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ARTICLE I.--Investigations. SECTION 1. The Committee shall investigate, by sub-committee or otherwise, any subject referred to it by the Institute or by any of its sections ; and upon a majority vote of the members present at any stated meeting, it may investigate any subject presented on motion of a member of by application as herein provided.

Sec. 2. Secret processes of compounds will not be considered by the Committee; nor will the treatment at materials by any sustance be considered, unless the composition used and the method of treatment are fully disclosed.

Sec. 3. An applicant for investigation of a subject will be furnished by the Secretary with a copy of the regulations governing investigations.

Sec. 4. An application for investigation shall be made in writing on a blank, substantially like "Form A” below, which may be obtained from the Secretary. This application shall be addressed to the Secretary, who will upon receipt refer it to the Sub-Committee on New Subjects and Preliminary Examination; this sub-committee shall recommend to the Committee is acceptance or rejection, upon which the Secretary shall notify the applicant accordingly.

SEC. 5. It shall not be competent for any member of the Committee on Science and the Arts to be an applicant for any of the awards in the gift, or under the recommendation, of the said Committee, unless the subject for award be referred to the Committee by a vote of the Institute.

ARTICLE II.—Meetings of the Committee. SECTION 1. The Committee shall hold stated meetings at 8 o'clock P.M. on the first Wednesday of each month, excepting July and August.

Sec. 2. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman, and shall be called by him upon the written request of five members of the Committee.

Sec. 3. At all meetings of the Committee nine members shall constitute a quorum for transacting general business, but for final action upon a report conferring or recommending an award or for amending the rules of the Committee, a quorum shall consist of not less than fifteen members.

SEC. 4. At its stated meeting the Committee shall proceed in the following

Order of Business:
1. Calling the roll.
2. Reading of the minutes of preceding meeting.
3. Reading of correspondence.

4. Approval of bills.
5. Report of Sub-Committee on New Subjects and Preliminary Ex-

6. Reports of standing and special sub-committees.
7. Consideration of reports for final action.
8. Reports of sub-committees on investigation, first reading.
9. Deferred business.
10. New business.
II. Adjournment.

Sec. 5. Members shall not be entitled to the floor more than twice on any question without the consent of the Committee.

Sec. 6. There shall be no debate on points of order except on an appeal from the decision of the Chairman, or on a question referred by him to the Committee. In such cases no member shall have the floor more than once without the consent of the Committee.

ARTICLE III.-Chairman. SECTION 1. Nominations for a Chairman to serve for one year shall be made at the stated meeting of the Committee in February, and the election shall be by ballot at the same meeting, when the person receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. He shall immediately assume office and shall perform his duties until his successor is installed. He shall not be eligible for election in two successive terms.

Sec. 2. The Chairman shall appoint the members of all sub-committees unless otherwise ordered, and may serve ex officio on all sub-committees except those charged with investigations.

Sec. 3. The election of a member as Chairman shall be held to vacate his membership of any and all sub-committees on investigation on which he may be serving, except if he has the report of such Committee prepared or in preparation, in which case he shall complete his work, but when such report is presented for consideration, he shall call on another member to preside while the subject is under discussion.

Sec. 4. The Chairman shall submit to the stated meetings of the Board of Managers in October, December, February, April, and June of each year, a report of the number of investigations pending before the Committee, the number disposed of since the last report, with the action taken or award made in each case, and the number and nature of new investigations undertaken since the last report, and such other information as to the work of the Committee as the Board of Managers may require. He shall also report to the stated meetings of the Institute such recent action of the Committee as he may deem of interest.

ARTICLE IV:-Standing Sub-Committees. SECTION 1. There shall be appointed each February by the Chairman a sub-committee of not less than five members of the Committee, to be styled the “Sub-Committee on New Subjects and Preliminary Examination.” The

duties of this sub-committee shall be to keep a general observation of progress made in science and the arts and to report to the Committee subjects adjudged worthy of investigation; to co-operate with the Secretary in keeping the work of the Committee properly before the public, and to recommend at each regular meeting the acceptance or otherwise of all applications for investigation. This sub-committee shall meet at least once prior to each regular meeting of the Committee.

SEC. 2. There shall be appointed each April by the Chairman from the membership with the consent and approval of the Committee, a subcommittee styled the “Sub-Committee on Literature.” It shall be the duty of this sub-committee to examine carefully all papers that have been presented to the Institute and published in its Journal during the current year, and to report to the Committee not later than the following April meeting which of these papers deserve the award of, viz. :

1. The Howard N. Potts Medal;
2. The Certificate of Merit.

The Institute, through the Committee, may award said medals to the authors of papers so recommended, except that it shall not so award more than one Potts Medal in any one year.

The Sub-Committee on Literature shall also consider any publication or treatise devoted to science or the mechanic arts, submitted by the Committee, and if in its judgment said work appears to be of unusual merit it may recommend that its author be awarded the Potts Medal, provided that such medal shall not be so awarded more than once in any one year.

Advertisement of these awards shall not be required.

Sec. 3. There shall be appointed annually by the Chairman from the membership a sub-committee styled the “ Sub-Committee on Awarding the Franklin Medal,” the duty of which shall be to make recommendations of the award of this medal under the provisions of the deed of gift.

ARTICLE V.-Sub-Committees on Investigation of Applications.

SECTION 1. Upon the acceptance of an application for investigation, a sub-committee shall be appointed by the Chairman to conduct the investigation.

SEC. 2. Sub-committees shall be appointed from the membership of the Committee, but they may include a minority of other persons whose expert services are desired in the examination.

Sec. 3. When the personnel of a sub-committee on investigation is finally determined, a notice shall be sent to each member thereof giving the names of the members of the sub-committee and setting forth the regulations governing investigations.

Sec. 4. No person shall be a member of a sub-committee on investigation who is interested in the issue.

Sec. 5. After a subject has been assigned to a sub-committee for investigation it shall not be withdrawn without the consent of the Committee

Sec. 6. When the Secretary has obtained the necessary information from che applicant, he shall notify the sub-committee, who shall then proceed with the investigation.

Sec. 7. Correspondence between the sub-committee and the applicant must be carried on through the office of the Secretary, in order that the official records shall be complete.

Sec. 8. Sub-committees shall whenever possible make direct examination and tests of the subject under investigation, and shall not accept tests, data or information furnished by others without first satisfying themselves as to the accuracy thereof. They shall in no case recommend an award solely on the basis of tests, data or information furnished by parties in any way interested in the subject of the award. When data submitted by persons not members of the sub-committee are included in the latter's report, it shall be so stated.

Sec. 9. Sub-committees must ascertain that articles, processes, products, etc., examined are genuine samples of the subject under investigation.

Sec. 10. Each sub-committee on investigation shall report its progress to the Committee at intervals of not more than two consecutive stated meetings; and any sub-committee failing so to report for four consecutive stated meetings may be discharged from further consideration of the subject at the discretion of the Chairman, who shall then appoint a new sub-committee to continue the investigation.

Sec. 11. Any member of a sub-committee on investigation failing to discharge his duties may be replaced by another member at the discretion of the Chairman.

SEC. 12. Sub-committees may request applicants to furnish drawings, diagrams or other exhibits for the purpose of investigations and for the records of the Committee.

Sec. 13. When it is found that the subject under investigation has become involved in litigation, the sub-committee shall defer further action until the litigation is terminated, or the Committee decides that the subcommittee may proceed.

ARTICLE VI.-Sub-Committee Meetings. SECTION 1. A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of a sub-committee, properly called, shall consist of the one or more members present.

Sec. 2. No applicant or other person interested in the issue of an investigation shall be present at a meeting of a sub-committee or of the Committee except at the invitation of the sub-committee charged with the investigation.

ARTICLE VII.-Sub-Committees' Reports.

SECTION 1. Reports of progress and final reports of sub-committees shall be made to the Committee in writing. Final reports shall begin and end substantially as indicated in Form B.


The following awards are made by The Franklin Institute:

The Franklin Medal.
The Elliott Cresson Medal.
The Howard N. Potts Medal.
The Edward Longstreth Medal.
The Certificate of Merit.

The Boyden Premium. The making or recommending of these awards is, by resolution of the Institute, entrusted to its Committee on Science and the Arts, a Committee consisting of sixty members of the Institute. This Committee recommends to the Institute the award of the Franklin Medal to distinguished scientists or technologists; and investigates, upon application, and reports on any worthy invention, discovery of process, recommending the award, according to merit, of the Elliot Cresson Medal, the Howard N. Potts Medal, the Edward Longstreth Medal, or the Certificate of Merit.

The Franklin Medal (Gold Medal and Diploma).—This medal is awarded annually from the Franklin Medal Fund, founded January 1, 1914, by Samuel Insull, Esq., to those workers in physical science or technology, without regard to country, whose efforts, in the opinion of the Institute, acting through its Committee on Science and the Arts, have done most to advance a knowledge of physical science or its applications.

The Elliott Cresson Medal (Gold Medal and Diploma).-This medal is awarded for discovery or original research, adding to the sum of human knowledge, irrespective of commercial value; leading and practical utilizations of discovery; and invention, methods or products embodying substantial elements of leadership in their respective classes, or unusual skill or perfection in workmanship.

The Howard N. Potts Medal (Gold Medal and Diploma).-This medal is awarded for distinguished work in science or the arts; important development of previous basic discoveries; inventions or products of superior excellence or utilizing important principles; and for papers of especial merit that have been presented to the Institute and published in its JOURNAL.

The Edward Longstreth Medal (Silver Medal and Diploma).—This medal, with a money premium when the accumulated interest of the fund permits, is awarded for meritorious work in science or the arts. In the

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