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documents faid before him, and in his commu- much as the sword of the allies, and it is nication with us, completely to understand the understood that the head quarters of the object of the bill; -and 3dly, That when we French army are now removed to Thorn, found the bill was disagrecable to his Majesty's after having buried half its numbers in feelings we, in deference to these feelings, im

the swamps of Poland, and destroyed and mediately *aba ndoned it, accompanying that depopulated a country which it found in in-inating to his Majesty our future inten- the enjoyment of peace and plenty! The

7. exprefling, however, our resolution of abfurd and intatiable ambition of the mo fut mitting those intentions at all times « fordern Attila, aided by his ferocious banhis Majesty's decision,”—and declining a com- dicti, is estimated to have occafioned the put which was as little likely to be advantage death of a million of hunan beings, be003 to him, as to be honourable for us. fides entailing anspeakable miscries va

The House of Commons has testified twenty millions more, since his wanton its opinion of the new ministry, by divi-. márch against his ally the king of Pruslia, diz against them 208 againit 113. Of in October last ! course, it is to be hoped that this decision,

Fifty-eigbib Ballerin. and the disapprobation of the country

Pruffian Eylau, Feb. 9. at large, will have their effect in the " A quarter of a league from the little proper quarter, and consequently the town of Eylau there is a flat eminence, new Admiuiftration be of very short du- which defends the entrance of that place. ration.

Marshal Soult gave orders to the 46th and The gallant Sir Home Popham, who, themselves masters of it. The regiments

the 18th regiments of the line to make to the valour characteristic of his pro- which defen-led this eminence were thrown feflinn, unites uncommon general talents, into contufion; but at the same moment Was irapoliticly brought to trial at the be

a column of Russian cavalry made a charge ginning of the month, for having eftected upon the let of the 18th, and threw some the important capture of Buenos Ayres, of its battalions into disorder. The draa place within the linits of his naval goons of the regiment of Klein, observing command ; and in attacking which, with this in time, all the troops came to action in out positive orders, he contidered himself Eylau. The enemy had placed several regi. * Aerciling the discretion which it has ments in a churel and church yard, where been culioinary to allow to commanders they made an obstinate defence; but, after a on distant ftations. He was found guilty very murderous affair on both Gides, the poof the charges brought againit him, but Grand's division palled the night in front of

Le diliniffed, greatly to the fatisfaction of the the village, and that of St. Hilaire to the puble, with no other punishurent than a right of it.' Marihal Augereau's corps cook teprimand."

poft to the left. Marshal Davoust's corps POLAYD.

had begun its march early on the following A gleam of sunshine has broke through day, to proceed beyond Eylau, and if the the clouds which darken the political enemy had not changed his position, to fall horizon at home, and has annouuced the upon his left. Marlal Ney was on the retreat and discorufiture of the French march to outflank him on his right. In this arnies. The bloody battle of Eylau, den Situation both armies palled the night. fcribed in the following official accounts,

The enemy commenced the attack at was a victory to the allies, inasmuch as it day break, by a cannonade upon the division

of St. Hilaire. WLS none to the hitherto victorious

" The Emperor repaired to the post at the It destroyed the best of the Freuch Generals, and the power of its church, which had been so obstinacely defenda

ed the day before. He ordered Marshal anny, taught the Ruflians not to fear its Auger-au's corps to advance, and cannonade airault, and set bounds to its progress, the cminence with 40 pieces of cannon beFamine and the clinate have effected as longing to the Imperial Gtird. A dreadful

cannonade ensued on both fides. An administration, excellent and virtuous " The Ruffian army, formed in columns, is other refpects, became in this affair the was only at the distance of half-cannon thot. koulufa despicable cabul, and diminished its Every bill told

For a moment it appeared popularity by attempting to degrade a meri- by the enemy's motions, that impatient of toribus commander. Sir Home is, it is said, suffering so much, he meant to surround our to be one of the new Lords of the Admiralty, left wing. At the same time, Marthal Dae and we hope lie will, through life, be as luc voust's tiralleurs newed themselves, while cebutul in defeating the public enemies of his Marthal Augereau's corps advanced in columns Guntry abroad, as he has been in the present across the plain to attack the enemy's centre, inttance, in triumphing over his personal and thus, by dividing his attention, prevented Enuncat home.

him from falling upon Marthal Davouit with


bis whole force. The divifion of St. Hilaire across the Pregel. He left 16 pieces of canapproaching on the right, both corps were non on the field of battle, and his wounded. obliged to manæuvre, in order to form a All the houses along the road by which he junètion with Marihal Augereau and the retreated is full of them. division of St. Hilaire in the plain, when a “ Marshal Augereau is wounded with a fall of snow, so thick as to prevent people musket-ball, Generals Desjardens, Heudelet, from seeing ewo paces before ihem, covered and Lochet, are wounded. General Corbineau both armies. In this interval the point of was killed by a cannon-ball. Colonel Lacue, direction was loft, and the columns moving of the 53d, and Colonel Lemarois, of the 430, tou far to the left, wandered for some time in were killed by cannun-balls. Colonel Boua state of uncertainty. This perplexing ob- vieres, of the 11th dragoons, died of his scurity lasted half an hour, when the weather wounis. All have died gloriously !--The clearing up, the Grand Duke put himself at exact number of men which we have loft is the head of the cavalry, and with Marihal 1900 killed, and 5700 wounded; about 1000 Betheres and the Imperial Guards, advanced of the latter cannot recover, so as to be fit for to the support of St. Hilaire's division, and service any more. All the dead were buried attacked the enemy's main body. This is on the 10th. We found 7000 Rutians on the one of the boldelt man@uvres that has ever field of battle. been practised, and will cover our cavalry “ Thus the plan of the enemy, whose obe with glory. It was rendered neceffary by ject in attacking us was to extend themselves the circumitances in which our columns were beyond our right wing at Thorn, has proved then placed. The enemy's Cavalry, in at. most fatal to them. Between 12 and 15,000 tempting to oppose this movement, were are made prisoners, and an equal numie thrown into disorder, and the carnage was killed ard wounded. Eighteen standards, and dreadful. Two lines of Ruflian infantry were forty five pieces of cannon, remain as trophies penetrated, and the third only maintained of victory in our hands. They have been too itself in consequence of being covered by a dearly purchased, however, by the blood of so wood. Some squadrons of the Guards pulled many brave warriors. twice through the whole of the enemy's " The unfavourable Rate of the weather, army.

which under other circumstances would have " An attack so splendid and unheard of, been of trifling consequence, evidently impeded which defeated upwards of 20,000 men, and the movements of the French army. Our ca. compelled them to leave their artillery, would valry and artillery have done wonders. The liave decided the victory beyond all doubt, if a Imperial Horse Guard has obtained a degree of wood, and some obitacles in the nature of the glory beyond all precedent, and that is saying ground, had not prevented it General Haut. much. "The Foot Guards' remained the whole poule was wounded by a cartridge thot. Ge. day under arms without bring a mukket, or neral Dohlman, and a number of his brave making any movement. Circumitances were Yuldiers, died with glory. But about 100 dra. of that nature which did not permit them to goons, cuiraliers, and soldiers of the guard, take any part in the attack. Marshal Auge. who were found upon the field of battle, layreau's being wounded, was most unfortunate; encircled with upwards of 1000 of the enemy. and hence in the hottest part of the action, This part of the field was dreadful to behold. his corps was without a leader.

" During this period, the whole of Marshal " 'This recital exhibits a general sketch of Davoust's corps moved in pursuit of the ene- the day. Many particular events occurred to my. The snow, which had fallen frequently the honour of the French foldiers. The Staff in the day, retarded his march, and prevented is engaged in collecting an account of chetu. the junction of his columns. The enemy's An uncommon quantity of ammunition was lofs is incalculable ; our's is consderable. used by the artillery, and less than usual by Thice hundred pieces of cannon, fired during the intantry. three hours, dealt death on every firie. Vica. The Eagle of one battalion of the 18th tury, for a long time uncertain, was decided, has not been found; probably it has falla when Marshal Davoust appeared upon the level 'into the enemy's hands: the regiment, hew. height, and out-Hanked the eneniy, who, after ever, is blameless. In the situatia it wa several attempts to regain it, chose to retreat placed in, this may be reckoned anrong the At the same time Marthal Ney's corps ap- chances of war. The Emperor will present it peared beyone Altorf on the left wing. He with another Eagle when it shall take a ftande overtook the Pruffian colunin that escaped ard from the enemy. Our object is com. from Deppen, flying before him. In the even. pleted. The enemy is defeated, and drivra ing he toox poft in the village of Schenadetten. one hundred leagues from the Vistula. The Several battalions of Russian grenadiers, which army will retume its cantonments, and retura had not been in the engagement, appeared to its winter-quarters." before this place; but the 6th regiment or light infantry let them approach the points 17th February, 1807, of which the follow

A Dispatch, dated St. Petershuryl, of their bayonets, and foon put them to flight. The enemy was on the following day ing is an extract, was received on the pursued to the river Frischling. He retreated Blh of March, from the Marquis of



Douglas and Clydefilale, his Majesty's have also taken 12 fand of colours, and about Ambatador Estraordinary and Plenipo- - 1:00 prisoners among whom there are 30 tentiary at the Court of St. Peteriburgh, officers. by Inn Viscount Howick, his Viajetty's

“ The Courier who brought the dispatches Price pial Sccretary of State for Föreign having been fent uff immediately after the ARR:

bitele, the ministers of his Imperial Majelly I have the pleafure of encloning, for

do not yet know all the details of the above

nientioned day your Lordlip's information, two Papers,

Gene al Budberg has the honor, &c. giring an account of a tignal victory gained by the Rutians over the French.

Tromslution of a Letter from General the Baron

de Benigsen so bis Majesty the Emperor of Translation of a Letter from General De Buda Rullid, delivered by Lieutenant-Colonel Star

berg, bis Imterial M. jelly's Minister for Fo- witzki, Aide-de Camp 10 bis Imperial Ma. reign Affairs, to his Excellency be Muquis jejty. of Douglus and Cydajdule, 31(15th) February,

On obe Field of Barile, Preuffich Eylau,

Jan. 27, (Feb. 8) 1307. " General Budberg, Minister for Foreign “SIRE.I am truly happy to have it in Affairs, haftens to communicate to his Excel- my power to inform your Imperial Majesty, lency the AmbasTador of his Britannic Mii- that the army, the command of which your jcity, the following intelligence, which ar- Majesty has deigned to confide to m-, has been rived last night from the army.

again victorious. The battle which has just * General Benizlen, after having fallen taken place has been bloody and deitrusive. back for the purpose of choosing a position It began on the 26th of January, (7th Feb.) ac which he judged betier adapted for ma- three o'clock in the afternoon, and lafted until reuvring the troops under his command, took fix o'clock in the evening of the 27th of Jaup a position at Preuflisch-Eylau. During nuary, (8th Feb.) four days fucceilively, his rear-guard, com. The enemy was completely defeated; manded by Major-General Carklay de Tolly, 1000 prisoners and 12 stand of colours, wbich had to withitand several vigorous attacks, and I have the honour herewith to transnuic to on the 26th January (7th Feb.) at three your Majesty, fell into the hands of the cono'clock in the afternoon, the baitle became querors. This day, Bonaparte attacked me general throughout the whole line of the main with his best troops, on my centre, and on army. The counteit was destructive, and the both wings, but he was repulsed and beaten on might came on without the enemy having all lides. His guards repeatedly attacked my been ale to gain ground. On the 27th of centri', without the smallest success. After 1 Jai -(8th Feb.) carly in the morning, the very brisk fire, they were repulsed at all paints, French renewed the attack, and the action was by the bayonet and by charges of the cavalt. conteftes with obstinacy on bocht fides ; but Several columns of infantry and picked rugitowards the evening, the enemy was repulled ments of cuiraitiers, were destroyed. on all hdes, and General Benigren remained in “I mall not fail to transmic to your M.policihon of the field of battle.

jelly, as soon as posible, a detailed account of * Bonaparte commanded in perfon, and the memorable battle of Preushisch-Eylau, under him Varthal Augereau, Davoust, Souli, " I think our lois may perhaps exceed Ney, and Befieres, at the head of the guards, 6090 men; and I certainly do not exaggerate who fuffered the most. Our loss is from 6 when I tate the loss of the enemy at confiderto 8000 men; whilst that of the enemy is ably more than 12,000 rnen. cfonated at from 12,000 to 15 000). We


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Churacters recently deccafid.

THIE Governors of the London Hospital poor are very numerous, and opulent reli

laye announced that on account of the dents but few, on a high road of grea: traffic, Jos state of the funds of that inftitution only and in the district of the Ita-faring part of ieves wards can be opened out of the eigh- the community, whose applications for relief teen, which the boule contains, and which in their many casualties are continual, aud are capable of receiving nearly four hundred most particularly require and deserve aliena patients. From the reports of the Physicians lion and allistance. Unfortunate sofferers and Surgeons, it appears, that, on every day are received, at any hour of the day or night, eppointed for the admifion of patients, nun- without other recommendation than their ne. bers of Irelled objects apply, whom the at- cefiity and diftres. The interior arrangeterdag Comwittee are obliged to refule; ment is conducted on the most humane and they can select ouly the woit nogent calis. judicious pları, The additional expence of This inftitution is fituated in elie midt, of a opening all the wirds, which would be proi populous neighbourhood, in which the ductive of such incalculable benefits to the MONTIVY MAG., No, 15).



poor and advantage to the public, will be Josial Kay, erg. arcbitect, of Bedfordsmall compared with that attending any ne iv street, Bedford-Square, to Miss Porden, elinstitution The building is complete, the dest daughter of William P., elq. of Bernersseveral officers and attendants are appointed; itreet. and, except in the particular of maintenance, Charles Combe, era son of Dr.C., of Hartlittle more than the present expences will be street, Bloomsbury, to Mils Payne Georges, incurred by the relief of nearly 50 addi- eldeit daughter of the late William Payne tional patients. For this purpole the gover- G., (17. of Manchester Square. nors folicit fubfcrifitions of public bodies and E. B Loutada, esq. ot Devon thire-square, humane individuals. They have alre y to Miss Goldimid, eldeft daughter of Abrabeen so successol in their applications that ham G., eiq. the luius now lubicribed amount to about Evan Thomas, efq. of Parliament ftreet, 8000).

to Mifs Rankin, of kenlington. It is with lincere regret we mention that T. Lee, etq. of Dorer-street, to Miss the very extensive Mulical Instrument Ala- Helen O'Grady, of Upper Grosvcuore tutactory of Weslrs. Clementi and Compa- street. ny, Toutenham Court Road, was destroyed

DIED. by fire on Friday the 20th instant about five At Hanupstead, aged 21, Mr. Birjasin o'clock in the morning. ( pon the stricteft Wbite, jun. caquiry we find that the most icrupulous pre- In Fleet street, the infant for of Mt. White, cautions against danger were as uiual eni- bookseller. pinyed the night previous to the fire, and In l'alace Yard, Mrs. Pitt, reliat of Joho that it is most probable it originated in a P., efq. late member of parliament for Glouspark paiting from the fine and resting in the ceiter. root during the whole of the night. Before At Blackheath, Fobn Malon, 19. 53. the engines could be broughi to play, the At Brompton, Mis. Corlerine Fraig nean, whole of the internal building was one inlenle relict of the Rev. William F., late rector of body of fire. In this desperate state of things, Beckinghaun in Kent, and vicar of Balterlea, the workmen belonging to the house, by Surry. their uncommon excrlions, added to thuie of Ai Lambeth, Mrs. Claggett, wife of Hora. their weighbours and volunteers, laved a tio C., eiq. 36, leaving a family of ten chil. much greuier part of the land and Square die. Piano Forte Cales and dry materials than In Darwefon-freet, Hugb Shipley, og the most fanguine could have deemed polli- 111 Great Janses fireet, Redtoid row, Tło. ble in such a dreadfui confiagration. Every mas Lajhley, ejq. M.D. and F. R. S. tooi belonging to the work wen was defroyed, At her brother's house, Blowustbury, Mrs. but we understand a sublcription has been Smitb, liter of Sir Nath Grove, 71. moit liberally commenced by their employ-. At Illington, Jiba Yates, cjq. 71. ers, which promiles to re-initate their lotes. Mirs Vincent, wise of the Rev. Dr. V., We are happy to have received the most po- Dean of Westminster. fitive intorination, that this extentive concern In Gower-street, Miss Deffell, youngeit will expcience no great inconvenience, the daughter of the late J. D., eiq. finishing part of their manufacture being At Laytonstore, Cbarles Lincoln, dq, late transacted at their house in the City, where deputy of Aldgale Ward, siany years a meruan imn pense quantity of materials were al- ber of the corporation of London, and a goways deposited.

vernor of Christ's and St. Thomas's HofpiOn Friday morning, March 8th, a dread- tals, 7.1. ful fire broke out at the Globe fun, St. Sa- In Dover-freet, the Hor. Charles Savile. viour's church-yard, Sonthwark, which en- In the Stable-yard, St. James's, Mrs. Cala tirely consumed the premises. The landlord vert, relict ut John C., esq. of Albury Hall, and his wife, with great difficulty, elcared, Herts. but two men, two women, and one child, In Portland-place, Mrs. Douglas, relia ol lodgers in the house, unfortunately perished. Andrew D., ely. of Ldnan House, RoxThe premises of Meffrs.Hinchcliit and Good burghihire. all aujoining, were allo destroyed.

General Wilhem Dalıp'e, colonel of the MARHIED.

47!h regiment, and licutenant- overnor of Lord Bagot, lo Lady Louisa Lerge, eldest Chelsea Hospital, 71. daughter of the Earl of Dartmoun.

In Charlotte-itreet, Pimlico, Mr. George At Lambeth, Lie tenant Colonel Cookson, Marfall, merchant of Duudee. He pulan of the Royal Horse Artillery, to Mils Mar- end tu his live by cutting his throat. The guret Remington, only daughter of William cause of this rafh act w.s certainly a derint I., erg. of Clapham Road.

ment of intellcct, for be had been frequently l'eter Touclier, esq. of Mortimer-street, to heard to say the devil was in him, and he Miss Ford, eldest daughter of the late Sir could feel him in his throat. 'l'wo wills were Frencis P.

found, one in his pockel, uud tho other ou a R. Small, esq. late of the Inner Temple, table in his apartment, m which the directed tr Miss Savage, of Weymouth-itreet, youngest tbåt his budy thout be opened for the pure daughter of the late George S., of Madras. pole of findmg huis iaferual tormentor.


Mr. Tomas Lirion Rogers, fecretary to the beautiful and all accomplished Miss Mon. Muddlelex Club.

cricit, to celebrated afterwards in the annals Jumes S'ade, ejq. calhier of his majesty's of gabiantry as Mis Cegblaa.

The lady foon chole another protector.

Aiter the lu Clarges. Street, Thomas Ralpó, Viscount peace of 1783 he obtained his ajeity's per. Howarden, of Dundeuil, m the county of milion, under the tign manual, to forve in Tipperary, 53. His Lorrihip married in the k ihan army: but he became diffipated 1798, Miis Fraucis Anne Agir, only daugh- and enable, and lerved one campaign only ter of Ciaries Earl of Normantun, Archbilbop with the Kulians Having made the four Dablin ; aui Prute of Ireland, and dying of Europe, he returned to England, and enwithout illie, is fucceeded in llis tites and tered with avidity into every lutbiouable vice eitates by his ball brether, the lion. Corn- and folly of the day. Highly tavoured by wailis Maude, fun 'f Anne Elizabeth Monck, nature, he potetied great powers of body and üzer to the late Vilcount Munich, and thud mind, he was, social and convivial, could at wise to the top lilcount Hawarden

will let the table in a roar,” and was ac. lo Broruptun-row, Knighuthritge, deeply counted one of the handíonneft men of bis lamented by her fasily and friends, Mirs Ire- time He was very relpectably connected hird, wife of Mr. John 1., author of Hogarth both in England and Wales; yet, the hulilurated, ac. &c. She was most eleemed manity of the Officers of the Hospital retainby tlole mliwe knew her beit, and to them, it ed the boxy a till fortnighi in the dead Louse is unnecellary to enuunerate her virtues; in the vuju hope that tome relation might to those who did not know ber, it is impos- come forward to pay the last fad duties to the fible.

deceased. The charity of a stranger TurnithMafter Henry White, 15, one of the unfor- ed a covering to his remains, which were de. tauale fufferers in the late relancholy ca- polied in the burying ground of the hotpital. tastrophe at the Old Bailey. Impelled by a In Aldersgate-street, Mr. William Davis, curiosity natural to young people, and in who united to the bigh character of an honeit forne instances alas ! too poweriul to be con- man, that of a zealous friend to science! Betrolled, he went to the evential (pot. And hides leveral original productions, which he though on all occafions he poffe fed both fpi- has given to the world, we are indebiad to rit and conduct, yet he was overcome by the him as editor of the Principia of the great preffure of the immense crowd, (wooned, Newion, and the inestimable volumes of Mac and role no more! He was just fimithing his laurie and Simpton. education, through which he was passing with At the houle of Henry Hulton, efq. in credit to himself, and satisfaction to his tu. Lincoln's Inn Fields, Mrs. Heald, relict of tor, who loved him as his own child. He the Rev. Whitley, H., rector of Northrepps, was to have been placed in the counting. Norfolk, and one of the litters and cohouse of his father, an eminent wine-mer- heirelles of the late Jacob ireston, efq. of cliant at Portsmouth, who, together with his teeton St. Lawrence, in the fame county. partner in lite, lave borne thistevere dispen- In Upper Fitzroy street, Mr. Broderip, of Iation of Providence with a truly chriitian the Haymarket. fortitude and refignation He was beloved At his father's house at Peckham, Nir. not only by his relatives and friends, but by Ricbard Saze, fon of Captain S., who comail who had the happiness of knowing him. manded La Senlible, under Sir Home PopHis forrowlul tutor deeply affected by the hain, in the Red Sea. He was the only offearly and premature death of an amiable pu- cer wounded in the Orion, in the glorious pil, bears ilus lad tribute of respect to his battle of Tratalgar : fince which time he has memory.

lingcred of his wound. He was a molt exIn St. Bartholomew's Hospital, in the mott cellent oflicer, and died greatly regretted, in abjc& ftate of poverty and distress, aged 51. the 20th year of his age. fobr Cogblan, ejq. lume time a Captain in Fureber particulars of William Streens, efq. in his Majesty's Byth regment of toot. This F. A. S. wbose deasb is mentioned at p. 18.5 of bohappy man, in the dawn of bis days, had our laft number. --1 bis excellent and extraorthe brightest prospects. His atlier i London dinary man, who was, during his life, an exmerchant, though pulledling great wealth, ample of every Christian grace and vistue, destined this, hus elle ton for the navy. and Citibot ealily he forgotten by thole friends committed him to the care of his friend, the who have furvived him. His father was a cclebrated Captain Cook, with whom he tradeiman, who died about seventy years made a voyage cound the work as a mid- ago; lus mother was an aunt of the amiable, tapinan. Not likmy the sea, he turned his pious, and exemplary Dr. George Horne, thoughts succeüively to the bar, and to the afterwards bishop of Norwich. Nearly of the church, and at lait entered into the arny. tame age, Mr, Stevens aud Bishop Home He served several canipaigus in America, pafled their early years at the fame Ichvol, was at the storming vf Fort Clinton, and in at Maidltone, in Kent, and that attachment, leveral other actions, where he be busved very which was then forned, never cealed but quilausly. At New York be mrned the with their lives ; of which a {tronger proos'


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