Time Traveller I: An original Japanese Doujinshi Manga with language explanations in English

FUYOSOFT Richter & Ohama GbR, 02.02.2009 - 93 Seiten

If you have learned Japanese for 1 - 2 years and want to try out reading a real Japanese manga this book is for you. With every Manga page you find the vocabulary and detailed explanations that enable you to really read the text on your own.

Not only is this a fun way to repeat what you have already learned. You also get new insights into the colloquial Japanese that is normally not tought in Japanese language classes.

The ebook has been optimized for reading on 800x600 pixel displays.

The story: 14 year old Billy visits his fatherly old friend who has just finished the construction of a time machine. Accidentally  Billy starts the machine and travels into the future where among other persons he meets his future son ...   


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Über den Autor (2009)

Yoshika Komatsu is a book illustrator and manga author who lives close to Tokyo, Japan. Fumiko Ohama is a professional Japanese language teacher, Joerg Richter a computer expert and big ebook fan. Both live in Frankfurt, Germany.

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