Corporation, 2 Rector Street, New York

City, New York. SPRUANCE, W. C., Vice President, in Charge of Production Department, E. I. du Pont de

Nemours and Company, and for mail, 2507 West 17th Street, Wilmington, Delaware. SQUIER, GEORGE OWEN, Major General, Chief Signal Officer, U. S. Army, K. C. M. G.,

D. S. C., War Department, Washington, D. C. STANFORD, H. R., Captain Civil Engineer, (C.E.C.), U.S.N., Naval Operating Base, Hampton

Roads, Norfolk, Virginia. STANLEY, FRANK A., Editor, East Auburn, California. STEEL, JOSEPH M., Building Constructor, 1600 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. STEIN, A., Manufacturer, 97 Gold Street, New York City, New York. STEINMETZ, Dr. CHARLES P., Chief Consulting Engineer, General Electric Company, and

Professor of Electro-Physics, Union College, and for mail, Wendell Avenue, Schenectady,

New York STEINMETZ, JOSEPH ALLISON, Designer, Janney, Steinmetz and Company, 1421 Chestnut

Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. STEINMETZ, SPENCER J., 31 Evans Road, Brookline, Massachusetts. STEUBER, HENRY J., Chemist, 509 South roth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. STEVENS, F. S., Engineer Maintenance of Way, Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company,

and for mail. 540 North 5th Street, Reading, Pennsylvania. STEVENS, JOHN S., 9th Street and Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. STEVENSON, Dr. A. R., Jr., Electrical Engineer, General Electric Company, 6 Union Street,

Schenectady, New York.

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