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and 1863 compared-Death of Lord Lansdowne-Of Sir
G. Cornewall Lewis--Of William Tooke-Of Mrs. Edmund
Jenings-Of Mrs. Trollope-Of Archbishop Whately-Of
John Bowyer Nichols-Earthquake in England-Death of
Thackeray-Of Adelaide Anne Procter–Of Alaric A. Watts
-Of Frank Smedley-Of W. J. Fox-Of T. Colley Grattan
-Of Capt. Speke-Of Walter Savage Landor-Of John
Leech-Of J. R. M‘Culloch-Of Charles Wentworth Dilke
-Kelly's Post Office London Directory'-Death of Dr.
W. B. Baikie-Of Cardinal Wiseman--Of Admiral FitzRoy
-Of Charles Waterton--Of Sir J. Paxton-Of Sir J. W.
Lubbock-Of Isaac Taylor-of Dr. S. P. Woodward-Of
Sir W. Hooker-Of Sir W. Rowan Hamilton-Of Dr.
Lindley-Of Mrs. Gaskell-Obituary of 1865 ... 145–188

CHAPTER VI.--1866-1869.

Industrial Exhibition at the Guildhall-Southwark Park-

"Black Friday”- Aeronautical Society-Death of William
Harvey Of Dr. Maitland-Of Dr. Petrie-Of Dr. Whewell
-Dr. Thompson of Trinity-Death of Keble-The White-
bait Dinner-Death of C. Maclaren-Braidwood and Great
Fires-His Death - Capt. Shaw on Fires and the Fire
Brigade--Longitude of Heart's ContentArea of the United
States-Almanach de Gotha-Death of Alexander Smith-
Hervey's Poems -Death of Crabb Robinson - Salmon in
Australia --Tablet to Byron-English Watch Trade-Death
of James Edmiston-Of Sir A. Alison-Holborn Viaduct-
Death of Edward Hawkins Of J. R. Chorley-Of Mar.
guerite Power-Vitality of Seeds-- Early Years of the Prince
Consort'-Death of Faraday-Of Lord Wrottesley-Of the
Earl of Rosse The Queen's Life in the Highlands-Death
of Joseph Glass-Of John Doyle-Quakers' Books—Death
of Dr. J. Davy-Of Sir David Brewster-February 29th-
Death of E. E. Crowe-H. G. Bohn-Death of Edward Jesse

Of Lord Brougham--Price of the Daily News Reduced-
Southwark Bridge-Death of Effingham Wilson-Of Samuel
Lover-of J. Douglas Cook-"The spacious firmament on
high" — Death of Dean Milman — Of Principal Forbes —
Twelfth Night at Drury Lane-Great Melbourne Telescope-

CHAPTER VIII.-1873-1875.

Mr. Thoms--Dr. Doran on Blue Stockings—Death of Lord

Lytton-Of Charles Knight-Lise of Dean Alford-Death of
John Stuart Mill —His Autobiography-Death of Mr. Holmes
-Cork Convent-Death of Mrs. Archer Clive-Of T. Chis-
holm Anstey-Of Mrs. Alfred Gatty--Of Sir Robert M'Clure

-The Spenser Society-Death of Mrs. Janet Hamilton-The
Royal Society at Burlington House--Obituary of 1873–

Ventworth Dilke-Mr. Ashton Dilke-
naucer Society-Crabb Robinson's 'Diary'
he Telegraphs— The Pacific Railway-Dr.
en Gazette A Japanese Novel-Mr. Mill
5-Bunhill Fields-Deaths of Lord Derby
-n--Guildhall Library--Salmon in T2•

of Europe and America --Oxford and
5-Obituary of 1869 ... ... 189——245

PTER VII.—1870-1872.

Affairs-The Spanish Throne-- French
y-War declared against Prussia --Sale
- Paris and the War'~Enlargement of

Dixon resigns the Editorship. "Litera.
-Society for Promoting Christian Know.
apers--Rossetti's Poems-Death of Mark

oks Editor of Punch-Death of Cyrus

I Stamp Abolished-Burmese Books-

Progress of the Franco-German War-

'ms of Peace War Literature-Death of

un. Of Prof. De Morgan-Of Robert

d Chambers -Aquaria - Marine Bio-

Chapter IX.-1876-1878.

Death of John Forster- The Temple of Belus-Death of George

Smith, the Assyriologist--Of James Thomas Hackett-'Le
Vathek de Beckford'-Macclesfield Free Library-Death of
Prof. Bosworth-Of G. Walter Thornbury-Of Mr. A. W.
Paulton-Of Mr. Alexander Russel—The Chiswick Press--
Death of Edward William Lane—Burnaby's ‘Ride to Khiva'
--Death of Dr. Barlow-His Legacies—Palestine Survey-
Obituary of 1876-'Letters of E. B. Browning '-Death of
Mr. Alfred Smee-The St. Petersburg Deutsche Zeitung
Harriet Martineau's Autobiography -- Death of Mr. Cowden
Clarke-Of Walter Bagehot-Bryan Waller Procter's Auto-
biography—The Caxton Celebration-Prince L. L. Bonaparte

on English Dialects-Death of Dr. P. P. Carpenter--Of
Miss M. Carpenter—'Falstaff's Letters '-Origin of the Tele-
phone-'The Materia Medica of the Hindus '--'Notes on
Irish Architecture '-Death of Mr. William Longman-Mr.
Swinburne on Charlotte Brontë-Mr. Stanley's Explorations
-Conference of Librarians, The Library Association and the
Index Society Founded-Messrs. H. S. King & Co.-Folk.
Lore Society Founded-Obituary of 1877—Jubilee of the
Athenæum-Death of Dr. Doran-Of George Cruikshank-
The St. Petersburg Gazette - Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition'

-Death of Dr. R. Carruthers—Women and the University
of London-'Characteristics of Leigh Hunt'-'Life of Dr.
Brock '-Cyprus-Death of Prof. Oldham-Gibbon-Mr.
Bond-Dr. Waddington's Congregational History'-Rev.
Francis Hodgson-Death of G. H. Lewes-Of Major Whyte
Melville-Of Princess Alice-Obituary of 1878 ... 355-409

Chapter X.-1879-1882.
• Old and New London '-Holyoake's ' History of Co-opera-

tion '-Death of C. J. Wells-Good Words and Sunday Ma-
gazine - Life of the Prince Consort'-Monier Williams on
Indian Theism--Hellenic Society Founded-German “Special
Correspondents ” — Webb’s ‘Irish Biography' – Death of
Joseph Gurney-Of Sir Rowland Hill-Of Thomas Long-
man-Mr. Ebsworth and the 'Roxburghe Ballads '- Death of
John Blackwood--Le Livre-Death of Mr. Delane-Cen-
tenary of the Times Death of Serjeant Cox-The Old
Library, Birmingham-The "Eikon Basilike'-Bibliography
of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin '— Obituary of 1879-Death of Hep-
worth Dixon-Of Augustus Meves-'Life of Mary Carpen-
ter'-Death of Edward Chapman— Life of the Prince
Consort '- Mr. John Morley Editor of the Pall Mall Gazette
- Death of J. Hamilton Fyfe-Of J. R. Planché-Of W. T.
Thornton—"When all Thy mercies "-Death of Tom Taylor
-Mr. Burnand Editor of Punch-M. Pasteur-The Art
Journal-Grego's ‘Rowlandson'-Harvey and St. Bartho-
lomew's Hospital-Death of James Imlach-Of W. H. G.
Kingston-Shelley's Prose Works – Death of W. H. Wills-
English as a Universal Language-Thomas Frost's * Recol-

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