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should be raised in memory of him, such fund to be devoted to pensions to old and distressed

members of the trade; and on the roth of John February, 1885, two “ John Francis Pensions" Francis

ns, were founded-one male pension of 20l, a year founded. and a female pension of 15l. a year, in





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Apocrypha. See Bible.

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death, 313

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Vathek,' 360
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I to Longfellow, 505
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| Bennoch (Francis), hon. treasurer
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rian, 483

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and the Apocrypha, 104 ; in Celebration, 375
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lise, 221
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the London Gazette, 427

Billinge (Mary), alleged centena- Bonaparte (Prince Louis Lucien),

| "Classification of the English
Binney (Dr. Thomas), death, 336) Dialects,' 377
Birch (Dr. Samuel) and the Cy: Bond (Edward A.), Principal Li-
priote inscriptions, 359

| brarian of British Museum, 401
Birdwood (Sir George) discovers Bonomi (Joseph), curator of Soane

old documents at the India Museum, death, 408
Office, 346

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Birmingham, Social Science Asso- leaf, discarded in Burmah, 258 ;

ciation at, 30; branch of Mudie's block-books, 376
Library, 122 ; centenary of Old Borrow (George), death, articles
Library, 431

on, 491
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Brock,' 398

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French negotiations for peace, Croker's edition, 515
262 ; honorary citizen of Berlin, Bosworth (Dr. Joseph), Professor

of Anglo-Saxon, obituary, 361
Black (Adam), obituary, 316; Mac- Botanical Register, 186

aulay's friendship, 522 | Botany, its advancement by Brown,
Black (A. & C.), Encyclopædia 54; by Lindley, 185, 186;
Britannica' dinner, 132

Jussieu's method, 343
* Black Book,' sale of, 354 Boutell (Rev. Charles), archæo•
“ Black Friday," 190

logist, death, 390
Blackie (John), publisher, death, Bowerbank (Dr. J. $.), death, 389

Bowring (Sir John), death, 299
Blackwood (John), obituary, 421 Boyd (Sir William), of Edinburgh,
Blackwood (William), life of, 4210. death, 353
Blackwood's Magasine, ‘Battle of Bradbury & Evans, George Smith

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