Abbildungen der Seite

Dundcnald, 126; and Charles
Knight, 304; as Master Ste-
phen, 528
Jesse (Edward), naturalist, death,

Jesse (John Heneage), death, 336
Jewish Chronicle, death of Dr.

Benisch, 408
Jewish works on Cyprus, 399
Jewsbury (Geraldine), death, 461
Joan of Arc, poem by Chorley, 543
John Bull on Lord Brougham's

motto, 226
Johnson (Charles), botanist, death,


Johnson (Henry), inventor of logo-
types, 427
Johnson (Dr. Samuel), death of

"Queeny," 18
Johnston (Dr. A. K.), geographer,

death, 280
Jones (Mr.), bequest to Owens

College, 29m.
Jones (John), secretary of Iron and

Steel Institute, death, 389
Jones (John Winter), president of j

the Conference of Librarians,

387 ; resigns Principal Librarian-1

ship of British Museum, 401
Jonson (Ben), Charles Lamb's copy

of, 353; 'Workes' sold, 484;

performance of 1 Every Man in

his Humour,' 527
Jukes (Prof. J. B.), geologist,

death, 244
Junius, death of Miss Woodfall,

147; Charles Wentworth Dilke

on, 172


Kaleidoscope, its inventor, 219
Kaleidoscope, edited by K. Cham-
bers, 269
Kavanagh (Julia), novelist, death,

Kaye (Sir J. W.), death, 369
Kean (Edmund), and Douglas Jer-
rold, 23; failure in 'Ben Nazir,
the Saracen,' 167; Howard
Staunton plays with, 324; life
by B. W. Procter, 330

Keary (Anna Maria), novelist,

death, 434
Keble (John), obituary, 193
KeighUey (Thomas), author, death,


Keith (Hester Maria Viscountess),
Johnson's" Queeny,"obituary,i8

Kelly (F. F.) greatly improves the
'Post Office London Directory,'

Kelly's (Miss) Theatre, Jonson s
'Every Man in his Humour,' 527

Kent (Charles), letter from Dick-
ens, 530

Kentish Archaeological Society, first

meeting, 60
Kenyon (John), friend of E. B.

Browning, 369
Kew Gardens, improved by Sir W.

Hooker, 183
Kind Words, its circulation, 253
King (George) on Indian plants,


King (H. S.) & Co., publishing de-
partment sold, 388

King (Dr. Richard), founder of Eth-
nological Society, death, 368

King (Richard John), author,
death, 433

King's College, London, Gabriele
Rossetti professor, 508

Kingsley (Charles), obituary, 339

Kingsley (Henry), novelist, death,

Kingston (Alfred), secretary of the

Camden Society, 300
Kingston (Elizabeth, Duchess of),

born Chudleigh, her marriage,


Kingston (William Henry Giles),

boys' writer, obituary, 452
Knight (Charles), obituary, 302;

'Penny Cyclopaedia'—" Weekly

Volumes, 403
Knight (Joseph), 'Life of D. G.

Rossetti,' 510
Koenig (Frederick), inventor of the

first steam printing machine,


Korea, movable type in, 500


Lackington & Co., 259
Laing (David), antiquary, death,

Lamb (Charles), life by B. \V.
Procter, 330; his copy of Ben
Jonson,'353; friendship for James
White, 378

Lambeth Palace Library, 328

Landon (Letitia E.), "L. E. L.,"
and John Forster, 357

Landor (Walter Savage), obituary,
168; Forster's life, 356

Lane (Edward William), Oriental-
ist, obituary, 366

Lang (R. Hamilton) on Cyprus,

Lankestcr (Dr. Edwin), obituary,

Lanlcester (Prof. E. Ray), on the
Naples Aquarium, 273; founds
the Marine Biological Associa-
tion, 275

Lansdowne (Henry, 3rd Marquis
of), his generosity, 159

"Lardner s Cyclopedia," Forster's
contribution to, 355

Lassell (William), astronomer,
death, 462

Latham (Dr. Gordon) and the Tip-
perary Hall papers, 407

Law Advertiser printed by James
Holmes, 308

Law Journal printed by James
Holmes, 308

Lawrence (Sir Henry Montgomery)
on the annexation of Oudh, 83

Law Times, its foundation, 430

Layard (Sir A. II.), Assyrian dis-
coveries, 337

Leader, G. H. Lewes literary editor,

Leech (John), his genial character,

14; obituary, 169; as Master

Matthew, 528
Leeds Lntelligencer, A. A. Watts

editor, 165
LeFanu(J. S.), novelist, death, 312
Legendre (A. M ), his 'Geometry'

translated by Carlyle, 219, 472

Leigh (Augusta) on Byron's mar-
riage, 401
Leigh Hunts London Journal, 397
Leisure Hour, its good influence,

Lemon (Mark), obituary, 255 ; as

Brainworm, 528
Leng (John), editor of Dundee

Advertiser, 497
Leopold (Prince) of Hohenzotlern-

Sigmaringen and the Spanish

throne, 247
Lever (Charles), obituary, 287;

contributes to Blackwood, 423
Lewes (George Henry), obituary,


Lewis (Sir George Cornewall), obi-
tuary, 159
Lewtas (Matthew) on the convent

at Cintra, 308
Libel Act, Lord Campbell's, 133
Librarians, Conference of, 387
Libraries, Salford Free, 16; Liver-
pool Free, 88; Mudie's, 122;
Smith's, 123; Guildhall, 241,
349; London public, 328 j Mac-
clesfield Free, 361; Old Library,
Birmingham, 431; Patent Office,

Library Association founded, 387

Libri MSS., sale of, 89

Liefde (Jacob de), Daily News war
correspondent, death, 407

Lilly (Joseph), "apostle of 'first
folios,'" death, 259

Limited liability companies, warn-
ing concerning, 189

Lincoln's Inn, death of W. H.
Spilsbury, 390

Lindley (Dr. John), botanist, Sir
W. Hooker on, l82n.; obituary,
185; consulted by Peel, 187

Liston (David), Professor of He-
brew, death, 490

Literary Chronicle, Dr. Doran edi-
tor, 392

Literary Gazette, death of Jerdan,
244; view of the first steam
printing machine, 429m; bio-
graphy of Mrs. Planch<f, 442

Library Magnet printed by James
Holmes, 308

* Literary Souvenir," founded by
A. A. Watte, 166

Literature, in 1857, 13; in 1858,
43; in 1859, 84; in i860, 114;
in 1861, 130; of Europe and
America, 242; of the people,
250; highwayman, 251; pub-
lishers for the people, 253

Liverpool, Free Libraries in, 88;
observatory at, 214

Liverpool Daily Post, death of pro-
prietor, 313

Liverpool Journal, death of pro-
prietor, 313

Livingstone (David), his boyhood,
32; discoveries in Africa, 34;
found by Stanley, 282; obituary,
315; 'Last Journals,' 335

Livre(Le),on Bentley&Son, 278a;
its foundation, 424

Lloyd (Dr. Humphrey), of Trinity
College, Dublin, death, 490

Lloyd (W. A.), on early aquaria,
271 ; death, 275

Lloyd's Newspaper, Douglas Jer-
rold's success, 28

Logan (Sir William), discoverer of
Eozoon, 400

Lbher (Franz von) on Cyprus,

Lombardy, its Iron Crown, 91
London, De Quincey's wanderings
in, 108; Post Office Directory,
statistics of, 174; Industrial Ex-
hibition at the Guildhall, 189;
great fires in, 197; Fire Brigade,
201; Holbom Viaduct, 207,241;
Guildhall Library, 241; chari-
ties, Low's handbook to—fire-
escape system, 266 ; public libra-
ries of, 328; opening of the
Guildhall Free Library, 349;
H. T. Riley's ' Memorials,' 408;
Lord Mayor in the pillory—
"dagger in City arms, 410
London, University of, presented
with De Morgan's library, 268;
admits women to degrees, 397

London and Westminster Review.
See Westminster Review.

London Gasette, its history, 238, 427

London Magazine, Barry Cornwall .
a contributor, 375; Carlyle a
contributor, 472

London Society, Planchc's recollec-
tions, 444

London Weekly Review, 308

Long (Prof. George), editor of the
'Penny Cyclopaedia,' death, 454

Longfellow (H. W.), seventy-fifth
birthday, 500; obituary, 503;
poems on—memorial in West-
minster Abbey, 505

Longitude of Heart's Content and
Valentia, 202

Longman (Charles), F.G.S., death,

Longman (Thomas), obituary, 420
Longman (William), obituary, 3S3
Longman (Messrs.), publishers of
Edinburgh Review, 317; their
successes, 384; members of the
firm, 386n.; earliest title-page,

Loudon (Jane), botanical writer,

obituary, 59
Loudon (John C.) marries the

author of 'The Mummy,' 59
Louis XVII., Augustus Meves's

claim, 437
Loveday (J. T.) and the Tooley

Street fire, 199
Lover (Samuel), obituary, 22S
Lovett (W.), Chartist, death, 390
Low (Sampson), founder of the

firm, obituary, 5i2n.
Low (Sampson), jun., obituary, 266
Low (Sampson) & Co. and the

Tauchnitz " Collection of British

Authors," 489
Ijjwell (J. R.) succeeds Long-
fellow at Harvard University, 504
Lubbock (Sir John William),

astronomer, obituary, 179
Lucas (Samuel), of the Morning

Star, death, 188
Lucknow, ladies on the siege, 40,41
Lushington (Dr. S.), death, 312

I.yell (Sir Charles), death, 353
Lynch (Rev. T. Toke), death, 280
Lytton (Edward George Bulwer,
Lord), obituary, 301; 'Life,'
302; supports Zadkiel, 322;
novels in Blackwood, 423
Lytton (Rosina, Lady), 'Life,' 302


Macaulay (Catharine), first lady
reader at British Museum, 288

Macaulay (Thomas Babington,
Lord), death, III; 'Lays of
Ancient Rome,' 384, 513;
'Critical and Historical Essays'
—quarrel with Croker, £15;
Rector of Glasgow University—
'History of England,' Vols. I.
and II., 517; on the clergy—
visits the Boyne—on William
Penn, 518; 'Speeches'—'His-
tory,' Vols. HI. and IV.—death
—early compositions, 519; letter
from solicitors concerning—' Bio-
graphies,' 521; on the Corn |
Laws—and Hannah More, 522 ,!
'Life and Letters,' by his nephew,!

Macaulay (Zachary) and Hannah
More, 522

MacCarthy (Denis Florence), poet,
obituary, 506

Macclesfield, Free Library pre-
sented to, 361

M'Clintock (Sir Francis L.) com-
mands the Fox, 20

M'Clure(Sir Robert), obituary, 310

M'Culloch (J. R.), death, 171 ; re-
futed by Thornton, 446

MacDonald (John C.), manager of
the Times, 429

Mackarness(MatildaAnnie), 'Trap
to Catch a Sunbeam,' 442

Maclaren (Charles), founder of the
Scotsman, 195

Maclcod (Dr. Norman), death, 298

Maclise (Daniel), picture of the
reading of ' The Chimes,' 355

Macmillan (Daniel), memoir by
Thomas Hughes—history, 511

Macmillan & Co., agents for the
Clarendon Press, 293

Macmillan's Magazine, its founda-
tion, 99

Maconochie (Capt. Alex.), death,

Madden (Sir Frederic), death, 312

Madras Athenaum and Daily Nr^'s,
death of P. H. Gordon, 369

Magnetic needle, CErsted's dis-
coveries, 57

Mahaffy (J. P.) on Dr. F. E.
Jencken, 468

Mahon (Lord). See Stanhope.

Maitland (Dr. Samuel Roffey),
obituary, 191

Makerstoun Observatory founded,

Mallarme (Stephane) on Beckford's
'Vathek,' 360

Manchester, Art Treasures at, 19;
Owens College and the Victoria
University, 290; death of the
Manchester poet, 337; of "A
Manchester Lady," poetess, 353;
Shelley on the Manchester
massacre, 453n.; Chevalier Neu-
komm's oratorio, 537

Manchester Courier, A. A. Watts
editor, 165

Manchester Examiner, death of
A. W. Paulton, 363

Manchester Guardian, its war
correspondent, 263

Mansel (Dean H. L.), death, 280

Manuscripts, sale of the Libri, 89;
of Gray and Dickens, 347; pre-
servation in India, 382

Manx Society, its work, 352

Marcet (Jane), scientific writer for
the young, obituary, 5S

Margaret (Princess), marriage with
James IV., 46

Margaret of Windsor, marriage with
Alexander III., 46

Margate, Brunei's treatment at, 149

Margoliouth (Moses), Hebrew
scholar, death, 491

Marine Biological Association, its
foundation, 275

Markham (Clements R.) on the
Royal Geographical Society, 481

Mark system of prison reform, 127

Marriages, of English princesses,
45; child, 48

Marsh (Mrs. A.), novelist, death,

Marshman (John Clark), 'Memoirs
of Havelock,' 120

Martin (Rev. Samuel) on Faraday
as a Christian, 212

Martin (Sir Theodore), 'Life of the
Prince Consort,' 335, 414, 440

Martineau (Harriet), death, 369;
'Autobiography,' 371

Martyn (Henry), missionary, Mac-
aulay on, 519

Marvell (Andrew), author of " The
spacious firmament on high," 229

Mary (Princess), "Pearl of Eng-
land," her two marriages, 47

Mary (Princess), daughter of
Charles I., her marriage, 48

Mary . (Princess), daughter of
Tames II., marriage with Wil-
liam of Orange, 48

Mary Stuart (Queen), time of her
marriage with Damley, 47

Massey (Gerald), poem on Sir

William Peel, 36
Masson (Prof. David), first editor
of Macmillaris Magazine, 99

Mathematics, reform in, 65; Sir
W. R. Hamilton's genius for,
184; Dr. Whewell, 192

Mather (Dr. R. Cotton), death, 389

Matilda (Princess), marriage with
the Emperor Henry V., 45

Maurice (Frederick Denison), obi-
tuary, 285 ; life by his son, 286;
book dedicated to Principal Scott,
292; influence on Canon Kings-
ley, 339

Mayall (J. E.), photograph of

Daguerre by, 459
Mayer (S. R. Townshend), on R.

Bentley temp. Charles II., 278n.;

edits E. B. Browning's letters,

369; death, 461
Mayhew (Horace), death, 298

Mazzini (Joseph), death, 298
Medley (Capt. J. G.), 'A Year's

Campaigning in India,' 81
Melbourne, great telescope at, 232
Melville (Major Whyte), obituary,

Merivale (Dean Charles) on Dean

Alford, 305
Metals, quantities obtained in the

British Isles, 329
Meteren (Emanuel van), printer of

the first Bible in English, 395
Metropolitan Improvement Society,

Dickens on the committee, 525
Meves (Augustus), claimed to be

Louis XVII., 437
Meyrick Collection arranged by

Planche, 444
Microscope, first English treatise

on, 380
Mill (James), early life, 305'
Mill (John Stuart), and women's
rights, 240; obituary, 305; 'Au-
tobiography,'306; and J. Robert-
son, 348; reviews W. T. Thorn-
ton 'On Labour,'446; on Dr.
Franz's case, 469; in Caroline
Fox's 'Memoriesof Old Friends,"

Miller (Hugh), his last work, 13
Milman (Dean H. H.), obituary,

Milton (John), Macaulay's admira-
tion of, 520
Mitford (Mary Russell), friend of

E. B. Browning, 369
Moltke (Hellmutb, Count von),

honorary citizen of Berlin, 4S0
Monk (Bishop J. H.) and the 'Gre-

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