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Death of Sir C. Wentworth Dilke—Mr. Ashton Dilke—

Ballad Society—Chaucer Society—Crabb Robinson's 'Diary'

—Government and the Telegraphs—The Pacific Railway—Dr.

Doran on the London Gazette—A Japanese Novel—Mr. Mill

and Woman's Rights—Bunhill Fields—Deaths of Lord Derby

and Prof. Conington—Guildhall Library—Salmon in Tas-

mania— Literature of Europe and America — Oxford and

Examination of Girls—Obituary of 1869 189—245

Chapter VII.—1870-1872.

Peaceful Condition of Affairs—The Spanish Throne—French

Jealousy of Germany—War declared against Prussia—Sale

of London Papers—'Paris and the War'—Enlargement of

the Athenaum—Mr. Dixon resigns the Editorship—' Litera-

ture of the People'—Society for Promoting Christian Know-

ledge—The Caryll Papers—Rossetti's Poems—Death of Mark

Lemon—Shirley Brooks Editor of Punch—Death of Cyrus

Redding—Newspaper Stamp Abolished—Burmese Books—

Obituary of 1870—Progress of the Franco-German War—

Peace Proposals—Terms of Peace—War Literature—Death of

Mr. Sampson Low, Jun.—Of Prof. De Morgan—Of Robert

Chambers — Of David Chambers — Aquaria—Marine Bio-

logical Association—Death of Mr. Lloyd—National Debts—

'Battle of Dorking '—Death of Mr. R. Bentley—Of Sir R. I.

Murchison—Obituary of 1871—Sir H. Holland's 'Recollec-

tions '—Dr. Livingstone—Stanley's 'How I found Living-

stone ' — Death of F. D. Maurice — Of Charles Lever—

'Memories of the British Museum '—Owens College—The

Clarendon Press—The Revised Bible—Dr. Murray's English

Dictionary—Obituary of 1872 246—299

Chapter VIII.—1873-1875.

Mr. Thorns—Dr. Doran on Blue Stockings—Death of Lord
Lytton—Of Charles Knight—Life of Dean Alford—Death of
John Stuart Mill—His Autobiography—Death of Mr. Holmes
—Cork Convent—Death of Mrs. Archer Clive—Of T. Chis-
holm Anstey—Of Mrs. Alfred Gatty—Of Sir Robert M'CIure
—The Spenser Society—Death of Mrs. Janet Hamilton—The
Royal Society at Burlington House—Obituary of 1873—

Death of D. Morier Evans—Mr. Gladstone and Hawarden—

Death of Livingstone—Of Mr. Adam Black—Voyage of the

Challenger—Death of Shirley Brooks—Tom Taylor Editor of

Punch—Asiatic Society of Japan—Death of Mowbray Morris

—Of Zadkiel—A New Zadkiel—Turner's ' Picturesque Views

in England and Wales'—Tannahill the Weaver-Poet—

Death of Howard Staunton—Dorothy Wordsworth's 'Tour in

Scotland'—Disraeli at School—John Francis on the Develop-

ment of the Press—Public Libraries of London—Phillips on

Metallurgy—Death of "Barry Cornwall "—Col. Warburton's

Australian Explorations—'The Greville Memoirs '—Death of

Mr. J. U. Anderson—Of Dr. Edwin Lankester—Enlargement

of the Daily Telegraph—Death of Tom Hood—'Life of the

Prince Consort'—Livingstone's 'Last Journals '—Obituary of

1874—George Smith's 'Assyrian Discoveries ' and 'Chaldean

Account of Genesis 1—Death of Canon Kingsley—Of George

Finlay—Of Sir Arthur Helps—Of John Timbs—Of Dr. J. E.

Gray—Of Dr. H. A. Woodham—Survey of Palestine—

Death of Sir J. Gray—Old Documents at the India Office—

MSS. of Gray's 'Elegy' and Dickens's 'Christmas Carol'—

Death of Mr. John Robertson—Mr. Bullen and Mr. Garnett

—The Royal Company of Archers—Guildhall Free Library—

Death of John Churchill—Of W. Smith Williams—The Manx

Society—Visit of the Prince of Wales to India—Death of

Lieut.-CoL Cunningham—Obituary of 1875 ... 300—354

Chapter IX.—1876-1878.

Death of John Forster—The Temple of Belus—Death of George
Smith, the Assyriologist—Of James Thomas Hackett—' Le
Vathek de Beckford'—Macclesfield Free Library—Death of
Prof. Bosworth—Of G. Walter Thombury—Of Mr. A. W.
Paulton—Of Mr. Alexander Russel—The Chiswick Press--
Death of Edward William Lane—Burnaby's ' Ride to Khiva'
—Death of Dr. Barlow—His Legacies—Palestine Survey—
Obituary of 1876—'Letters of E. B. Browning'—Death of
Mr. Alfred Smee—The St. Petersburg Deutsche Zeitung—
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography — Death of Mr. Cowden
Clarke—Of Walter Bagehot— Bryan Waller Procter's Auto-
biography—The Caxton Celebration—Prince L. L. Bonaparte

on English Dialects—Death of Dr. P. P. Carpenter—Of

Miss M. Carpenter—' FalstafFs Letters'—Origin of the Tele-

phone—'The Materia Medica of the Hindus'—'Notes on

Irish Architecture '—Death of Mr. William Longman—Mr.

Swinburne on Charlotte Brontii—Mr. Stanley's Explorations

—Conference of Librarians—The Library Association and the

Index Society Founded—Messrs. H. S. King & Co.—Folk-

Lore Society Founded—Obituary of 1877—Jubilee of the

Athenaum—Death of Dr. Doran—Of George Cruikshank—

The St. Petersburg Gazette—,' Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition'

—Death of Dr. R. Carruthers—Women and the University

of London—'Characteristics of Leigh Hunt'—'Life of Dr.

Brock'—Cyprus—Death of Prof. Oldham—Gibbon—Mr.

Bond—Dr. Waddington's 'Congregational History'—Rev.

Francis Hodgson—Death of G. H. Lewes—Of Major Whyte

Melville—Of Princess Alice—Obituary of 1878 ... 355-409

Chapter X.—1879-1882.

'Old and New London'—Holyoake's ' History of Co-opera-
tion'—Death of C. J. Wells— Good Words and Sunday Ma-
gazine—' Life of the Prince Consort'—Monier Williams on
Indian Theism—Hellenic Society Founded—German " Special
Correspondents " — Webb's 'Irish Biography ' — Death of
Joseph Gurney—Of Sir Rowland Hill—Of Thomas Long-
man—Mr. Ebsworth and the 'Roxburghe Ballads '—Death of
John Blackwood—Le Livre—Death of Mr. Delane—Cen-
tenary of the Times—Death of Serjeant Cox—The Old
Library, Birmingham—The ' Eikon Basilike'—Bibliography
of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'—Obituary of 1879—Death of Hep-
worth Dixon—Of Augustus Meves—'Life of Mary Carpen-
ter '—Death of Edward Chapman—' Life of the Prince
Consort '—Mr. John Morley Editor of the Pall Mall Gazette
—Death of J. Hamilton Fyfe—Of J. R. Planche—Of W. T.
Thornton—" When all Thy mercies "—Death of Tom Taylor
—Mr. Burnand Editor of Puttch—M. Pasteur—The Art
yournal—Grego's 'Rowlandson'—Harvey and St. Bartho-
lomew's Hospital—Death of James Imlach—Of W. H. G.
Kingston—Shelley's Prose Works-Death of W. H. Wills-
English as a Universal Language—Thomas Frost's 'Recol-

lections '—Opening of Newcastle Free Library—Tennyson

Turner's Sonnets—Lord Beaconsfield's ' Endymion "—Photo-

graph of Daguerre—Ladies at Cambridge and at Bombay

University—Death of "George Eliot "—Obituary of 1880—

Memoir of "George Eliot"—Education in Bengal—Prof.

R. K. Douglas—Death of J. T. Towson—'Life of Lord

Campbell'—Death of Dr. Jencken—The Bagford Ballads—

Death of Carlyle—Carlyle Literature—His Copyrights—Death

of Lord Beaconsfield—Natives at Calcutta University—Copy-

right between China and Japan—Newspaper Copyright in

India—Death of Andrew Wilson—Honorary Citizenship of

Berlin—The Royal Geographical Society—Death of Hon.

P. C. Scarlett—' Longevity in a New Light '—Izaak Walton's

House—John Francis's Fiftieth Year as Publisher — Ben

Jonson's 'Workes' — 'Great Movements and Those who

Achieved Them '—Sale of the Sunderland Library—"Science

Gossip "—Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge—Baron

Tauchnitz's Two Thousandth Volume—Life of Dr. Raleigh—

Obituary of 1881—Baron Tauchnitz's New Year's Gift—Caro-

line Fox's 'Memories of Old Friends'—Death of Harrison

Ainsworth—Jubilee of Chambers's Journal—Death of Dr.

J. W. Draper—Indian Finance—Centenary of Glasgow Herald

—Dundee University Founded—The Telephone in Mines—

Early Printing in Japan—Longfellow's Birthday—Russian

Saints—Death of Dr. John Muir—Servian Charter in British

Museum—Translations of Mrs. Fawcett's Works—Death of

Prof. Ko Hun Hua—The Formation of Fogs—Death of

Longfellow—Monument in Westminster Abbey—Sale of Mr.

Beresford Hope's Books — His Death—Death of D. F.

MacCarthy—Of D. G. Rossetti—Works 410—510

Chapter XL —STRAY NOTES, 1857-1872: DANIEL


LEY. ,

Daniel Macmillan—Early Years—Kindness of the Hares—

Business at Cambridge—Death—Macaulay's 'Lays of Ancient

Rome' — Critical and Historical Essays — Macaulay and

Croker—Letters of William III.—Macaulay Rector of Glas-

gow University—' History of England,' Vols. I. and II.—

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