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At Albion Hayes, Mrs. Dalt.

terton, of Brittol, to Mifs Cooke; of KingsAc Coleban, Mrs. Roden, of the Seven down. Stars.

At Gloucester, Mr. George Wood, statuary, At Uffington, Mrs. Aris, wife of James to Miss Mary Bryan. A ela.

Mr. Hayward, surgeon of Stow, to Miss At Cressage, Miss Frances Pritchard. Bulby, eldest daughter of George B. esq., of Ar Welshpool, John Meredith Williams, Sarsden, Oxon. efq. of Dolannog, Montgomeryihire.

Died.] At Gloucester, of the small-pox, WORCESTERSHIRE.

Mr. Thomas Morgan, of the Duke public. Married ] At Worcester, the Rev. w. house - Mr. Evans. Stafford, reator of St. Clements, to Miss Ac Tecbury, Mrs. M‘Gaff, late of the Thanplan, daughter of Mr. 'T. of Henwick. Prince and Princess, 77.--Mr. Tho. Alexan-Mr. Tho. Viner, of Hungerford, Bucks, der, school mailer, of Terbury; who never to Mifs Penelope Lee, daughter of Mr. John L. Sept a night from his own house during a lite

At Scagely, the Rev. P. Robinson, of Dud- of 60 years: he has bequeathed his property lsy, to mits Fereday, daughter of Mr. F. of to various charities, amongst which' he has Etringball Park.

ordered a bible to be given to every couple that At Bretforcon, Mt. Hall, to Miss Ahwin, may hereafter be married at 'f' daughter of James A. esq.

Mr. John Ranger. At Blockicy, Mr. Stort, of Coventry, to Near Stroud, Mrs. Grimes, relict of Mr. Milo Sulan Fretwell, daughter of the late Sam. G. 02. Thousas F., ely. of Upton-upon-Would. Ač Old Street House, near Blakeney, Mrs.

At Norton, near Evesham, Mr. R. Lunn, Jones, wife of Mr. J., purveyor of his majesto MG Morris, daughter of Wm. M. esq. ty's forest of Dean, 48.

Deed.] At Worcester, Mr. George Wain- At Pitchcomb, John Carruthers, esq. wright, gloves. Dr. Shaw, formerly a phy- At Berkley, Mrs. Märklove, reli&t of Rob. bcian, of Windsor.-Mr. Luke Pyfinch. M., efq., 85. - Mis Smith, niece of Mt. Davies, of the At Newland, W. Wood, gent. late surgeon Catle.-Mrs Brazier, wife of Mr. B. of of the 64ch regiment, and apothecary co his St John's.-Mrs. Dipper, wife of Mr. D. ha- majesty's forces. berdather of the crois.

At Cheltenham, Charles George, erg. At Perihore, Charles Selwood Marriott, efa., 30.

The following subjects are proposed for the At Bewdley, Mrs. Jackson, 81.

Chancellor's Prizes at Oxford, for the year edi. At Bretiorton, Mr. Hancock.-Mr. Cote fuing --For Latin Verses. -Plata Fluvius ; uel Corbet, 86.

for an English Effay - On Duelling. REREPORDSAIRE.

Married.] At Steeple Aihton, Richard Par. Married.) At Hereford, Mr. W. Thack. kinson, esq. fon of Leonard P. etg. of Kinway, to M É Meredith.-Mr. Wakefield, fure Dersley Castle, Herefordshire, to Miss Lech. foon, of Peatonville, London, to Mifs Sophia mere, daughter of Captain L. of the Royal Thackway, second daughter of Mr. T. Navy.

At Kington, Mr. Mitchell, surgeon, to Miss Ai Crowell, Mr. R. Kimber, to Miss WigMeredith, eideft daughter of Mr. John M. gins of Pyrton

Daed.) At Hereford, Mrs. Havard, wife of Dicd.). At Woodstock, Joseph Brooks, esq. Mr. H. 50.-Mrs. Gough of the Nelson pub- Ac Oxford, the Rev. Charles Leslie, 58 ; lic-house.

chaplain to the Roman Catholic congregation At Rofs, at the house of her uncle, Mr. in that city. Mrs. Evans, wife of Mr. E. of Parridge, Mifs Campbell, filter to Captain A. Sidbury, Worcester.-Mrs. Blayney, widow Campbell, in the Eat India Company's fer. of Dr. B., canon of Christ Church. --Mrs. vie, 27.

Cresswell, widow of Major C., and sister to At Kington, Mr. I. E. Troughton, eldest the Rev. Dr. Cote, of Exeter College, 45 for or the Rev Mr. T of Weoply, 17. Mr. George Wells, 48.---Mrs. Preebum, 83. At Whitchurch, Ms. Edward Gardiner. --Mrs. Gilbert, fifter of Thomas G., esq., of At Leominster, W. Doppa, efq. 77. Henley on Thames, 49. Mrs. Shellard. At Staunton upon Arrow, Mrs. Wynde, At Wood itock, Mr. Joseph Brooks, many Wife of Mr. W.

years in the service of the duke of Muribus At Credenhill, Richard Eckley, esq. rough, but litterly a banker..Mrs. Billings, At Luntiey, Mifs Sheward, daughter of 86. Str. S. of Ludlow, Salop, 15.

At Bampton, Joseph Andrews, csq., 82; GLOUCESTERSHIRL.

fornierly a furgeon and apothecary of that Married) MRobert S. Walker, of Brir. place u. considerable eminence, but who had tol, ta Mis Eliza ). Walton, fifth daughter retired from business for fume years, Licut Colonel W. of Chartield.

Ar Culham, Ms, Matthew Phillips, tbird Ar Tewkesbury, Mr. Samuel Chandler, to son of the late John P efq. Mi Elisabeth Min.

Ar Wolvercut, Mr. Jolin Swaon, an emi: al Weary-upon-Trym, Me. Ceo. Tit. nent paper-naker, 38. MOKTALY MAG, No. 153.


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Obitum Gulielmi Pitt. Epigrams.--Méza NORTHAMPTONSHIR L. Married.] Mr. Tresove, surgeon of Clip- Bußrior rége Kaxóv. fone, to Miss Bullivant, daughter of the late The Trustees for the Hulsean prize have Rev. Jolin B. rector of Marston Trussel. given notice, that a premium of forty pounds

At Northampton, Mr. Joseph H Lomas, will this year be given for the best Critical of Leicester, to Miss Manning, daaghter of Eljay on the Ninih Bock of Bishop Warburton's Win. Mi, era

Divine Legation of Mofes.- The Rev. Clau. At Welford, Mr. W. Adkins, of Lothbury, dius Buchanan, Vice-President of the Col. Bucks, to Miss Mary Lowel, fecond daughter lege at Fort William, in Bengal, having proof Mr. J. Cook 1

pored, that two sermons shall be preached beAt Harpole, Mr. Collier, schoolmaster to

fore the University on the subject of Tranjla. Mirs Smith,

ring ibe Scriptures into tbe Oriental Languages, Mr. Harris, surgeon and apothecary of by Tuch members of the university as the uni. Long Buckby, to Miss Sarah Coach, of Har. Persity may appoint, and at such times as may lefton.

be convenient; and having requested that Ped.) The Rev. Joseph Lodington, vicar of each of the preachers will accept the fum of Ounale, Northamptonshire, and of Horbling, thirty guincas, to be, paid by Messrs. Boehm Lincolshire, formerly of Sydney College, and Co. London, on delivery of a printed Cambridge, B.A. 1777; M. A. 1780. copy of the sermons for the college of Fort

At Stamford, Mr. Alderman Elgen. --Mrs. William in Bengal :-The Vice-Chancellor, Gilchrist, wife of Mr Horatio G.

with the concurrence of the heads of colleges, At Oundle, Mrs Sugars, wife of Mr. S. has given notics, that a grace will be offered

At Northampton, Mr. John F. Taylor, 75. to the senate, early in the next term, for veft. -Mr Francis w. jeyes, attorney.-Mrs. ing the election of the said preachers, and the Eliz. Davie, 94,

appointment of the days of preacbing, in the At Kingsutton, Mr. W. Lovell, 39.

Vice-Chancellor, the Regius and Norrifian At Thornhaugh, Mrs. Scotney, wife of Mr. Pro.efiors of Divinity, or their Deputies, and R. S.

the two Proctors, or a majority of them, of At Elton, Mr. Clayson, of the World's whom the Vice-Chancellor shall be one. End Inn.

Died.] At Saffron Walden, Mrs. Sparrow. At Badby, Mr. Rob. Marriot, 63.

At Cottenham, John Callender, cfq.

At Cambridge, Mrs. Jackson, relict of Ms.

1. apothecary. -Mr. John Golland. -Mr. W. The military schools at Marlow and Wy- Cooper, formerly a bookseller on the market Combe, are to be removed to Winchester, as hill. --Mr. Peter Spencely: -Mr. T. Scott. foon as the necellary arrangements can be The Rev. Baptist Proby, D.D. dean of made for that purpose.

Litchfield, re&or of Doddington, in the isle HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

of Ely, and of Thornhaugh and Wanstora in Married.] Mr. Edward Martin, of Bramp- Northamptoníhire, and formerly of Jerus

College, Cambridge, where he proceeded ton Lodge, to Miss Stephenson, of Buckden. Mr. John Waller, of sturtloe, to Mifs F. B.A. 1747, M.A. 1755, and D.D. 1769.

He had held Doddington, which is faid to be Martin, of Brampton Lodge.

the most valuable rectory in the kingdom, upMr. Robert Underwood, of Ipswich, to Miss

wards of 55 years. Sir Henry Peyton is the Sufanna Ashton, eldett daughter of Mr. John

patron of Doddington, and Thornhaugh and A. of St. Ives. Died.) At Fletton, Mrs. Maxwell, wife of Wansford are in the gift of the Duke of Bed

ford. George M. esq. At St. Ives, Mrs. Hutchinson, wife of Mr. calle, Tecond son of the Rev. Wm. M., 19.

At Ely, Mrs. Cuttris, 92.-Mr. R. Met. Tho. H.-Mr. John Conftable, 64.–Mr. John

- The Rev. Lewis Jones, vicar of Witchford, Barnes.

82. He was formerly of Jesus College, CainAt Huntingdon, Mrs. Trufion, wife of lieu

bridge, B.A. 17-45, M.A. 1749.-Henry tcnant T., of the royal marines. At Alwalcon, Sir R. Hetley, 69. He

Lawrence, gent.

At March, Miss Ann Townsend, youngest served the office of high sheriff for the county in 1800, and received the honour of knight daughter of the late Mr. S. attorney, oi Downs

ham Market, 22. hood on occafion of presenting the address to bis maje ty to congratulate him on his happy

Married.) At Lakenheath, Mr. Henry cscape from aitaffination by Hatfield.

Belt, furgeon of Thetford, to Miss Waddelow, CANBRIDGESHIRE.

eldest daughter of Mr. Matthew W., of Und. The subject of the poem for Mr. Seaton's ley Hall, Suffolk. prize for the present year, is The Shiptureck of At North Repps, John Gurney, jun. esque St. Paul.-The lubjes appointed by the of Lynn, to Miss Eliz. Gurney, daughter of Vice-Chanceller for Sir W. Browne's Medals Richard G. esq. of Keswick. for the prefent year are, for the Odes-In At Lynn, Jotkua Hewitson, elg. of Hick.





ley House, Northumberland, to Miss Craw. S. 67.---Mr. J. Noble.-Ms. Samuel Smithe forth, daughter of Mr. C., surgeon.

-Mrs. Peyflet. Mr. R. Marley, late of the The Rev. John Lloyd, of Bar .ey, to Miss Spread Eagle Baker, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. B , of Ac Toftock, Mr. John Owers, jun. 31. Cawiton.

At Newmarket, Mrs. Binficld, 56. Died.] At Buckingham house, the Rev. At Ipswich, Mrs. Stifted, mother of Cha. Mr. Patterson, chaplain to Lord Petre. S., efq., 80 --Mrs. Mann, relict of Giboa

At Norwich, Sarah Rickwood, aged 49 M., esq., 60. years. For the last fix years of her life this At Redgrave, John Garnham, gent. 88. poor woman supported, with admirable forti At Rickinghall, Mrs. Ventris, widow of mode, the complicated mileries of one of the the Rev. rir. V rector of Burgate and Dranmost astonishing cales of dropsy on record. In don cum Wangford, 85. te courte of about 50 months, the was tapped At Sudbury, Mr. S. Oliver, one of the al. 38 times, and discharged 350 gallons of a dermen of that corporation. Hard, weighing 4666 troy pounds. The greatest quantity discharged at one operation mcatured 11 gullons, and weighed 1534 lbs. Died.) At New-Hall, Miss Henrietta

Mr. Anguish, widow of the late Tho. A., Fermor, 34. She was the second surviving esq. accomptam general of the court of chan- daughter of the late William F. efq. of Tufcery, and mother to the duchess dowager of more,

Oxfordshire Leds. Mr. J. Dunn, 38—Mr. R Atterton, At Colchester, Mr. Samuel Carr, 72.4.-Mrs. Cooper, 87.-Miss MaryBranch. Mrs Abell, wife of Mr. Frank A. -Miss Barel im, only daughter of Mrs. B., Ac Rayleigh, Mr. Joseph C. Emery, riding 16 ~ Miss Jane Reynolds, fourth daughter of officer of the customs. Mr. Charlex R.-Mrs Webster, wite of Mr. At Great Baddow, Miss Cordelia Larcher, W. of the Maid's Head Inn.

second daughter of Mr. Philip L. At Welt acres High House, Mrs. Ham. At West Mersea, Mr. Thomas Cooke, 38. mond, wife of Anthony H. erg. 60.

At Langford Hall, William, only fon of the At Mattiihall, Miss Anna Maria Donne, late Mr. William Jarvis, 15. Founge daughter of the late William D., erqu, of Heigham-Lodge, near Norwich.

XENT. At Edgefield-house, Mr. Thomas Marcon, From the report of the managers of the in the 17th year of his age, youngest bro. General Kent and Canterbury Hospital, for ther of John Marcon, era of Swaltham. the last year, it appears that the in and ont.

at Trowse Hall, Mrs. Money, 93. patients on thc 311t of December, 1805, were A: Lynn, Mr. Jofeph Parker, 58.-Mrs. 126 ; and that 592 persons have been lince Shipp, wife of Mr. James S, 26.

admitted. Of there have been discharged Mra Ansdell, wife of the Rev. James A., cured 294; received benefit 62; discharged for vicar of Shoreham, 81.

irregularity 25; died 43. The number reAt Thetford, John Rolfe, esą many years maining in the house is 36; and the outone of the principal burgesses of that bo- patients on the books are 100. During the Juagh, 81

fame period 384 persons have been inoculated A: Yarmouth, Mr B. Thompson, 76. with the cow-pox, at the hospital, gratis. SUFFOLK

Married.] At Canterbury, Mr. George Married.] Nicholas Freeman, efq. of Box- Ash, jun. to Miss Culmer.-Mr. Joseph Jacobs, ted, ta Miss Simpson, daughter of E. F. Simp- of London, to Miss Esther Solomuns. lea, elq oi Stoke, by Nayland.

At Cranbrook, Mr. James Blacket, of At Ipswich, Mr. Thomas D. Huffler, of Southwark, to Miss H. Ralph, third daughter Drinkitone, to Mifs Ecclestone.- Mr. Pidcock, of the Rev. Mr. R. of Maidstone. of London, to Miss Sarah Barker, daughter At Maidltone, William Stileman, erg. of to Mr. Joseph B. of Sudbury.--Mr. Mich. the War-otlice, to Miss Stevenson, client Suurey, ichvolmaiter, to Miss L. Scott, both daughter of Mrs. S. of woolpit.-Mr. T. Gray, jun. of the At Folkstone. Mr. George Sampson, sure Fleece Inn, Needham, to Miss Sarah Hunt. veyor of the Customs, to Mrs. Alary Beffant. --W. W. Plumb, of London, to Miss Died] At Canterbury, Mr. Townsend, Encon, eldet daughter of Mr. S. Bacon, third daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Dr. T. ol L shall

formerly Dean of Norwich.--Mr. John BasA1 Wovábridge, Lieutenant Francis, of kerville, 70.--Mr. John Emery, 66. Mr. te Wett Kent regiment of militia, to Miis Robert Furley, of the Mermaid Inn. Vuss, daughter of Thomas V., M.D. of the At Dover, Mrs. Aphra Kennett, youngest Partiampton milícia.

daughter of the late Matthew K, efq. 46. Dind.] At Wallham-le-Willows, Mr. Ed- Mrs. Elve, wife of Mr. John E. mund Rogers, 73. He was master of the re- Ac Sittingbourn, Thomas Torge, csq. tidakle boarding school at that place 46 Ac Tunbridge, Mr. Cunfield, of the Loz.

gerheads inn. At Bary, Mrs. Cockledgc.-Mr. John At Maiditone, Miss Fletcher.--Mrs. Stew. Sicpion - Mrs. Sutton, relå of Mr. Rob. art, relict of Daniel Stewart, guar.

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At Sanford, Mr. Charies Maggs, of Melk. Married.] At Beddington, the Rev. Philip ham, Wilts. to Miss Ann Herberts, of Bule L. Story, second son of the Rev. Philip S. of lock Piers farm, near Oxford. Lockington Hall, Leicestershire, to Miss At Hurley, the Rev. William Wheeler, Lydia Baring, daughter of Sir Francis B. bart. A.M. fellow of Magdalen college, Oxford, Died.] At Kingston, Abraham Goodwin, esq. and chaplain to the royal military college at

At Cattle Grove, Chobham, Bartholomew Marlow, to the eldek daughter of John Man. Churchill, esq. 71.

gles, cla. At Thurp, George Auriol, second son of Died.) At Winterbourn, Ms. Fidler, 104. James Peter A. esq. of Park-itreet, London, 7. Ac Abingdon, Mrs. H. Woolley, 91. At Egham, the wife of Mr. J. R. Webb. At Windsor, Mrs. Jenner, 85. Mrs.

Smith, wife of Mı. S.--Mrs. Hammersley,

98.-Mr. Spicer. Died.] At Alhcon, Lady Eyles, reli&t of At Steventon, Mr. Scarcebrook, of the Sir Joseph E.

king's arms, 74. At Brighton, Mr Thomas Mitchell. At Newbury, Mrs. Holditch, milliner,

At Robertsbridge, while eating his dinner,
Mr. Noakes, a wealthy yeoman, 78.
At Rye, Jeremiah Curtis, esq. 72.

As some labourers were digging a few days At Peasemaríh, Miss Smith, youngest fince near Walcot church, Bath, about twelve daughter of the Rev. Mr. S. 18.

fèct below che surface, they discovered two At Bellingby Park farm, Mr. $. Rickman. rouleaus encrusted in mortar ; on breaking

At Lewes, Stephen Weller, gent.66.-Mrs. them, they were found to contain about 7080 Gring. --Miss Sarah Ann Beft youngest daugh. (mall silver coins, Roman, Numidian and ter of the late Mr. Thomas B. 15.---Mr. Carthaginian ; none of a later date than some Hugh Poole, many years house steward to the ofte earlier Cæfars. This ancient treasure, late Earl ot Chichester.

which is in high preservation, must have beAt Climping, Ms. George Boniface. longed to some curious collector of a former At Chichester, Mr. Lawrence,

age : it is intended by the gentleman, who has fortunately obtained poflellion of it, to be sent

to the Antiquarian Society. It is said that the projected canal from Married.j At South Brent, Joseph RurSouthampton to Salisbury, which has for some comb Poule, esg. or Bridgwater, to Miss Stone, time luin in an unfinished itate, will be com- eldest daughter of George S. esg. of Somerset pleted; an eligible proposition having been Farm. made to the proprietors to effc&t this defirable Ai Caftle-Cary, Thomas Foaks, esq. of purpose.

Penzance, to Miss Woodforde, daughter of Married ] At Buldre church, in the New

the Rev. Mr. W. Foreft, John Wilson, esq. of St. Kitt's, to At Bristol, Mr Robert Shiercliff Walker, Miss Irwin, eldest daughter of the late James to Miss Eliza Julia Walton, fifth dwughter of 1. elg. one of the directors of the East India Licut Col. Walton, of Charfield, Glocefter. Company,

Shire. At Stoke, Mr. Thomas Holland, of Peter's At Taunton, Lieut. Col. Prevost, to Miss field, to Miis Charlotte Port, third daughter Henrietta, second daughter of C. Hamilton, ol Mr. P. of Westmarket.

esq. of Hamwood, Ireland. At Wincheiter, Mr. J. Brown, to Miss

Died.) Ac Bristol, William James Ro. Leach.--Mr. Marks, to Mrs. Leader, widow

berts era of a consumption, aged 21. The of Mr. L. n; the coach and horfisinn

progress of his discale was accelerated by Died.) At Droxford, aged 54, Mrs. Burch, clole applicution to a fedentary employment, wife of Mr. H. Burch, master of the academy: and by too severe a pursuit of literary in. Her unaliuming manners, and the unaffected pruvement. Evincing at an early age fine pogoodness of her difpofition, endeared her not

etical talents, the cultivation of there was the only to her relatives, but to all her acquain. delight of his tranhent life, and his folace

from the fatigues of a laborious profeflion. At Coldrey, near Alton, Mrs. Warton, His Poems dispiay an elegance and playfulness widow of the Rev. Dr. W. bead naler of of fancy, with great, boldnets of imagination. Winthetter college.

A volume of these will Mortly te publishAt Portsmouth, Licut. J. Smith. commander ed. His brief period of earthly existence, of the Crown priton chip, Sir Thornborough,

was marked by no deviations from rectitude, fchool master.-Mrs. Chaldecott.-Mrs. Bet

no neglect of moral or Social duties. Pale and terworth, wile of Mr. George B 65.-Mrs. folitary, by the midnight lump, he nutsed Randall, relict of Lieutenant R. of the Royal the hope or future tame : and when parting Taavy.

from a world whose charms hud not yet palied EER KSHIRE.

upon his cajoyment, the feelings of nature, Married ] R. B. Fisher, ciqof Pembroke and the vanity or carthly hope, mingled with college, Oxford, to Miis Hopkins, daugliter his reflections; and his latt prayer to Heaven of Juleph H. esq. oi Cholicy.

was for rcliguation



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As Bath, Miss Frances Mall, daughter of serve to be recorded by the community at 5. Hall, elg. 14. Mrs. Harvey. - Mrs. large; while the piety of the fon, the ten. Laders, wife of Alexander L. efq. -Captain derness of the husband, the solitude of the paWillon. Mrs. Dutton, relict of Ralph D. rent, the kindnese of the relation, the confiderefa brother of Lord Sherborne, the once ration of the master, the warmth of the friend, lovely Honoria Gubbins, whose accomplish- the urbanity and hilarity of the companion, by ments, amiable difpoficion, vocal powers, his family, domeftics, and acquaintance, the and refined tafte, were so long the theme of more immediate objects of his affectionate ata praise. The youngest son of Charles Walmer- tention, will never be forgotten. This summary ley, esą. -Mr. Jones, many years a wine of the virtues of a moft worthy, and,alas ! se mercbant, 87.

gretted member of society, while it hardly

does justice to the deceased, and is almost in. The Right Hon. Lord Byringdon is going jurious to the public by being so imperfe&tly to lay down mooring-chains, with buoys, west and inadequately presented to its notice, is as of Farm-chapel Reach, near Mr. Blackburn's a small tribute of high eitcem, and grateful Ducr, ip Catwater, Plymouth, for the accom- acknowledgment for many ads of friendmodation of ships and vessels coming into that hip, consecrated to his memory by one, who, arm of the port, either to moor the ships from an intimacy of more than forty years, during their stay in Catwater, or when they may seasonably be supposed to have known are driven in there by stress of weather. him well. Sure he is, that truth is the mat

Married ). At Ringmore, near Teignmouth, ter of what is here afferred, though personal George Whidborne, erg. of Newton Abbos, regard may have dictated the expreifions. Be. to Mils Anna Bulley, Jaughter of - - B. esq. fides the humble presumption of his eternal of Shaldon.

happinefs, it is a great consolacion to those to A: Excter, Mr. T. W. Smerdon, furgeon, whom he was nearest and deareft, that his to Mi. Partridge, second dughter of the late death was as placid, calm, and tranquil as Rev. William P. of Boston, Lincolnshire.- his life had been. T. Jones, erg. purfer in the royal navy, to Miss Pinhay, eldest daughter of Mr. Alder- Married] Ac Fowcy, Captain Hammond, man P

late of the Lively frigate, to Miss Kimber, Died.] At Exeter, Mr. E. A. Ezekiel, en- daughter of Mr. John K. collector of the cura Taver and jeweller. As an engraver he pof- toms at that place. feffed a very correct taite, and his perfor- Died.] Ac Helston, Mr. Simon Bolitho, mances were defervedly admired. - Richard an eminent tanner, 67-Mrs. Margaret jerikina, esq. an alderman of the corporation; Thomas relict of Mr. Jaines T. an active and useful magistrate, and indetati

At Penzance, Miss Melliar, only daughgable in his attention to the poor. -Mr. Tho. ter of William M. erg. of Wells. Wilcox.

A: his leat at Pound, near Tavistock, In a field at a farm house belonging to Mr. aged 80, John Lloyd, ere. Iate Clerk of the Roberts, of Pyennor, near Knighton, RadCheque of his Majesty's Dock-yard, Ply- norshire, were lately found several hundred Douth, and one of the juitices of the peace pieces of gold coin, supposed to have lain for the county of Devon: a gentleman, in there many centuries if not a thousand years ; whom the active and pillive virtues were so they were deposited in pipkins, and are now equally and harmoniously blended as to Icave in a pericct itate, about the size of a half i dostc, which prevailed, but which jaintly crown and of the value of cighteen fhil. contemplated, threw a lustre on each other, lings or thereabouts. and furined a character at once respectable and Died At Brecon, Mrs. Bold, wife of ariable. In him a gentleness of manners, Hugh B. efq. and one of the co-heirelles of and suarity of difpofition, tempered the the late John Philips, esq.of Tregare, Brecontridsefs and severity of office, and rendered thire. all those, who, as far as the nature of his At Haverfordwest, John Griffiths, efq. suremployment extended, came under his autho- geon of the Carmarthen militia, 28. rity, orderly and ubedient to government, and attached to his perfon. Thus eminent in Died.) At Edinburgh, Mrs. Elizabeth his publicitation, he was no less distinguished Dunbar, relict of James Stewart D. erg. is bis private capacity. To these useful and Mils Jane Blair, daughter of John B. efq. of cagaging recommendations, by which a cer- Balthayock.-Miss Jean Fergulon, younget Lain though, his long services taken into the daughter of the late James F. of Cruigdarroch. account, & very nu nerous) body of men were At Perth, David Rols, ciq. son of the late prioripally affected and benefited, ought to be Lord Ankerville. added those, which conftitule the other part At Glasgow, James Burne, esq. provost of of his interesting character. The fincerity of Rentrew. the chriftian, the uprightness of the magir- At Ormiston, Dr. Alexander Whitehead, trate, the integrity of the moral, and bounty of the royal navy. of the clunuabic man, the equity and gene- Ac Whitehaugh, William Forbes Leith, y vi the landlord, ate qualities that de. cra,




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