The Hunger

Simon and Schuster, 05.10.2001 - 384 Seiten
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Eternal youth is a wonderful thing for the few who have it, but for Miriam Blaylock, it is a curse -- an existence marred by death and sorrow. Because for the everlasting Miriam, everyone she loves withers and dies. Now, haunted by signs of her adoring husband's imminent demise, Miriam sets out in serach of a new partner, one who can quench her thirst for love and withstand the test of time. She finds it in the beautiful Sarah Roberts, a brilliant young scientist who may hold the secret to immortality. But one thing stands between the intoxicating Miriam Blaylock and the object of her desire: Dr. Tom Haver...and he's about to realize that love and death to hand in hand.

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Nutzerbericht  - Nakeeya - LibraryThing

I prefer the film adaptation, if mainly for the actors. Either way this twist on the vampire myth is interesting at times but unfortunately was a book that ticked me off so much all I remember was ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

LibraryThing Review

Nutzerbericht  - ToddSherman - LibraryThing

“His stomach twisted until it felt as if it were ripping out of its body and he clamped his fists to his eyes, willing with all his strength that the vision of death before him, of deliverance into ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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The Last Vampire

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Über den Autor (2001)

Whitley Strieber is widely known for his bestselling account of his own close encounter, Communion: A True Story, and has produced a television special based on Confirmation for NBC. He is also the author of the vampire novels The Hunger, The Last Vampire, and Lilith's Dream, and is the new host of his own radio program, Dreamland, founded by Art and Ramona Bell. His website -- the world's most popular site featuring topics at the edge of science and culture -- is

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