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Baikie (Dr. W. B.), African ex-
plorer, death, 175

Bain (Alexander), inventor of elec-
trochemical telegraph, death,

Baines (Thomas), Lancashire

writer, death, 492
Balcombe (Miss). See Abell.
Ballad Society, 236; new editor,

421; 'Bagford Ballads,'470
Bankers' Almanac, 314
Bankers' Magazine, 314
Bank of England, method of print-
ing notes, 370
Banns, a princess's published, 47
Barlow (Dr. Henry Clark), Danto-

philist, obituary, 367
Barnes (Joseph), Printer to the

University of Oxford, 294
Barrow (Sir John), a founder of

the Royal Geographical Society,


Barsukof (Nikolai), 'Sources of

Russian Hagiography,' 500
Bates (H. W.) edits Col. Warbur-

ton's journals, 331
Bath, British Association at, 167
Bath Guardian founded, 257
Bathurst (Bishop Henry) ordains

Dr. Stebbing, 39cm.
'Battle of Dorking,' 276
Baxter (John Boyd), joint founder

of Dundee University, 498
Baxter (Mary Ann), joint founder

of Dundee University, 498
Baxter (R. D.), 'National Debts,'


Bazaine (Marshal F. A), his con-
duct at Metz, 264
Beaconsfield (Lord). See Disraeli

Beamish (Richard), 1 Memoir of

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tugal, 308; original edition of
'Vathek,' 360

Beeton (S. O.), founder of the
Queen, 430

Behan (Thomas L.), editor of Lon-
don Gazette, death, 238

Beke (Dr. C. T.), death, 336

Belcher (Sir Edward), history of
one of his ships, 2on.; action
brought against him by Zadkiel,
322; death, 389

Bell (Prof. Graham), his articu-
lating telephone, 379

Bell & Bradfute, William Black-
wood apprenticed to, 42 m.

Bell & Daldy purchase Bohn's
"Libraries," 223

Bell & Sons, additions to Bohn's
"Libraries," 223

Bellew (J. C. Montesquieu), death,

Belt (Thomas), traveller, death,

Benisch (Dr. Abraham), editor of
Jewish Chronicle, death, 408

Bennett (James Gordon) sends
search expedition for Living-
stone, 281

Bennett (Dr. W. C.) on memorial
to Longfellow, 505

Bennoch (Francis), hon. treasurer
of Longfellow committee, 505

Bentinck (Lord George), Disraeli's
'Political Biography' of, 478

Bentley (George), joins the firm,
277; letter from Lord Lytton,
301; on Augustus Meves, 437

Bentley (Richard), publisher temp.
Charles II., 278n.

Bentley (Richard), obituary, 276

Bentley (Richard), jun., joins the
firm, 278

Bentley's Miscellany, prospectus
drawn up by Dickens, 277; Tip-
perary Hall papers, 407; first
number, 523

Berlin, its honorary citizenship, 480

Bewick (Thomas), his advice to W.
Harvey, 191

Bcxley (Nicholas, Lord), presi-

dent of British and Foreign Bible
Society, 106

Beyer (C. F.), legacy to Owens
College, 290

Bible, few copies in Wales, 103;
and the Apocrypha, 104; in
Chinese, 105 ; number of copies
issued, 106; right to print, 106,
296; Revised, published, 295;
New Testament published in
Chicago Times, 295n.; prices of
Mazarine, 376n.; in H industani,
389; in the Caxton Exhibition,
394; first English translation,
395 ; revised by Joseph Gurney,
419; Longman's New Testa-
ment, 420; in the Sunderland
sale, 486; Polyglot, 506

Bible Class, 253

Bill (John), founder and printer of
the London Gazette, 427

Billinge (Mary), alleged centena-
rian, 483

Binney (Dr. Thomas), death, 336

Birch (Dr. Samuel) and the Cy-
priote inscriptions, 359

Birdwood (Sir George) discovers
old documents at the India
Office, 346

Birmingham, Social Science Asso-
ciation at, 30; branch of Mudie's
Library, 122 ; centenary of Okl
Library, 431

Birrell (Charles M.), 'Life of Dr.
Brock,' 398

Bismarck (Prince von), on the
French negotiations for peace,
262 ; honorary citizen of Berlin,

Black (Adam), obituary, 316; Mac-

aulay's friendship, 522
Black (A. & C), 'Encyclopedia

Britannica'dinner, 132
'Black Book,' sale of, 354
"Black Friday," 190
Blackie (John), publisher, death,


Blackwood (John), obituary, 421
Blackwood (William), life of, 42m.
Blackwood's Magazine, 'Battle of

Dorking' in, 276; death of Mr.
T. Aird, 369; its first number,
422n.; death of Andrew Wilson,

Blades (William) on the Caxton

Celebration, 375
Blakey (Dr. Robert), death, 409
Blind, bequests for their benefit,


Blindness, remarkable recovery

from, 468
Block machinery, Brune1's, 149
Blue Stockings, Dr. Doran on, 300
Boccaccio, works in the Sunder-
land sale, 488
Bodleian Library, death of Rev.

H. O. Coxe, 491
Bohn (IT. G.), sale of his books-
life, 221

Bohn (J. H. Martin), bookbinder,

Bonaparte (Prince Louis Lucien),
'Classification of the English
Dialects,' 377

Bond (Edward A.), Principal Li-
brarian of British Museum, 401

Bonomi (Joseph*, curator of Soane
Museum, death, 40S

Books, for the nursery, 250; palrn-
leaf, discarded in Burmah, 25S;
block-books, 376

Borrow (George), death, articles
on, 491

Boscawcn (W. St. C.) on Cyprus,

Bos well (Tames), 'Life of Johnson,'
Crokers edition, 515

Bosworth (Dr. Joseph), Professor
of Anglo-Saxon, obituary, 361

Botanical Register, 186

Botany, its advancement by Brown,
54; by Lindley, 185, 186;
Jussieu's method, 343

Boutell (Rev. Charles), archaeo-
logist, death, 390

Bowerbank (Dr. J. S.), death, 3S9

Bowring (Sir John), death, 299

Boyd (Sir William), of Edinburgh,
death, 353

Bradbury & Evans, George Smith

engraver for, 358; bid for House-
hold Words, 529n.

Bradley (George Granville), Dean
of Westminster, 505

Braidwood (James), 'Fire Preven-
tion,' 195; his life, 196

Brewer (John Sherren), death, 433

Brewster (Sir David),'The Stereo-
scope,' 14; obituary, 219 ; 'Edin-
burgh Encyclopaedia,' 471

Brighton aquarium, 273

Brisbane (Sir Thomas M.), soldier
and astronomer, obituary, 117

BristolJournal, Walter Thornbury
a contributor, 362

British and Foreign Bible Society,
its history, 102

British and Foreign Medical Re-
view founded, 140

British Archaeological Association,
its foundation, 444

British Association, at Bath, 167;
and the telephone, 379; Geo-
graphical Section added, 482;
Prof. J. W. Draper at, 494

British Medical Journal, death of
Dr. A. Wynter, 369

British Museum, purchase of
Shakspeare's autograph, 54;
total expense, 124 ; death of E.
Hawkins, 207 ; J. R. Chorley's
bequest, 208 ; Sir H. Ellis, 243;
death of T. Watts, 244 j the
first lady reader—the Duchess of
Kingston, 288; death of Sir F.
Madden, 312; Assyrian tablets,
338, 359; death of Dr. J. E.
Gray, 343; changes at, 348;
death of G. Smith, 358; and
Henry Stevens, 396n.; Mr.
E. A. Bond Principal Librarian,
401; death of Sir A. Panizzi,
434; Prof. R. K. Douglas, 466;
Servian charter, 502

Britten (F. J.) on watches, 205

Britton (John), antiquary, obituary,

Brock (Thomas), A.R.A., bust of

Longfellow, 505
Brock (Rev. Dr. William), biogra-

phy of Havelock, 36; death,

354; 'Life.' 398
Brodie (Sir Benjamin) on the

Royal Society, 127
Broke (Capt. Sir Arthur de Capell),

founder of the Raleigh Club, 481
Bronte (Branwell), Mrs. Gaskell

on, 22

Bronte (Charlotte), publication of
'Jane Eyre,' 351 ; A. C. Swin-
burne on, 386

Brooks (Shirley), editor of Punch,
257 ; obituary, 319

Brougham (Henry, Lord), and the
prorogation of Parliament, 16;
president of Social Science
Association, 30; obituary, 223

Broughton (Lord). See Hobhouse.

Brown (J. Baldwin), book dedi-
cated to Principal Scott, 292

Brown (Oliver Madox), death, 337

Brown (Robert), botanist, obituary,

Brown (Robert), a founder of the
Royal Geographical Society,

Browne (Rev. George), 'History
of the British and Foreign Bible
Society,' 102

Browne (Hablot Knight) illustrates
'Nicholas Nickleby,' 524

Browning (Elizabeth Barrett), obi-
tuary, 134 ; tablet erected by the
municipality of Florence, 137;
'Letters of,' 369

Browning (Robert) and Barry Corn-
wall, 375

Bruce (James), African explorer,
his accidental death, 168

Bruce (John), death, 244

Brunei (Sir Marc Isambard),
principal achievements, 147

Buckle (Henry Thomas), obituary,


Bullen (George), made Keeper of
the Printed Books, 348; biblio-
graphy of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,'

Buller (Charles), Carlyle his tutor,

Bulley (Agnes Amy), prize for essay

on middle-class education, 460
£ unionist, 314

liunhill Fields Burial-ground, its

preservation, 240
Bunsen (Christian C. J.) in Caro-
line Fox's 'Memories of Old

Friends,' 493
Burdett-Coutts (Baroness) and

\V. H. Wills, 455
Burgoyne (Sir John Fox), his

'Military Opinions,' 75
Burmah, telephone in, 381
Burmah (King of) prints a Burmese

grammar of Pali, 258
Burnaby (Col. Fred.), 'A Ride to

Khiva,' 366 ; death, 367n.
Burnand (F. C), editor of Punch,


Burns (Col. William Nicol), son of

the poet, death, 298
Burritt (Elihu), death, 434
Burton (Hill), death, 492
Byron (Anne Isabella, Lady), death,


Byron (George G., sixth Lord),
tablet to, 205; at Harrow, 375;
death of Rev. F. Hodgson, 401;
of E. J. Trelawny, 492

Caine (T. Hall), poem on Long-
fellow, 505; 'Recollections of
D. G. Rossetti,' 509

Cairnes (Prof. J. E.), death, 353

Calderon, D. F. MacCarthy's trans-
lations, 507

Caledonian Mercury, 317

Calico printing, I. Taylor's machine
for engraving patterns, 181

California, Chinese in, 237

Callow (John), business purchased
by Churchill, 350

Cambrian, oldest newspaper in
Wales, 259

Cambridge (George, 2nd Duke of),
opens the Exhibition of 1862, 145

Cambridge University, and the
Revised Bible, 296; Dr. Bos-

worth's legacy, 362 ; women at,

Camden Society, resignation of

Mr. Thorns, 300
Campbell (Sir Colin) sent to India,


Campbell (John, Lord), obituary,
133; 'Life,' by his daughter,

Campbell (Thomas), co-editor of
New Monthly Magazine, 257;
Redding's' Reminiscences'of,258

Canning (Charles John, Lord), first
Viceroy of India, 73

Canterbury, Kentish Archaeological
Society at, 61

Carlile (Richard), his trial, 454

Carlyle (Dr. John) and 'Sartor
Resartus,' 473

Carlyle (Thomas), translation of
Legendre's ' Geometry,' 219; obi-
tuary, 470; 'Reminiscences'—
letters to Leigh Hunt — copy-
rights, 475; in Caroline Fox's
'Memories of Old Friends,' 493

Carpenter (J. Estlin), 'Life of
Mary Carpenter,' 438

Carpenter (Mary), obituary, 378;

Carpenter (Dr. Philip P.), con-
chologist, obituary, 377

Carruthers (Dr. Robert), of the
Inverness Courier, obituary, 396

Caryll Papers presented to the
nation by Sir C. W. Dilke, 254

Case (Adelaide Maria), 'Day by
Day at Lucknow,' 41

Cassell (John), death, 188

Catalogue, H. G. Bohn's ' Guinea.'
222; of English literature, pro-
posed, 388

Cawnpore, massacre of, 78

Caxton Celebration, 375; Bibles
at. 394

Centenarians, two alleged, 483
Chadwick. (David) presents Free

Library to Macclesfield, 361
Challenger, voyage of, articles on,

Chambers (David), death, 271

Chambers (Dr. Robert), obituary,

Chambers (Robert), jun., death,

Chambers(William),earlylife, 269;
death, 493n.

'Chambers's Cyclopaxlia of English
Literature,' 397

Chambers's Edinburgh Journal,
270 ; death of W. H. Wills, 455;
its jubilee, 493

Chamier (Capt. Frederick), author,
death, 259

Chapman (Edward), obituary, 439

Chapman (Maria Weston), editor
of Harriet Martineau's 'Auto-
biography,' 371 I

Chapman & Hall, publish Lewes's
'Ranthorpe,' 403; for many
authors, 439; purchase Carlyles
copyrights, 475

Chappell (William) on the tele-
phone, 380

Charities, London, Low's hand-
book on,266

Charles I., the authorship of the
'Eikon Basilike,' 431

Charles II., at the marriage of the
Prince of Orange, 48; on the
'Eikon Basilike,' 432

Charles X. of France, his corona-
tion, 443
Charles (Rev. Thomas), of Bala,

Charlotte, Princess of Wales, mar-
riage with King Leopold, 49
Charterhouse School, Leech and

Thackeray at, 170
Chartists, T. Frost on, 457; Car-
lyle on, 474; defended by Dis-
raeli, 477
Chatto & Windus publish 'Joseph

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Chaucer (Geoffrey),

Clarke's edition, 372
Chaucer Society, 236
Chesney (Col. George), author of

'Battle of Dorking,' 276
Chess, Howard Staunton's works,

Chetham Library, Canon Raines's
bequest, 409

Chicago Times, Revised New Tes-
tament printed in, 295n.

Child's Own Magazine, its circula-
tion, 253

China, copyright with Japan, 479;
early printing in, 499

China Mail, death of Andrew Wil-
son, 480

Chinchona, shaving the bark, 488

Chinese, their migration to Cali-
fornia, 237

Chinese ambassador at St. Peters-
burg, English spoken by, 456

Chinese language, New Testament
in, 105; death of Prof. Ko Hun
Hua, 502

Chiswick Press, its history, 364

Chorley (Henry Fothergill), writes
Dickens's obituary, 530; birth,
535; 'The Winter's Wreath '—
memorials of Mrs. Hemans—
first contributes to Athenaum,
536; 'Music in the Provinces'
— comes to London — musical
critic of the Athenaum—gives
farewell dinner, 537; parting
words — death, 538; obituary,
539; friendship for Dickens-
poems in Athenaum, 540;
'Hymn of the Old Discoverers,'
542; 'The Statue of Joan of
Arc,' 543

Chorley (John Rutter), Spanish
scholar, obituary, 208; 'The
Winter's Wreath,'536
Christie (W. D.), editor of Dryden,

death, 336
Christie, Manson & Woods, sale
of Turner's ' Picturesque Views,'

Christ's Hospital, Lamb and James

White at, 378
Churchill (John), medical pub-
lisher, obituary, 350
Clairmont or Claire (Jane), death,

Clarendon (Edward, Earl of), sale
of' History of the Rebellion,' 294

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