Diet Diversification and Health Promotion, Band 57

I. Elmadfa
Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers, 01.01.2005 - 174 Seiten
About half of the global burden of disease is due to chronic noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, which are all related to modifiable risk factors such as unbalanced diet and malnutrition as well as determinants such as behavior and lifestyle. Dietary patterns during the last few decades have undergone a general shift towards high energy density and fatty foods combined with a low proportion of plant components. The resulting diet profile has proven inadequate to meet the physiological needs of a healthy human life. A comprehensive and highly valuable source of knowledge for all professionals interested in the underlying causes of today's major health challenges, this publication gives an in-depth view of the various methods of monitoring and addressing this precarious situation: impact of gender and age on eating behavior, role of a vegetarian lifestyle, processed and fortified foods, organic foods, ethnic food culture, and consumer choice.

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Fat Intake Diet Variety and Health Promotion
Mixed Diet in Europe
Influences on Food Choice and Dietary Behavior
Age and Gender Dependent Profile of Food Choice
Diversification in Indigenous and Ethnic Food Culture
Do They Have a Role?
Impact of Functional Food
The Role of Fortified Foods Situation in Austria
Exploitation of Convenience Food in View of a Diet Diversification for Better Nutrition
From Misleading to Poisoning
Macro and Micronutrients in a Traditional Greek Menu
What Are the Advantages?
Food Safety and Consumers Attitude in a New EU Member State
Making the Healthy Choice an Easy Choice
The Consumers View
Author Index

Attitudes of Austrian Adults to the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
Health Effects of Phytoestrogens

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