The Liberal Magazine, Band 5

Liberal Publication Department, 1898

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Seite 340 - Every person who (being a labourer, servant in husbandry, journeyman, artificer, handicraftsman, or miner, or otherwise engaged in manual labour) has entered into or works under a contract of service or apprenticeship with an employer, whether the contract is
Seite 100 - or for any payment to the employer by the workman for, or in respect of, the use or supply of materials, tools, or machines, standing room, light, heat, or for or in respect of any other thing to be done or provided by the employer in relation to the work or labour of the workman.
Seite 209 - (8) Any committee, judge, or other arbitrator may appoint a legally qualified medical practitioner to report on any matter which seems material to any question arising in the arbitration ; and the expense of any such medical practitioner, not exceeding two guineas, shall be paid by the employer.
Seite 15 - 3. No person shall be assessed or rated to or for any local rate in respect of any land or buildings used exclusively or mainly for the purposes of the schoolrooms offices or playground of a Voluntary school, except to the extent of any profit derived by the managers of the school from the letting thereof.
Seite 328 - caused by the serious and wilful misconduct of the employer, or of some person for whose act or default the employer is responsible, nothing in the
Seite 290 - cost from 4d. to 13d. are now carried for a penny. 2. The Pluralities Act of 1838, to abridge the holding of Benefices in Plurality, and to make better provision for the residence of the clergy, 3. Repeal of the Corn Laws, carried in 1840 by a majority of 339, of whom 227 were Liberals and 112 Tories, against a minority of 242, of whom
Seite 295 - may, on the application of either the workman or the employer, be redeemed by the payment of a lump sum, to be settled by arbitration under this Act, but not exceeding 312 times the weekly payment payable at the date of the application.
Seite 334 - A workman employed in a factory which is a shipbuilding yard shall not be excluded from this Act by reason only that the accident arose outside the yard in the course of his work upon a vessel in any dock, river, or tidal water near the yard.
Seite 417 - having .spread bloodshed, confusion, and anarchy, you declare, with hands uplifted to the heavens, that moral reasons force you to stay, for if you were to leave this territory would be left in a condition which no civilised Power could contemplate with equanimity or with
Seite 454 - With admiration and deep muse to hear Of things so high and strange, things to their thought So unimaginable as hate in Heaven.

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