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Kern, 1868 - 371 Seiten

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Seite 290 - When the grey dawn brings the light Rolling Home, Rolling Home, Rolling Home across the Sea Rolling Home to Dear Old England Rolling Home Dear Land to Thee. Up aloft amid the rigging Blows the loud exulting gale Like a bird's wide out-stretched pinions Spreads on high each swelling sail ; And the wild waves cleft behind us Seem to murmur as they flow There are loving hearts that wait you In the land to which you go Rolling Home, etc.
Seite 142 - Hengist and Horsa, Vortigern and Rowena, Arthur and Mordred are mythical persons, whose very existence may be questioned, and whose adventures must be classed with those of Hercules and Romulus.
Seite 320 - Я болен, я влюблен; но, мучась и любя, — О, слушай! о, пойми! — я страсти не скрываю, И я хочу сказать, что я люблю тебя — Тебя, одну тебя люблю я и желаю!
Seite 292 - There are kindly hearts that wait you in the land to which ye go.' Rolling home, rolling home, rolling home, dear land to thee, Rolling home to merry England, rolling home across the sea. Twice a thousand miles behind us, and a. thousand miles before, Ancient Ocean heaves to bear us to the...
Seite 8 - Ibi creduntur esse cardines mundi extremique siderum ambitus semenstri luce et una die solis aversi, non, ut imperiti dixere, ab aequinoctio verno in autumnum. semel in anno solstitio oriuntur iis soles, brumaque semel occidunt.
Seite 312 - Богъ знаетъ чъмъ была погружена. И снилась ей долина Дагестана, Знакомый трупъ лежалъ въ долин* той, Въ его груди, дымясь, чернъла рана, И кровь лилась хладеющей струей.
Seite 322 - За облаком до половины скрыта, Луна светить еще не смеет днем. Вот жук взлетел и прожужжал сердито, Вот лунь проплыл, не шевеля крылом.
Seite 152 - The stages of the process by which the hostile elements were melted down into one homogeneous mass are not accurately known to us. But it is certain that, when John became king, the distinction between Saxons and Normans was strongly marked, and that before the end of the reign of his grandson it had almost disappeared. In the time of Richard the First, the ordinary imprecation of a Norman gentleman was, " May I become an Englishman...
Seite 294 - FIERCE as its sunlight, the East may be proud Of its gay gaudy hues and its sky without cloud; Mild as its breezes, the beautiful West May smile like the valleys that dimple its breast; The South may rejoice in the vine and the palm, In its groves, where the midnight is sleepy with balm: Fair though they be, There's an isle in the sea, The home of the brave and the boast of the free ! Hear it, ye lands! let the shout echo forth— The lords of the world are the Men of the North...
Seite 257 - ... generosa, O gloria nostra, O Veneta Regina ! In procelloso turbine funesto Tu regnasti secura ; mille membra Intrepida prostrasti in pugna acerba. Per te miser non fui, per te non gemo ; Vivo in pace per te. Regna, O beata, Regna in prospera sorte, in alta pompa, In augusto splendore, in aurea sede. Tu serena, tu placida, tu pia, Tu benigna ; tu salva, ama, conserva.

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