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On board the Athenienne, of which he was CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. firft lieutenant, Thomas Swinburne, efq. Tate At a respectable meeting of gentlemen and of Hamsterley, Durham. He fell a facrifice farmers, held at Carlisle, it was unanimously to an honourable perseverance in his duty, resolved, that a market for fat ftock, of every which induced him to neglect all means of description, at or near that city, would be a self-preservation, as he remained on the wreck beneficial and useful eftablishment; and that to the last.

a subscription thould be opened for carrying At Bishop Auckland, Mr. Christopher Chap- the measure into effect. man, 68, many years in the Baltic trade, from

Lord Lowther has given orders for the imNewcastle.

mediate fireing up of the building in Lowther. At Bishopwearmouth, Mrs. Lodge, 68. ftreet, Whitchaven, known by the name of

The Rev. Wm. Longstaff, vicar of Kelloe, the Reckoning-house, for the purpose of acDurhain, 73.

commoduring the inhabitants of that cown with At Middleton, Ralph Patterson, esq. 46.

a court-room, coffee room, and library, Suddenly, in the midit of her pupils, Mrs.

Married.] At Gretra Green, Lieut. Fisher, Wilson, of Saville-place, Newcastle, 59. of the 3d West York militia, to Miss Maria Born to affluence, she was early visited by a Forster, second daughter of John F. cfq. of Severe vicissitude of fortune, under the pres. Newton, near Carlisle; whose consent being fure of which, her exemplary conduct en- obtained, on the following day they were regaged the esteem and respect of many judi'. married at St. Mary's church, Carlisle. cious friends. But the mistortunes of the in

At Carlisle, John Berger, esq. captain in dividual proved of effential benefit to the pub- the 25th 'regiment of foot, to Mils Sarah lic; as they led her to devote her life to that Forster, eldest daughter of the above-menimportant profesion, in which the soundness tioned gentleman.-Robert Paley, esq. of Haof her judgment, the extent of her informa lifax, M.D. to Miss Mary Paley, third daughtion, and che dignified gentleness of her man- ter of the late Rev. Dr. P.--Mr. Robert ner, particularly qualified ber to excel. Her Thompson, to Miss Sarah Barnes.-Mr. John plan of education was not confined to the Common, supervisor of excise, to Miss Mary mere ornamental accomplishments; but ex- Richardson.- Mr. James Bryson, to Miss Jane tended itself to the regulation of the mind Mitchell.–Miss Spooner, daughter of Thomas and heart on the principles of a rational picty, $. vfq. to Mr. Bond, of Lancaster. and with an enlarged view of the importance Mr. John Barton, of Colts-close, to Miss of the female chara&ter. Her great fuccess is Jameson, eldest daughter of J. J. efq. treaabundantly testified by the many excellent lurer of the county of Cumberland. and amiable members of society who have The Rev. John Sunderland, of Pennington, been trained up under lier direction; by the near Ulverston, to Miss King, of Alkham, warm attachment which they have uniformly Westmoreland. continued to fhew to the preceptress and Ai Worthington, Capt. Robert Dixon, to friend of their youth; and by the deep regret Miss Mary Pratt. which not only they, but the public at large, Died.) At Penrith, Mr. John Dawson, have expressed for her sudden removal from who had bçen" parih-clerk and bellman that scene of usefulness, in which the conti: upwards of forty years. By his wife, who pued till the moment of her death.

furvives hini, he had twenty-two children. Let others teach the meaner course of art, The occafon of his death was a violcnt To give the polish, but negle& the heart; cold, which he caught at the late ele&tion at To point to female youth life's flowery way, Cockermouth. Though a molt eccentric chaAnd tell them, pleasure dwells but with the racter, yet he was in many respects a gout gay;

man. About an hour before his death, he On Beauty build their influence and power, called his niece, Miss Dawion, of Stainton, Beauty, that blows and fades within an hour! to his bed-lide, and aiter giving some excellent Far, far from Her, o'er whom we mournful advice to her, respecting her conduct through bend,

life, made the following remarkable observaYouth's frmest guardian, best and gentleft tion, that it ever the married, the should ree friend,

member him and his wife, who had been mar. Far, far from her such precepts of the day, ried fifty-three years, and that their honey.* Which bear o'er Faibion's faves refiftlefs swty; moon was not yet over. Her's was the tick chofe lessons to impart, In Appleby gaol, M1. Thomas Parker, 66;. Which “raise the genius," and which menda moft fingular character, who'lad made that the heart;"

place bis refidence, by choice, for seven years. Confer by culture dignity and grace,

Ac Black Dub, Mr. John Bell, 101. And give to ornament a second place;

At Carlisle, Mrs. Furilh, 80.-Miss Ann Make the fair forms intelligent, refinu, Nicholl, daughter of Mr. Robert N. 23.-Mr. The eye the index w the tutor'd mind; John Roblon, 66.-Mr. William Bateriby, To plant those guides which olevate the soul, 80.--Mr. Joseph Hind, 90. Taste to direct, and Reason la controul - At Hawkerdale, Mr. Nicholas Bell, 66. -Long hall the memory of thy virtues relt At Whale, near Lowther, Mr. Tho. Yurkey, The raichful enant of this forrowing brcalt. game-keeper to Lord Viscount Lowther, 66.


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At Workington, Mrs. Sarah Simpson, 73.- con, broker, and manor-bailill for the borough, Mr. John Westray, 18.

Mrs. Walker, wife of Mr. Ard W.-Mrs. Ai Cockermouth, Mrs. Mary Rose, 72.- Blayds, fifter of the late John B. efq. of OulMira. Dalton, wife of Mr. John D.

ton.-Mr. Robert Mitchell, printer.-Mrs. At Brigham, Mrs. Whinney, 94.

Sarah Stephenfun.-Mr. Jeremiah Warrell, At Gaiasford, John Cade, efq. 72. long known as a teacher in the Sunday schools. At Scales, near Orton, Mr. Robert Wilson, Mr. Mose, Wilfon.

At Lofthoufe, near Wakefield, Mr. Benj. A: Whitehaven, Mrs. Mary Dawson.-Mr. Pulleinę. He died of a mortification in the John Rition, formerly master of the thip Peace, arm, which was occasioned by a scratch he of that port, 87.-Mr. John Smith, late of the received on one of his fingers by a borse's caston-house.-Mr. Thomas George _Mrs, tooth, as he was giving hini a drink. Ann Bell, 18.-Mrs. Agues Cooklon, house- At Sutton, near Skipton, Mr. Robert Hodge keeper at the Castle, 53.

fon, worsted spinner, and enhga in the Craven At Penrith, Mr. John Noble, 83. legion. At Harrington, Mifs Jane Sanderson. At Howden, Mrs. Blanchard. At Kendal, Mr. Richard Lonsdale, 28. At Beverley, Mr. John Hall, 84. At Ginnis, Mr. Hugh Naile, 83.

At Thirsk, Miss Buckle, eldest daughter of At Crosgeld, Mr. Henry Booth, formerly Mr. Edward B. of Sowerby-park, 17. master of a vefsel from Whitehaven.

At Skarrow, near Sheffield, Miss Mackens

zie, elieft daughter of the Rev. Mr. M. The following is a lift of marriages, chrift. At Pontefract, Mrs. Elllion, relia of Di. chings, and burials, which took place at Shef. E. of Woltey. feld during the year 1806.-Maxiages, 484; Ai Eskdale-fide, near Whitby, Mr. Joseph christenings, 1716; burials, 818.

Dale, landholder. Though his general cha. Baptisms, marriages, and burials, at the racter was of an eccentric caft, its predominant parills church, in Leeds. --Baptisms, 1345; feature was humanity to his tenants, whole marriages, 626; burials, 1015.

rents he would never confent to raise ; and Married.] At Howden, William Moore, when the income tax was first establidhet. efq. of Burd-butts, to Mifs Blanchard, daugh- he found an additional reason for being fatister of — B. esq. of Thorpe-hall.

fied with his forbearance in this respect, as A: Reinswell, Richard Webiter, esq. of he humouroully observed, it was the means England -hill, to Mics Sarah Cutford, of El. of his having a iels fum to pay to it. Marawick, in Holderness.

At Sheffield, to which place he had retired At Thornhill, Matthew Bryan, esq. of Ne. for the benefit of his native air, Mr. Joha hetcon, bear Wakefield, to Miss Wife. Daniell, printer of the Liverpool Chronicle

At York, Mr. Kirby, of Tadcaster, to Miss He was a young man of correct morals, and of Snowball, daughter of the late Robert S. erg. a dispofition truly amiable and conciliating of Kirkby Grindalyth.

In the particular line of his prafeflion, his at. Mr. Jobs Ikin, of Leeds, merchant, to tainments entitled him to confideration. See Site Ingham, daughter of Joshua I. cig. of veral of the specimens which he has left heBlake-hali, Mirfield.

hind him of drawing, the amusement at his At Whitby, Mr. James Hopkinson, of Bel. leisure hours, are a sufficient indication that liap-hill, in Holderness, to Miss Scarbro, had his attention becn devoted to it to his fecond daughter of Robert S. esq. of Whitby leading pursuit, he might have ranked among

Joha Barlow, efq. of Middlethorpe, near the first artists of the day. York, to Mis F. Bayley, second daughter of At Ackworth, Anthony Surtees, efq. one James B da of Ardwick, near Mane befter. of the justices of the peace for the Welt

At Guilborough, Marmaduke Constable, Riding, and many years lieutenant-colonel of eft. of Walland, to Miss Octavia Hale, eighth the 2d West York regiment of militia. daughter of the late General H.

At Nunnington, Mrs. Cleavet, wife of Dial] Ar Hull, Mr. John Cooper, of Edward C. jun. elz. Sawby, Lincolgihire. -Mrs. Taylor, wife of At Wakefield, Mr. Nicholson, 61, formerly Mt. Frocis T. merchant. Mr. Wm. Sellers, an eminent mathematician and writing-master. mercham, $4. Mrs.' Ann Johnson, 91.- - Mrs Leevesley, wife of Mr. Robert L. Mrs. Sharpe, wife of Mr. John S. 65.-Mr. Mr. Thomas Whitehead.-Mrs. Smith, wife Joseph Hardy, permit-writer in the excise- of Mr. William S. and daughter of Alderman Stics, 54. Mrs. Smith, wife of Capt. Smith, Halifax, of Doncaster. -Mr. Joha Ath, 72. of the Falconberg, of Grimsby --Mr. Richard * Ac Moorgate, near Rotherham, Samael Coalis, 70,

Tooker, cq, one of the magistrates of the A: York, Mrs. Siddalı, reliat of Alderman West Riding, and recorder of Duncaster. S-Mr. Charle Sanderson, attorney.--Mr. At Boston, - near Thorp arch, Mrs. Hall, Thomas Parkinson.-M. Nightingale, attor- wie of Thomas H. efq. of London. 29. Ay Mo Prelten, widow of William P. • At the vicarage-houfe, Dewbury, the Rer. el 78

Matthew Powley, A.M. 663 upwards of 99 A Leeds, Mr. Wulian Powell.-Mt. Hal years vicar of that pribatu.

In efq.

At Whitby, Mrs. Carnaby, wife of Mr. C. chiefly, when he conftantly diftinguished him. harbour-master.

self by the tenderness and humanity with At Scarborough, very generally and de. which he exercised the necessary duties of his servedly respected, Gawan T. Sutton, esq 37, Situation. In private life, he was liberal and captain-lieutenant of the Scarborough volun- benevolent; and with a generous disposition seer infantry, and senior chamberlain of thche united extensive hospitality. – Mrs. Eliz. corporation of Scarborough.

Bevan, relict of Captain B.--Miss Grierson, At Ripon, Mrs. Lodge, widow of Edmund daughter of Mr. James G.-Mr. John Hol

land, 58. At Offett, Mr. William Ingham, father of At the Hazels, Miss Eleanor Birch, second the Messrs. Inghams, merchanis, of Leeds, 76. daughter of Joseph B. esq. 18.

At Hampthwaite, near Ripley, Mrs. Wil. At Huyton, near Prescot, Mr. Thomas fon, wife of the Rev. Ms. W

Riding, 58.,

Ac Alhton-under-Lyne, Mr. John Wych, Amongst other modes of affistance afforded 52. by the Repository in Lancaster, the plan of At Latus-hall, near Preston, Mr. Parkin. felling blankets at reduced prices to the poor, Son, father of Roger P. M.D. of Lancaster. has been adopted. Twenty pairs have already At Lancaster, Mr. Richard Mashiter. Mr. been ordered, which are to be paid for by Richard Layfield.-Edward Suart, esq. for. those who purchase them in small weekly merly one of the aldermen of this town, and fums. This method has been found in other who had thrice served the office of mayor, 92. places to supply the poor with an essential At Blackburn, Mr. Lancaster, surgeon and somfort, without taking from their earnings man-midwife, 61. more than they can conveniently afford at a At Ulverston, Mrs. Pecle, wife of Mr. time, and to be more beneficial than where Henry P. 72. the relief has been entirely gratuitous.

At Preston, Mr. William Hodgkinson. The buildings on the scite of the intended Mr. James Barton. new Corn Exchange at Liverpool, are now At Broughton, in Furness, James Brade, taking down, and we are happy to hear that esq. father of the Messrs. Brades, merchants, this neccflary public establishment, which has in Liverpool, 68. been so long wanting in that town, will be At Cattlehead, near Cartmel, Mrs. Wilkin. proceeded on with the utmost expedition. fon, wife of John W. esq. 82.

Married.] At Liverpool, John Clayton, esq. At Dalton, Miss Atkinson, daughter of Mr. of Enfield Old Park, to Miss Jane Buchanan, Thomas A. of Furness-abbey. youngest daughter of the lace Charles B. esq. At Manchester, Mrs. Ollis, wife of Mr. O, of Burton on Trent. - Mr. G. F. Harris, Mr. Hugh Joule, of Salford, 42:-Mrsą printer, w Miss Fargeson - Mr. John Cle- Porter, wife of Mr. Thomas P.-Miss Mary ments, attorney, to Miss Ann Filkin.- John Burgess, 19.-Mr. Charles Dean.-Miss Heya Walker, efq. to Miss Mary Anne Holford... wood, fifter to the late Mr. John H. Samuel Peck, esq. to Miss Rebecca Whiteside. At Ormskirk, Mr. Robert Bradburn, 55.

At Lancaster, Josepla Blount, esq. to Miss At Wavertree, the Lady of James Gregson, Jane Satterthwaite, daughter of John S. esq. efq. banker.

At Warrington, John Chadwick, efq. of Ellesmere, to Miss Eliz. Delville, of Liver. Married.} Mr. Thomas Chamberlain, of pool. - James Watt, esq. to Miss Hannah Hoole, to Miss E. Chamberlain, daughter of Chorley, eldest daughter of the late Mr, Mr. C. of l'rafford. Alex. C.

At Middlewich, Mr. Johnson,, of the King's At Manchester, Mr. Samuel Arrowsmith, Arms, to Mrs. Becket, of the White Lion. to Miss Joule, of Salford. -William Warner, At Chester, Mr. Samuel Bromfield, of Tatesq. of Uttoxeter, to Miss Norris, of Sadford. tenhall, to Miss Larden, daughter of John L. John Barlow, efq., of Middlethorp, York- esq. one of the aldermen of the corporation of thire, to Miss Bayley, daughter of James B. Cheftor.--Mr. G. Peers, to Miss -Leur,esq. of Ardwick.

John Hughes, esq. of Shrewsbury, to Miss Dicd.) At Liverpool, in her 100th year, Rowley, daughter of the late Rev. Mr R. of Elizabeth Marchant, whose husband died on Endon-boule, Staffordshire.- Joshua Walker, the 16th of October lait, aged 107.-Mr. jun esq. to Miss Anna Maria Holford. Richard Dixon, 61.- Mr. Jor. Stokes, 62.- At Sandbuch, H. W. Wharton, esq. of orMr. James Robinson, 40.-Mr. Alexander malton, Derbyfhire, to Miss Nancy Daniel, Grierson, merchant, 46.--Mr. Wm. Thomp- youngest daugh:er of William D.' esq. or fon, 69.-M. Benedic Paul Wagner, the Hallall ball. first merchant in the foreign line chat ever Died.) At Leftwich, near Northwich, in settled in this town.-Mrs Fletcher, widow the 13th year of his age, Mafter Highfield. of Mr. Thomas F.Miss Martha Cash, 19. Young as he was, his attainments, as well -Mr. Henry Appleton, schoolmaster.-Cape. clallical as mathematical, were precious and Thomas Oliver, 46. Thirty years of bis life almost incredible. With the best Latin authors were devoted to the sea, in the trade to Africa he was intimately and familiarly acquainted,



and as all bis leisure hours were entirely de- - Mr. Sansom, lace-manufaturer, to Miss voted to the cultivation of his mind : so happy Warburton.-Ms.Jothua Elliot, to Mrs. Smith. and rapid was the proficiency he made, that -Mr. George Hastie, to Miss Margaret Innes; it seemed the effe&t of intuition rather than of Ac Soushwell, Mr. Joseph Hunt, to Miss painful ftudy or of mental fatigue. The na- Oliver. tural simplicity and innocence of his heart, his Died.] At Nottingham, Mrs. Ugnall.. cbeerful difpolition, and his sweet and engaging Mrs. Stenson, wife of Mr. Samuel S.--Mr. manners, could not fail to conciliate the love William Alvey, 60.-The infant fon of Franand esteem of all around him; and it must ever cis Hardwick, esq.- Francis Jones, gent. be a source of Colacing refleétion to his sur. Mrs. Ann Woodward, wife of Mr. George W. viving friends, that he was never known in -Mr. Acton, son of Mr. A. wharfinger. asy fingle instance to relax in his duty to his Mr. Hague.-Mrs. Robinson, relict of Mr. parents, or in his devotion to his God.

Thomas R. At Chefter, Mr. William Dawson.-Mr. Al Colwick, Mr. Edward Tattersall. Thomas Jones.-Mrs. Catharine Vaughan, 93. At Bramcote, Miss Mary Hucknell, daughe -Mrs. Jackson, and her daughter, Mrs. Hale. ter of Luke H. gent. -Mrs. Townsend, widow of Robert T. esq. At Gainiton, Mr. Robert Hornbuckle, 91. of Cbrifleton, and formerly recorder of Chel- At New Basford, Mr. Fowler, publican. tr.-Miss Mary Vaughan Williams, youngest At Lenton, Mr. John Hopkin. daughter of the late Henry W. esq. of Crick- At Beeston, Mr. James Lacey, 16. kowel, Brecon. - Mr. Jordan, 72.-Mrs. Raw

LINCOLNSHIRE. doa, widow of Arthur R. esq. and aunt to che

Married.) At Harmston, near Lincoln, Earl of Moira, 85.

Mr. William Hall, of that city, merchant, to At Stockport, Robert Newton, efq. 55.

Miss Clerke.-Mr. G. Kelley, of the Strand, At Altrincham, Mr. William Warren, of London, to Miss Sarah Clarke, daughter of Marcheiter.

Mrs. Clarke, of the Red-hall, near Lincoln. At Nantwich, Mr. John Crompton, partner

At Grantham, Mr. Beaumont Leeson, to ia the house of Crompton and Brown, linen

Miss Easton, daughter of the Rev. Thomas E. dzapers, of Liverpool.

vicar of that place. At Bradley-hall, Mr. Thomas Wright. At Alh, near Whitchurch, Tho. Murhall, merchant, to Miss Merrill.

At Langtop, Mr. S. Scott, of Horncastle, fq. 77.

At Lincoln, Mr. John Parkinson, to Mrs. DERBYSHIR L.

Elizabeth White. Mr. William Maltby, Married.] At Derby, Mr. Ifaac Pratt, mer

chemist, of London, to Miss Drunimond, chant, of Botton, America, to Miss Harriet

eldest daughter of Mr. Patrick D. of Brampton. Hancock.

At Washingbord, Mr. Harold Stanley, of At Youlgreave, John Saul Walesby, esq. of Newark, folicitor, to Miss E. Brown, of Stenigot, Lincolnshire, to Miss Prime, of Heighington, second daughter of the late Birchover.-Mr. William Briddon, of Man

John B. esq. chefter, merchant, to Miss Pidcock, of Ath

Died.) At Barton upon Humber, Mrs. borze.

Blunt, relict of the late William B. esq. of At Tideswell, Jonathan Moore, esq. of

London, 90. Wormhill, to Miss Frith, eldest daughter of

At Stamford, Mr. William Pearson.Mss. Mr. Thornas F.

Gilchrift, wife of Mr. Horatio G. 24. Died.] At Southwingfield, Matthew Places,

At Fulbeck, George Smith, gent. 95. gent. 57.

At Lincoln, Mr. Henry Green, a member At Derby, Mr. Job Headley, grocer.-Mr. of the Lincoln volunteer infantry, 19.-Mrs. William Eyre, 43.

Huddleston, wife of Mr. William H. and A: Morley, Mr. John Lacy, 54.

eldest daughter of Mr. Drury, printer, 22.At Boylstone, Mr. John Adams, jun. 28.

Mrs. Bailey At Cricb, Mr. William Hallam, of the

At Manthorp, Mrs. Holland, 81. King's Arms, 68.

At Branston, Mis. Loft, 79. At Chesterfield, Mr. John Webster, for

At Horncastle, Mrs. Hill, formerly of the azriy a banker at Derby.

George Inn-Mrs. Milns.

At Gainsborough, Mr. Barber, 56.-Irs. The number of baptifms, burials, and mar- Bellwood, wilt of Mr. B.-Mr. Rich. Awty. riages, in the parishes of St. Mary, St. Ni- - Mrs. Slater, widow of Mr. S. schoolmaster. cholas, and St. Peter, in the town of Notting- -Mr. James Stuttiard, captain of the Hope ham, during the lat year, were as follow :- London trader, 55. St. Mary. Baptisms, 1010; marriages, 307 ; At Golberton, Mrs. Calthorpe, wife of the barials, 548. St. Nicholas. Baptisms, 101; Rev. John C. 53. marriage, 35; burials, 102.-St Peter. Bap- At Boston, Capt. Samuel Ashton, of the silas, 68; marriages, 47 ; burials, 89. William, of that port. ---Mr. G. Linton, 53.

Married. 3 At Nottingham, Mr Whitehead, At Louth, Mr. Richard Harrison, 80. ta MiG Markland, daughter of Jonathan M. The Rev. Humphry Hyde, vicar of Bourn th Mr. Joba Whitfield, cu Mifs C. Dalby. and Dewiby, 68.


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Simpson, vicar of St. Michael's, in that towe, Married.) At Leicester, Mr. Thompson, to Miss Tandy, daughter of Daniel T. efq. of 30 Mrs. Newby.

the cuftoms, London. Died.) At Coleorton, Mrs. Parker, wife of At Sedgley, the Rev. P. Robinson, of Dr. Thomas P. 63.

Dudley, tu Miss Ferreday, daughter of Mr. At Quecni orough, Mrs. Mary Staples, 90. F. uf Ettingthall Park.

At Market Birworth, Mr. Nath. Moxon, At Hariorne, Mr. J. Adley, late of War Landlord of the Bull Head inn, 47.

wick, to Miss Bennison, of Birmingham. Af Leicester, Mr. Alderman Price, 83. At Warwick, Mr Miles Haviland, of Courteous in difpofition, warm in affection, London, to Miss Israel Tatnill.-Mr. Anand ardent in friendthip, the great ohject of drew Chapouan, to Mrs. Mullis, of the New his life was usefulness, and the grand spring Inn. of his actions religion.-Mrs Peppin, 8+. At Afton, Mr. R. D. Goodwin, surgeon, Mr. John Elverktun, eldest fun of Mr. E. 29. of Alborne, Derbyshire, to Miss Mary Ann At Lovefby, Mr. Wright, 75.

Webb, daughter of the late Rev. William W. At Braunftune house, Jane, the wife of Mr. Thomas Williams, of Birmingham, Clemcot Winstanley, tlg. and filter to the to Miss Sarah Tomlinson, of Worcefter. Lite Lord Rancliffe.

The Rev. Thomas Edgell, of Bordesley Green At Hinckley, Mrs. M. E. Braithwaite, wife Academy, to Miss Alicia Sawgar, of Bishampof the Rev. Mr. B.

Died.] At Birmingham, Miss Charlotte Married.) At Wolverhampton, Mr. Jenks, Dalby, eideft daughter of Mr. Edward D.'of the Marn, to Miss Miller, of Dunstable.- Mrs. Grove, wife of Mr. Daniel G.-Miss Mr. Richard George Snrart, of Birmingham, Dudley.--Mr. John Kentish..Mr. Charles to Miss F. Hughes, of Chapel-house school. "V. Webb, surgeon, 39.-Mrs. Smart, wife of

Samuel Willmot lindgetis, of Dudley, gent. Mr. William S.-Mrs. Legge, wife of Mr. to Miss Underhill, daughter of the late Tho. Jolin L. 39.Mrs. Tomlinson, 28.-Mr. U. esq. of Hamstead.

John J. Wilson, serjrant-major in the BirAt Handsworth, Mr. Bangham, surgeon, mingham volunteers, 27.-Mrs. F. Mcar, of Birmingham, to-Miss Reynolds, daughter who many years kept the Castle inn. of James Reynolds, elộ.

At Coventry, Mrs. Elizabeth Court, late of At l'rtoxeter, Mr. Stephen Willock, to Miss Wellelbourne, 78.--Miss Ann Butterworth, Chamberlain, of the Star inn. -Mr. William youngest daughter of Mr. Henry B. 'Sniith, to Miss Harriet Cope.

At Mufeley, Mrs. Myddelion, 75. A: Penn, Mr. Randie Walker, sen. to At Warwick, Mr. John Jones. Mrs. Be Mrs. Scott, widow of Mr. S. of Wolver. van, wife of Mr Richard B.Mr. Price Prits hampton.

chard, only fon of Mr. P. mercer, At Madely, Mr. Hayne, of the Iron Bridge, At Foxcoat, E. Canning, eiq. to Miss Hornblower, daughter of Charles H. At Rugby, Mrs. Harris, wicow of Thomas eq. of Coalbrook-dale.

Died.) Mrs. Thacker, wife of William T. At Barton on the Heath, of which parith efq: of Muchell-hall, in the parish of Penn, he lead been redor so years, the Rev. James only daughter of the late Col. William Henry Wilmot, D. D. 84. Mills, formerly of Peedee, South Carolina ; whole loyalty and great exertions as a British Married.] At Shrewtbury, Mr. Jobo Ellis, fubjca, in aid of his Majesty's arms, during to Miss Ann Young. the American war, occafioned the confiscation At Church Pulverbatch, Mr. Titley, of of his estates in that country, for which bis Colesmere, to Miss Frances Ambler, of Wittitle to a compensation was allowed by the derley. commiflioncrs of American claims.

At Bishop s Castle, Mr. Richard Sayce, ta At Wolverhampton, Mr. Couke, fen. drug. Mifs Oakley, of Snail's Croft. git.

At Worfield, Mr. Henry Jones, merchant At Great Barr, Mr. William Bennett, tiin- of Bridynorth, to Mifs Jasper, daughter of ber merchant.

- Jasper, esq. of Stableford. At Blim-hill, Mr. Francis Yates, 52. Died.) At Shrewsbury, Joshua Blakeway, WARWICKSHIRE.

esq. 65.-M. Davies --Mrs. Ann Richards, The ceremony of laying the first fone of – Miss Elizabeth Lloyd.--Mr. Philip Heathing the intended New Dispensary at Birmingham, 80.-Mrs. Williams. - Mr. John Hill.-Mr took place on the 23d of December. From James, of the Ouk. the liberal fubscriptions already received, we At Hanwood, Mr. Blower, fan. may anticipate the erection of a fabric, at At Darchurch, Ms. Edwards. once calculated to do honour to the opulent At the Ine Gate, near Shrewsbury, Ms. town of Birmingham, and to answer, in every Kitchin, lo. respect, the benevolent intentions of its pro- At Ath, near Whitchurch, Thomas Murjectors. The fut scriptions towards it amount 'hall, esq. 77. to upw:rils of 1100].

Ar Bishop's Calle, Mr. Thomas Jones, für Married.] At Covçoʻry, t'e Riv, Robert veyor, 7).


H. esq.


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