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Munter fördert seine Schritte
Fern im wilden Forst der Wandrer
Nach der lieben Heimathütte.
Blöckend ziehen heim die Schafe,
Und der Rinder
Breitgestirnte, glatte Schaaren
Kommen brüllend,
Die gewohnten Ställe füllend.

Ah! of home each tender band
Now for evermore is loose;
For she dwells in the shadow-land,
Who was the mother of the house;
Her faithful rule has passed away,
Her care no more shall watchful prove ;
In the orphan'd place shall sway

Henceforth the stranger, void of love.

While the bell is cooling now,
Rigoroustoil may have its rest;
As birds gambol on the bough,
Each may sport as likes him best.
When winking stars appear,
Freed from every care,
The workman hears the vespers toll,
Doubts still vex the master's soul.

In the wild forest's distant gloom,
The wanderer with cheerful steps
Hastes to his dear cottage-home.
Bleating homeward went the flocks;
And the glossy
Broadly-fronted herds of oxen
Come on lowing,
To fill their wonted home-stalls going.

- d

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Heil'ge Ordnung segenreiche
Himmelstochter, die das Gleiche
Frei und leicht und freudig bindet,
Die der Städte Bau gegründet,
Die herein von den Gefilden
Rief den ungesell'gen Wilden,
Eintrat in der Menschen Hütten,
Sie gewöhnt zu sanften Sitten,

Heavily in

Reels the waggon,

Harvest laden;

Ofvaried dies

The garland lies

The sheaves upon;
And the youthful band of reapers
To the dance hath flown.
Street and market grow more stilly;
Round the candle's social flame,
All house-dwellers meet together,
And the town-gate closes gnarring.
The Earth doth dight
Herself in black;
But the safe Burgher at the night
Feels no awe,
Which fearful wakes the guilty wight,
For still watchful is the eye of law.

Holy Order! blissful child
Of Heaven ! in union free and mild
And joyous, she hath equals bound;
She the first did cities found;
And therein from the waste plain
Call'd unsocial, savage man;
Entered in the rugged hut,
Its inmates gentler manners taught,

Und das theuerste der Bande Wob, den Trieb zum Vaterlande !

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